My wardrobe must haves!11th Sep 2017 - Style

Although I’m Summer’s biggest fan, there’s a teeny weeny part of me that’s just a liiiiittle bit excited to welcome in the new season. I’m definitely much happier and more care free when the sun is shining high up in the sky (who isn’t?) but the idea of shopping for transitional pieces and finding the perfect Autumn/Fall coat is something that excites me way more than it should. A lot of you guys ask me what my fashion essentials are for each season, so for this post I thought I’d talk you through some of the pieces that pretty much never leave my body throughout Fall. I decided to split this post into different sections according to different occasions so that you guys can get a feel for the way that I mix up my outfits to make them more weather appropriate. Get ready for some serious fashion eye candy…you have been warned!


First up I’m gonna talk you guys through my work wear fashion essentials for Fall. Although I’m usually working in my office at home I do tend to have quite a lot of meetings throughout the week. Most of you will have noticed by now that I’m definitely much more of a t-shirts and jeans kinda girl, but putting together ‘business vibes’ outfits is something I really enjoy. To me, the key to dressing smart without looking like a totally different human is making sure that you’re wearing something that you feel comfortable in. Work wear doesn’t have to mean crisp shirts and heels; for me, comfort is a cute pair of high waisted tailored trousers like these gorgeous salmony coloured ones from Mango. If I’m wearing something quite smart on the bottom half of my outfit I’ll usually pair it with a relaxed top like this simple lightweight polo neck knit from Topshop. I like to have a couple of ‘smarter’ outerwear pieces in my wardrobe and this oversized checkered coat is just the ticket. A coat like this is so easy to throw on, keeps your bod nice and toasty and looks ultra chic. If the sun is shining I like to pop on some statement shoes like this pair of INCREDIBLE striped loafers from &OtherStories (these would look super cute with a pair of mesh Darner socks!) For me, Fall work wear is all about keeping it simple and smart and finishing things off with a cool, tailored coat.


If I’m not running around London from meeting to meeting you’ll usually find me keeping it casual in my favourite pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Piecing together everyday outfits for Fall is a billion times easier when you have a couple of pairs of good fitting jeans in your wardrobe, along with a handful of comfy tees and sweaters in your drawers. I found this super cool pair of washed grey Mom jeans on the Topshop site which would look perfect paired with something like this incredible embroidered ‘Abra Cadabra’ sweater from Chinti & Parker. During Fall I usually throw on a simple leather jacket every day and this longline one from Topshop is just the kind of thing I’ll reach for. I’ve been super into Vans lately (who hasn’t!?) so I think that these classic checkerboard slip ons are going to have to make their way into my Fall wardrobe some way or another. Lately I’ve been loving wearing funky sheer socks with my sneakers too. I love the way they add a lil summin’ summin’ to a simple jeans and slip ons combo, not to mention they add a teeny weeny extra layer for warmth!


Aslan and I tend not to go out for as many ‘date nights’ during the Fall because we’re usually hibernating at home with our wonderful boy Reggie! That being said, we still try our best to peel ourselves off of the sofa for dinner every now and then. A key piece to keep in my wardrobe for Fall evenings is a good-fitting blazer. I spotted this gorgeous pink blazer on the Mango site (it actually matches these trousers!) and fell in LOVE! I love wearing something like a structured blazer because it does a great job at smartening up an otherwise casual outfit (and adds a layer of warmth too!). If Aslan and I are heading out to dinner I’ll usually tuck a simple cami top into some tailored trousers before finishing things off with a pair of badass stilettos. Jumpsuits are also something I like to keep in my wardrobe for date nights; they require minimal effort but always look nice and put together. I love this dotty jumpsuit from Topshop; the long legs and sleeves are ideal for a chilly Fall night!

So those are some of the items that I like to keep in my closet for Fall. Let me know what your Fall fashion essentials are in the comments down below, I’d love to know if there’s anything I’m missing in my wardrobe right now! Also let me know if you’re as obsessed with the pieces that I’ve mentioned as I am. I’ve been drooling over that beautiful pink blazer and matching trousers from Mango ever since I started putting this post together and don’t even get me started on the incredible Chinti & Parker ‘Abracadabra’ sweater…*swoons*…


  • Snuggly Blanket Scarf

    A must-have!

  • Gorgeous Mango Blazer

    Easy to dress up or down

  • Cool Dotty Socks

    Love these with Vans

  • Chinti & Parker Abracadabra Sweater

    Brb just dreaming about this sweater

  • &OtherStories Striped Leather Slippers

    Definition of chic