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You’re all aware by now that plants are one of my favourite things in life, EVER. To me, a house is not a home unless there’s some leafy little guys to share my space with. There’s something about having a slice of nature within my home that makes me feel really relaxed and content, it must be the energy or the vibrations or whatever. There’s just some kind of vibe that exudes from their leaves that makes me feel positive and happy. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the books that have inspired me to fill our space with all things green. If you’re a self confessed plant hoarder like me, these ones are for you.

And if you haven’t met my plants yet…click here.

‘Plant: Exploring the Botanical World’ – Phaidon

Ok guys, I have to start by saying that this book is the definition of STUNNING. When I saw this cover staring back at me it almost took my breath away. ‘Plant: Exploring the Botanical World’ is a collection of over 300 botanical works of art throughout history, all of which highlight the true beauty of some of the plants that we’re lucky enough to share our planet with. It’s packed cover to cover with everything from delicate water colour paintings, drawings and prints to high definition photographs and scientific micrograph scans of some of the most beautiful and interesting plants from all over the globe. This is one of those books that I can flick through again and again; each time I’m guaranteed to spot something that I haven’t seen before or learn something that I didn’t already know. I love how this book combines historic drawings and paintings with a layout that’s super modern and slick, it’s the perfect combination of aesthetics and interesting information. This one will be a permanent fixture on my coffee table I’m sure.

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‘Greenterior: Plant-Loving Creatives and Their Homes’ – Bart Kiggen & Magalai Elalai

This is another GORGEOUS book that I’ve spoken about many times. If I haven’t managed to convince you to add this one to your amazon basket, let me tell you a bit more about what lies within the pages of this beautiful book. ‘Greenterior’ showcases the homes of plant loving creatives from all over the globe and let me tell you, I have a serious case of house envy for each and every one of them. Packed with the most gorgeous photography of some of the most incredible homes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, this book is a must buy for all plant enthusiasts and green fingered folk alike. If you’ve spied a little green friend that you particularly like the look of, there’s also a little index in this book that lists the names of each of the plants as well as their specific characteristics. This book is a pleasure to own but has a seriously detrimental effect on my bank account….beware!

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 ‘Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants’ – Igor Josifovic & Judith De Graaff

Much like ‘Greenterior’ this book is absolutely beautiful. Heavily photographic, ‘Urban Jungle’ shares with us some of the most enchanting ‘green homes’ from all over Europe. It’s a great source of inspiration and almost acts like a handbook for those looking to get more into plants and greenery. By the time you’ve reached the end of this book I’m pretty sure you’ll have bought the entire contents of your local garden centre….sorry!

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Vintage Books

Some of my favourite plant based books are actually vintage so I can’t link you to buy these exact ones, but I can tell you that some of the best green books that I’ve found have been hidden away at the back of antique centres or lined up on a shelf in a charity shop. The thing I love most about vintage plant books is that they often have the most beautiful hand drawn illustrations or black and white photographs. That hand drawn vibe and old school look just adds a certain charm that you’d be hard pushed to find in a modern day publication. Have a rummage around in your local second hand stores and let me know what gems you find!

Browse here. 

‘The Plant’ Magazine

I love magazines…I love plants…so when the two come together to combine a plant based magazine, all my dreams come true. The thing that I love about this magazine is that each issue focuses on a specific plant, for instance, the magazine in the photos focuses on the Spider Plant which I LOVE. ‘The Plant’ is really interesting and informative which is great, but it’s also laid out in the most gorgeous way so it’s an pleasure to flick through. This one is a must buy for sure.

Buy it here.

If you’re curious about what other magazines I love then you MUST watch this video.
  • Nicole

    These are all precious!

  • Definitely my kind of literature, my thumb is as opposite of green as it gets.

  • Oooh those coffee table books are gorgeous! I would love to splurge and get some plants but I am 100% that I will kill them all

  • Clara Schroeder

    I’m so happy that you share my love in plants! (Especially the quirky ones with personality!)

  • Kaylie Mills

    OH MY GOD! I need these in my life! Also found a patch that says “plant lady is the new cat lady” and I think I need to pick it up!! So cute!!!