18th Sep 2017 - Etc., Interiors

Last Summer, I welcomed Hazel, the Editor in Chief of Bedboat magazine into our home to chat about life beyond YouTube and show her some of my favourite areas of our home. Bedboat is a UK based, independently published lifestyle magazine and is the brain child of Hazel. When Hazel got in touch and asked me if I’d like to get involved and appear in Volume 4 of the magazine I jumped at the chance. Having acquired the previous 3 copies of Bedboat, I already adored not only the overall aesthetic of the magazine, but its varied and enthusiastic content too. Each issue of the magazine focuses on a different subject. Volume 4 revolved around work spaces, personal places and new faces, so I felt like we were the perfect fit.

Hazel turned up at my door I felt completely at ease, we sat with mugs of tea and chatted about life while Reggie basked in the sunlight beside us. Despite living a large part of my life online, I’m actually a very private person so it’s always nice when magazines ask me about the aspects of my life that you guys don’t always see. Chatting with Hazel, we covered everything from the controversy behind sponsored content on Youtube to Aslan’s not-so-secret obsession with chairs (lol). My time with Hazel felt like chatting to a friend and made the afternoon fly super quickly.

Most of you will probably know my good friend George Muncey by now (he took the cover photo for my book Bloom!) and I actually asked him to come along and take some photos to accompany the feature. He ended up taking a few portraits of me but also took some absolutely stunning photos of different areas of our home which I love! I always get so many of you guys asking to see more of our home so definitely pick up this magazine if you want to get a better glimpse into our space.

Thanks so much to Hazel and everyone at Bedboat magazine for asking me to be a part of Issue 4. I had the best time and I’ll treasure my copy for many years to come. Bedboat stock all of their current and past issues online > here < so make sure you head over to their site and pick up a copy if you want to read my interview!