22nd Dec 2017 - Places

If you follow me on Insta you probably will have seen quuiiittee a few snowy stories from me over the past week and that’s because Aslan and I just got back from a once in a lifetime trip to Nellim, Finland, for Aslan’s birthday! Aslan and I have been together for over 8 years now (omg!) and I felt like I’d never done anything *really* extra special for his birthday, so this year I made it my mission to blow him away and surprise him with an adventure he’d never forget!

I booked this trip MONTHS ago and am super proud of myself for keeping the whole thing secret until just a few days before we were due to leave. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am the absolute worst at keeping secrets so I was literally about to burst every time he asked me where we were going!

Although I ended up having to reveal our final destination, what Aslan didn’t know was that I’d actually organised for 4 of our friends to secretly meet us at the airport and come along on the trip with us! We made it through security and headed off to get some breakfast to find our friends sitting at a table in the restaurant! I’ve literally never seen Aslan look so surprised! He was beaming from ear to ear! I managed to vlog the whole thing so definitely make sure you check out our Finland video if you want to see the secret be unveiled! (*Warning* get ready for A LOT of nervous laughing from me!)

We stayed at this place in Finland called ‘Nellim’ which is kind of like a resort with a hotel and tons of log cabins. I booked Aslan and I the most incredible cabin which was like something out of a Christmas movie! We even had our own private sauna IN our cabin! Bliss! While we were there temperatures dipped lower than -20 so you better believe I was in that sauna every morning and night lol!

Prior to our trip I spent hours planning all the different excursions for us to take part in and I’m SO glad I did because we got to live out some bucket-list-experiences that I’ll remember forever. One of my favourite activities was a husky safari (!!!) which meant that we got to meet the most beautiful huskies and husky puppies. We were in ACTUAL heaven.

Aslan and I had the chance to take it in turns and drive the husky sled which was one of my favourite experiences from the trip. Before setting off we spent some time talking to the guy who takes care of the dogs and he told us that the huskies LOVE to run. I was a little bit sceptical about the whole thing before taking part but it was clear to see that the huskies were super excited to get going and pull the sled. I was amazed at their sheer power and strength and loved seeing them work together as a pack. It was actually quite emotional to see the bond that they have with each other! It did make me miss our little Reg man back at home though.

The huskies took us over the most incredible frozen lake and I can’t even begin to try and describe how beautiful the scenery was (I think the vlog kinda does it justice though!) While we were out on the lake the temperature dropped to -35 and my eyelashes froze almost IMMEDIATELY! It was the strangest sensation ever but it definitely made me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before. The whole experience was like something out of a dream for me.

On Aslan’s actual birthday we went on a 4 hour snow shoe trek which was really enjoyable. I kinda had it in my mind that the snow shoe trek would be one of my least favourite activities but it was actually one of the things that I enjoyed the most. We spent the day wandering through the forest and stopped to make some grilled cheese sandwiches on an open fire. I think all of us would agree that we felt so content being out in nature like that!

In the evening our group gathered around the fire and drank hot berry juice. The guys from the Nellim team even bought out a huge chocolate cake for Aslan and we all sung ‘happy birthday’! That was definitely one of my favourite moments from the trip. It’s the little things, right?

We all had the most incredible time out in Finland and I’m so happy I bit the bullet and booked something a little different to celebrate Aslan’s birthday. I feel like I ticked A LOT of things off my bucket list during this trip and I think Aslan and our friends feel the same way too.

This wasn’t a sponsored trip or post in any way but we managed to get some really stunning photos and I was excited to tell you guys all about it! If Finland is somewhere on your travel list I would definitely urge you to book a trip as soon as you can. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life and I would recommend it to anyone! Just make sure you wrap up warm! We vlogged our whole trip so definitely make sure you watch the video down below if you want to see all of the exciting things we got up to. P.s I put together a little collage of my must-have winter essentials! Check it out down below!

Big thanks to my friend Charlie for letting me use his photos in this post! Follow him here.

  • I watched your Finland vlog last week and absolutely loved it! Aslan was so surprised! Well done, babe 😉

    I have one question regarding your cold weather gear — did you have to purchase everything yourself? Or did the resort give you rental access to their coats, hats, boots, and gloves?

  • So happy you enjoyed it!

  • That’s so cute! Thanks so much Alina 🙂

  • Aren’t they? Charlie is amazing!

  • Yes defo add it to your travel list! It’s completely out of this world!

  • I have always wanted to visit Finland and this looks incredible!