19th Jul 2017 - Beauty, Places

Back at the beginning of June, Aslan and I were lucky enough to spend a couple of days exploring the beautiful city of Milan with Emporio Armani. We were whisked off to Italy to celebrate the launch of the new Emporio Armani his & her fragrance collection which actually launches TODAY! We were literally only in Milan for about 36 hours, but we’ve both agreed that we’d love to go back and really experience what Milan has to offer. We had a lot of fun exploring some of the city though and it was soooo lovely to get the chance to soak up a few days of glorious Italian sunshine and learn a little more about the story behind the beautiful Together Stronger fragrances! (Not to mention get my fix of delicious gelato!)

We stayed at the Armani Hotel which was absolutely INSANE! If you’ve watched the vlog from our trip you’ll know that our room was suuuper duper beautiful and had theeeee most incredible bathroom I’ve ever seen! We had a couple of hours to ourselves to recuperate from our day of travelling before we got all glammed up to head out to the fragrance launch event.

Our last day in Milan was SO much fun! We only had until 4pm in the afternoon to explore the city so we definitely didn’t have enough time to explore all of the wonderful things that Milan has to offer, but we tried our best to fit as much into those few hours as we possibly could! Our first stop was the iconic ‘Duomo’ which was even more beautiful than we could have imagined. We managed to make it to the very top of the Duomo and were rewarded with an absolutely stunning panoramic view of the city. While we were admiring the view we had the chance to learn a bit more about the new Emporio Armani fragrances. The perfect Italian setting to do so, right?

The fragrances are all about luuuuurve (heehee) and the idea behind them is that the two scents come together to form a story of unconditional love and strength. There is a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ version of the Together Stronger fragrances so both Aslan and I were excited to try them out. The Men’s fragrance is called ‘Stronger With You’ and it has a super sexy spicy scent to it which I absolutely LOVE (Aslan loves it too!) The fragrance has top notes of cardamom, pink pepper and violet leaves (this is what gives it the spicy kick!) with a subtle undertone of smoky vanilla and sugar coated chestnut. Sounds good enough to eat right? I love it when Aslan wears a spicy scent and this one is really gorgeous.

The ‘hers’ fragrance, ‘Because It’s You’, is much lighter and fresher than ‘Stronger With You’ thanks to its notes of ripe raspberry and neroli. I’m not usually into such light fragrances, but I think that the reason I love this one so much is because the undertones of vanilla and musk help to give it a deeper, more woody feel. We ended up falling in love with each of the scents and how they smelt on each other’s skin so we’ll definitely be using these! I’m also known to wear of Aslan’s fragrances from time to time and since I feel like the ‘Stronger With You’ perfume is more of my kinda thing you can bet I’ll be stealing a spritz or two from time to time….(don’t tell him!)

The idea behind the fragrances is that they come together to form an equal strength; one light and feminine with its elegant, sparkling scent, and one gorgeously masculine thanks to its sensual, spicy and smoky scent. They compliment each other and work together stronger. I love the whole idea behind this campaign and these beautiful fragrances!

Later on Aslan and I headed off in search of some lunch and found ourselves in the incredible ‘Bar Luce’ restaurant. Bar Luce was designed by WES ANDERSON HIMSELF so of course stepping into the cafe is like walking into the set of a Wes Anderson film. Whenever I’m in Italy I make it my absolute mission to get (at least) one gelato and let me tell you, the gelato that I had in Bar Luce was one of the best! I’ve never had a chocolate ice cream that tasted so…chocolatey!? Anyway, it was incredible and rounded off the trip perfectly!

Although 36 hours is definitely not enough time to explore such a beautiful city, Aslan and I definitely got a taste of what Milan is all about and we can’t wait to go back and explore some more. We’ve both agreed that we need to make it our mission to visit again some time soon. Thanks so much to the amazing team at Armani for bringing us along and inviting us to celebrate the launch of the new Emporio Armani fragrances. The fragrances launch TODAY on the 19th of July so click here to get your own Emporio Armani Stronger with You or Because it’s You fragrances. Make sure you go and catch up on our vlog to see what else we got up to on our whistle stop tour of Milan! *Warning* you will have serious gelato envy…



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