6th Feb 2017 - Beauty

A few weeks ago I published a blog all about the a trio of agave based lip care products from one of my favourite brands, Bite Beauty (if you haven’t seen the post you can check it out here). The positive feedback that you guys gave that blog post told me that you feel the same level of love for this wonderful brand as I do, so I know that you’ll absolutely adore what I’m about to show you this time too.

You guys know I’m all about simple, easy, stress-free makeup, so when a product comes along that has the ability to multitask on my face, I’m all over it. The Bite Beauty Multistick has quickly become one of my favourite additions to my makeup collection. Each and every one of the stunning shades of are insanely gorgeous and pigmented. Not only that, but the fact that the ingredients that go into making their products are natural just makes me adore them even more. Bite’s formulas are mixed with a magical concoction of food-grade ingredients, so it’s comforting to know that what you’re putting on your lips isn’t going to do you any harm. They’re also infused with age-fighting antioxidants, so all in all they’re a pretty great thing to have in your makeup bag.

The Multistick applies like a cream but wears like a powder and the universal shades and unique formulation mean that you can apply a slick of this product to your lips, cheeks and eyes. I like to apply a dab of colour with my finger for a natural look and build up the coverage as and when I want it, but you can also apply it with a brush or bounce it on with a beauty blender for a different finish. A product that does 3 jobs in one? I’m sold. 

Lately I’ve been really enjoying wearing the shade ‘Brioche‘, it’s such a beautiful colour that I find works really well with my everyday makeup look. It’s muted and versatile but its warm orangey tone means that it packs a certain punch that adds warmth to my lips and a subtle glow to my cheeks. I love it! Let me know if you’ve tried one of these babies out and which of the 18 Multistick shades is your fave by commenting below.

The Bite Beauty Multisticks are available at Sephora.

  • I’ve really been dying to try these are the rest of the Bite line, but they’re so tricky to get a hold of in europe! The idea of a multi-use cream product really appeals to me.

  • Love the range of lighter/natural colors. Thinking I need to read the labels and see if Vitamin E is listed as an ingredient. Allergies…so always on the hunt for great products formulated without Vitamin E. Bummer…I know!

  • Morgan

    I now own three of them ( almond, cerise, and macaron) and absolutely adore them! Cerise is the perfect just bitten look for lips and a subtle rich blush for the cheeks; Almond is great for all over the face and gives me a nice natural orangey blush for an almost sunkissed look, and Macaron is a more pigmented pretty and natural pink that doesn’t come out too light or too dark on my pale olive complexion. All in all an amazing creation much like you Estee! Sending lots of love from Canada!!^_^

  • rchiariello

    I swatch these every time I go into Sephora, but they are just so dry!

  • These shades look incredible! Added to my wishlist! x

  • Oh there are so many amazing shades! Love that they are so versatile.

    Cass | CassandraMyee