A Plant Subscription

Become part of the 'plant post club'20th May 2016 - Interiors

Back in the day, beauty box subscriptions were the thing, but now things have changed and we now have plant subscription boxes! If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’m a huge lover of all things green. I truly believe that adding a few green plants into your home spruces things up and adds beautiful texture to a space.

Geo-Fleur has a monthly plant subscription service, Plant Post Club, which sends out an exclusive surprise of plants or plant related accessories. Each month you could get anything from a cactus or succulent in a concrete pot, a plant hanger, an air plant to a traditional brass plant mister. Included in the box there is a card telling you how to look after your plant, so no excuses for your plants to die now!

On top of having a plant subscription, Geo-Fleur also has an online shop to buy all plant related things! I will note that you’re unable to purchase the items which are sent out in the monthly subscription as they are exclusive to the box, but there still are so many beautiful items on the shop. I’m currently obsessed with the Copper Hanging Planter with Ivy and also the Plant Stand & Concrete Pot.

You’re also able to buy some of their bespoke pieces in stores here too!

  • Only on your blog will I find a post about a plant subscription! #LoveIt 😀

  • My cat will eat any plant in sight so I’m lucky if I can keep cut flowers a few days. I always have to put them in the bathroom when I’m not home or sleeping too!

  • leonie

    It Looks sooo pretty

  • Lys

    Never heard of a plant subscription but I like the idea, haha 😀 the terrarium is so pretty!

  • Oh if only this was available in Melbourne, Australia! Love the idea x

  • As a plant obsessive… This. Is. Life. Changing. *heart eyes*


  • this is such a great subscription!!! for a countryside girl living in a city – aka me! – this is a dream<3

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope

  • Oh I love this as a gift idea…a gift for myself and of course friends! :o)

  • Danitra Marie

    I love subscription services, they’re so fun. Too bad this wasn’t a Canadian one or I’d be all over it.

  • Plant subscriptions, what a fantastic idea. I would fill most of my home out but my two cats WILL find a way to nibble at them all “sigh” : )


  • I really love the idea of this Plant Box. I never know what plants to buy or how to take care of them. It would be lovely to receive a box like this to decorate your house, get greener space and maybe fresher air too? x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova

  • Accalia

    what an amazing idea! I’ve never heard of a plant subscription but that must be exciting now you’ve got such a large collection! i am currently trying to grow my own cactus but its so hard, have you got any tips?

  • I love this idea! Anything involving flowers and plants I’m on board with. I love subscription services as gift ideas! There are so many unique ones out there now.