8th Feb 2017 - Etc.

This week I’m bringing you a selection of my favourite ‘pretty books’. By ‘pretty’, I’m referring to the books that I like to keep sitting proudly on the coffee table or popping out at eye level on my book shelves. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look at, they’re inspiring to read and a complete feast for the eyes from cover to cover. They’re beautiful in every way and I hope that you’ll love them just as much as I do!

‘This Modern Love’ – Will Darbyshire

Will Darbyshire is a good friend of mine, so my thoughts on this book might be a little biased. But you know me, I’ll only ever give you an honest opinion that comes straight from the heart, so believe me when I say that this one is wonderful! From cover to cover both in its content and style it is absolutely beautiful. This book is a collection of letters, stories and photographs submitted by Will’s YouTube audience from all over the globe, all of which focus on the subject of love and relationships. ‘This Modern Love’ is truly unique and relatable to everyone, everywhere. Make sure you grab a copy of this!

‘Men in This Town/Women in This Town’ – Giuseppe Santamaria

These books are so cool! If you’re a people watcher or a lover of all things ‘street style’ then these books were made for you. Giuseppe Santamaria is a photographer, blogger and art director with an eye for a style icon. These books are packed cover to cover with gorgeous photographs of the most badass people from all around the world. Each person has a sense of style that speaks volumes about who they are as a human being, it’s just so interesting to see how these people curate their outfits to showcase their personalities. These books have become a permanent fixture on my coffee table and are a huge source of outfit inspiration.

‘Nasty Galaxy’ – Sophia Amoruso

Author of #GIRLBOSS and founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso is the ultimate badass. She’s someone that has inspired women from all over the globe, including me! Nasty Galaxy is basically the story of Sophia’s life and how she became the successful woman that she is today. It’s jam packed full of photos, illustrations and interviews and laid out in just the most gorgeous way. Flicking through this book is kind of like flicking through a scrapbook, so it’s perfect for those moments when I’m feeling like I need some creative inspo.

Rupi Kuar ‘Milk and Honey’

Poetry was never something I was all that into until I picked up a copy of Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’. This book is simply wonderful. Split into four sections, each chapter holds a different purpose and takes us on a journey through some of the most bitter moments in life as well as some of the sweetest. It’s hard to tell you much about this book because you have to read it yourself to fully experience it. Buy it for yourself and see what you think. I guarantee it will change your attitude towards poetic writing.
  • hnnmr

    I love Milk&Honey and also This Modern Love – such great reads !

  • This Modern Love is amazing! Will is amazing!

  • Ivy Decker

    I really want to read Nasty Galaxy! Love me a good girlboss story.

  • Nasty Galaxy sounds nice from what you wrote.

  • Dizzy Miss Lizzy

    I’m determined to read more this year. I’m just working my way through your book actually! I’m really enjoying it. I’ll be sure to check this post out again when I’m next in Waterstones for some book inspiration! xx

  • These books sound great! I’m a massive fan of Sophia Amoruso and I’ve already read Girlboss so I’ll have to get Nasty Galaxy x

  • Annie

    Love the photography style, I’m desperate to read ‘This Modern Love’, loved the idea behind the book!