23rd Jul 2018 - Etc.

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A couple of weeks back I packed up my suitcase and hopped on a plane back home to Waterloo, Ontario, in search of some serious ~ chill~ time. It had been a whole 6 months since I was last in Canada, so I was super excited to spend some quality time with the fam, catch up with a few pals and cure those poutine cravings.

I’ve missed my family every day ever since I moved to London all those years ago, but since living in my new apartment I think I’ve started to miss them even more! I can’t tell you how nice it felt to spend a whole week at my Mom’s house with her and my Grandma (and Louis Duncan of course!) and just do nothing at all. Ahhhh….! I also went for Taco Tuesday with my brother and his friends and went road trippin’ with Eric and my Dad to go and see my Grandmama.

The UK has been experiencing a heat wave these past few weeks (IKR, shock!) so I was kinda worried that I’d miss out on all the sunshine while I was back home. Luckily for me, the weather was beautiful pretty much the whole time I was there and I spent most of my days on my cactus floatie in the pool…bliss! Mom and I also went on a cute little road trip to Grand Bend and spent all day paddling in the ocean and reading our books on the sand. I’m SUCH a Summer baby and I felt so content soaking up that Vitamin D in my bikini!

Me, my Mom, my Brother and my Cousin all have our birthdays during the Summer, so on my last night at home my Grandma threw us the cutest little birthday party in our back yard and made her *infamous* lamb cake (check out the vlog to see how it turned out! Lol!) I had the best week with my fam and I already can’t wait to book my next trip back home. I just wish I could bring my lil man Reggie with me!

I actually vlogged the whole time I was in Canada so defo make sure you watch the two videos below if you want to see what else I got up to while I was out there! I’d love to know what you guys are up to this Summer and if you have any vacations planned. Leave me a comment and let me know what’s on your radar for the next few months!


  • *Cat Eye Sunglasses

    The shape of the season

  • *Striped Bikini Bottoms

    Love the high waisted look!

  • *Cactus Floatie

    I spent most of the week on this!

  • *Striped Bikini Top

    I lived in this!

  • *Daisy London Rose Quartz Necklace

    One of my favourites!