Cap Beauty Elixir

As part of my #PersonalBest journey I’ve been trying out lots of different things to try and improve my health and fitness levels, whether it’s a sport (last month Aslan and I went BOULDERING!) or a healthy new breakfast recipe, I’ve been giving everything a go in an effort to reach the best version of me that I can be. I’m on a mission to open my mind! On a recent trip to New York I made a pit stop at Cap Beauty, having stumbled upon these guys via Instagram I just had to give this place a try. Although I stepped through the doors expecting to leave with only a feeling of zen after my spa treatment, I actually left Cap Beauty with something much more than that.

In case you guys haven’t heard of it, Cap Beauty is shop and spa which sells and uses entirely natural beauty products. ‘Cap’ stands for ‘clean and pure’ and the people behind Cap Beauty live by the philosophy that ‘beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty’ – a pretty cool mantra to live by, don’t you think? It was pouring rain on the day of my appointment and I entered the shop soaking wet. It’s a tiny space but there were 6-8 people inside having a chat as if they were all friends. I was invited into the conversation only to realise that these people were just shoppers chatting about all things beauty! Is that a New York thing? I loved the community feeling. Although I could go on and on about how much I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this place and all of the wonderful products within it, what I’m really sitting here tapping away on my laptop to tell you about is the ‘Cap Beauty Elixir’. After I had my treatment at the spa (which was lovely by the way) I was handed a milky looking drink in the cutest little teacup I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit I was a little freaked out and I was a little reluctant to take a sip of this mysterious looking liquid, but in an effort to try new things I had to give it a go.

The Cap Beauty elixir is quite literally a magical potion (ok not literally, but close enough) designed to boost your skin’s radiance, strengthen your nails and add shine and lustre to your hair. With its ingredients including He Shou Wu, a chinese herb that has been used for centuries for its benefits for circulation and stamina (as well as its aphrodisiac powers..heehee) alongside Tocos, a rice bran soluble packed with vitamins E and D, it’s no surprise that this drink has become a talking point all over the internet. I know what you’re thinking…’what the hell does that taste like?’…I thought the exact same thing just before this baby went down the hatch, but trust me when I say it actually does taste good! It’s not something I could drink cup after cup of, but for a healthy drink once every now and then this stuff ain’t too bad. I bought all of the ingredients right there and then so I could recreate it at home.

Now, let me tell you how to make yourself a cup!

Simply mix a 1/4 of a teaspoon of He Shou Wu with 1 tablespoon of Tocos and 1 tablespoon of coconut butter, heat up a cup of almond milk (or coconut water depending on your preference) and pour it into a blender with the other ingredients. I like to drink a cup of this around mid morning to give me the energy boost I need to make it through till lunch. Taking the time out of my day to drink a cup of this elixir is another step towards my goal of being the best and healthiest version of myself and it’s a more interesting alternative to my usual cup of tea.

If I had to describe the taste I’d say it’s like oatmeal hot chocolate without the chocolate. That’s the best I can do. Give it a go and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear if you saw any benefits from drinking this magical potion!

Check out Cap Beauty here. 


A few days ago I received a gorgeous colourful package from a brand called Jalue. If like me you’re not yet familiar with them, Jalue is an ice therapy skin care brand…yes that’s right, ice therapy! I’d never heard of it either, but apparently this therapy can work absolute wonders for your skin. Basically ice therapy is the notion of running a herb infused popsicle over your face and neck every morning and night…sound’s crazy I know, but on Jalue’s website it states that Russia’s most famous empress was known to apply an ice cube to her face and neck every morning to preserve her beauty and refresh her complexion, so if it’s good enough for her…

Within one of the Jalue packages you’ll find four herbal sachets and one water tight freezable cone. There are five steps that you’ll need to follow before you’re able to use this product, but the process is kind of fun.

For the first step you’ll need to steep one of the herbal sachets in 100ml of boiling water and leave it to cool. When the liquid is cool, remove the sachet and carefully pour it into the silicone cone. Once that’s done, pop this baby on its side in the freezer and leave it to freeze just as you would with a normal home made popsicle. Before applying it you’ll need to make sure that you’ve cleansed your face and neck thoroughly so that the ice therapy can really get to work on your skin. When your skin is fresh and clean, pat it dry with a nice, soft towel and then run the ice cone all over your face and neck in gentle circular motions. I know that this whole routine seems a little crazy and that rubbing an ice cone over your face might lead your family and friends to question what in the world you’re up to, but if you’re a beauty junkie this is a fun one to try.

The Jalue herbal sachets contain chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark, all of which are known to help to reduce any puffiness on your face and do a great job at calming and tightening your skin. Ice therapy is also proven to lessen the size and appearance of pores and wrinkles and give your skin a natural look of radiance.

The only negative thing that I have to say about this product is that I’m not a huge lover of the smell of the sachets. They just didn’t smell how I expected them to and in all honesty I found that a bit off putting. However if like me you’re not a fan of the scent of this stuff, rest assured that once it’s frozen you can’t really smell the herbs at all. Despite not loving the herby aroma, one of the things that I do really love about this product is that you can re use the sachets for up to one week before throwing them in the trash. Each Jalue Ice Therapy package contains four of the herbal sachets which means that there is enough product for one month’s use.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ice Therapy and to be honest I didn’t think it would be something that I’d end up loving as much as I did. The process to the finished product does take quite a bit of effort so I don’t think I’ll be whipping up a Jalue ice cone to use every morning and night, but it’s certainly something that I can see myself indulging in on the weekends or during one of my spa nights. After using the ice cone my skin felt lovely and refreshed, so it’s definitely worth giving this stuff a go, just be aware that you might look like a bit of a weirdo while you’re applying it! Let me know if this interests you or if you’ve ever tried this type of treatment!

Check it out here.


You all know that beauty is one of my most loved passions, it’s something that I talk about almost every single day, so it’s no surprise that my shelves are over flowing with books that focus around my favourite subject. Each and every one of the books that I’m about to talk about are beautiful in their own right, I just love to see these babies lined up in my office waiting for me to flick through them with a hot cup of tea by my side. These are the books I turn to when I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’. Within these pages there are beauty tips, makeup tricks and healthy, nourishing recipes that will help me shine from the inside out. Leave a comment down below and let me know what your favourite beauty books are, I’d love to know and expect a second follow up post because there were just too many to mention in one post!

‘Eat Beautiful’ – Wendy Rowe

If you’re not yet familiar with Wendy Rowe, familiarise yourself. This woman is THE ultimate badass and in turn I’m the ultimate fan girl. Wendy is someone that I’ve admired for many years now; as an international make up artist and artistic consultant at Burberry, she is someone who inspires me to keep moving forward and work hard to get what I want. Wendy’s book ‘Eat Beautiful’ teaches us that beauty starts from within, her philosophy on beauty is that we should nourish our bodies from the inside out to feel like the most beautiful version of ourselves. Within the pages of this book are an abundance of beauty tips along with over 70 nutritious recipes to get you feelin’ tip top. ‘Eat Beautiful’ is a seasonal guide that you can either follow consistently throughout the year or use as and when you need a bit of a pick me up. It also looks pretty damn good in an Instagram post…just sayin’.

Buy it here.

‘Face Paint, The History of Makeup’ – Lisa Eldridge

If you’re one of my OG viewers you’ll know that Lisa Eldridge is one of my favourite girl bosses, she’s one of the worlds most formidable and most respected make up artists, so naturally when I saw this book pop up on my list of recommended books on amazon I knew I had to add this one to my basket. The history of makeup is a subject that has always interested me, so reading ‘Face Paint’ was an experience that proved to be both enjoyable and informative. I found it so fascinating to learn about how techniques and trends in makeup have been influenced by moments in history, and how the materials that women have used have changed and evolved over the years. As a beauty lover I felt it was important to expand my knowledge on a subject that I speak about daily. Give this one a go if makeup is your thang.

Buy it here.

‘Pretty Iconic’ – Sali Hughes

I had the pleasure of meeting Sali a few weeks back when we were recording a segment for BBC Woman’s Hour and was thrilled when she handed me a copy of her beautiful book, ‘Pretty Iconic’. This book gives me serious nostalgia! Inside this beautiful book you’ll find 200 of the most iconic products to ever grace the world of beauty. It’s full of beautiful photos of some of my most loved lotions and potions, all of which Sali describes and discusses in her signature witty tone of voice. I love this book and I have no doubt that you will too. Anyone remember J-Lo Glow? So many memz.

Buy it here.

‘Eat Pretty’ – Jolene Hart

Judging by the amount of Instagram posts that this book has been featured in, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has fallen head over heels in love with this book. I love this book so much that I read it from cover to cover in record time, it’s informative, interesting and absolutely gorgeous. ‘Eat Pretty’ is one of my bookshelf faves because it turns the notion of making healthy changes to your lifestyle into something that seems both easy and enjoyable. Alongside all the science stuff there’s also a few recipes which I’ve been using religiously since this book made its way onto my bookshelf. If you’re looking to switch up your attitude towards nutrition then look no further, this one is for you.

Buy it here.

‘The Nature of Beauty: Organic Skincare, Botanical Beauty Rituals and Clean Cosmetics’- Imelda Burke
This book is almost like a handbook for someone interested in natural beauty. Imelda Burke is hugely respected in the industry and is the mastermind behind the London shop Content Beauty Wellbeing. I highly suggest you pop into the store or check out the website for some serious beauty inspo. It showcases natural ingredients that work wonders for your skin in a way that’s easy to digest. It begins with reasons to switch from conventional products for more natural ones-I highly recommend it! (Oh, and I love the cover!)

Buy it here.

Origins: Rituali Tea Matcha Madness

It’s no secret that I’m a self confessed tea-aholic. A strong cup of yorkshire tea is just about the only thing that has the power to get me out of bed in the morning, not to mention that a calming cup before I climb back under the duvet at night time is perhaps my most favourite part of the day. So when I stumbled upon Origin’s selection of Matcha based ‘Rituali Tea’ products, I just had to give these babies a whirl. Not only can I drink the stuff, now I can slather it over my face and body too, what’s not to love?
The Matcha Madness set comes in the most beautiful green tin which I’m almost certain I can find a use for now that I’ve emptied its contents (yes I know, I’m a hoarder). Within the tin I found a super cute selection of products including a face mask, body mask and even a little box containing two green tea, jasmine and rose tea bags. Adorable!

Origins Rituali Tea Matcha Madness Powdered Mask
You guys know I’m a sucker for a face mask, so it’s no surprise that the Matcha Madness powdered mask is my favourite product of them all. Yet again, the powder mask comes in the most adorable little tin, along with a lovely little mixing bowl and matching mixing tool. On first glance the powder looks quite intimidating, but trust me when I say that once you’ve followed the instructions you’ll end up with the most gorgeous concoction that has a texture so light and airy it almost feels like mousse.

All you have to do is add two teaspoons of the Matcha powder into your bowl along with two teaspoons of warm water and give it a good mix until it’s smooth and creamy. Slather this green goodness over your face and take 10 minutes to close your eyes and let the mixture do its thang. Rinse this baby off using a damp face cloth and your skin will instantly feel fresh and revitalised. I just love this product, and the fact that I look like some sort of creepy swamp monster when I’ve got it on makes me love it even more.

Origins Rituali Tea Matcha Madness Body Mask
Onto the body mask…oh how I adore this stuff. If you’re a fan of all things Origins, you’ll know that all of their stuff smells DIVINE and let me tell you this baby is no exception. The great thing about this mask is that you can use it two ways depending on what it is that your skin needs. My favourite way to enjoy this product is to use it as I would a face mask; I step out of the shower and apply a generous layer to slightly damp skin before leaving it on for a few minutes. Once it starts to dry I step back into the water and wash the product away, leaving my skin looking super soft and feeling fresh. If your skin feels like it needs something a bit more intense, take this tube into the shower with you and massage it onto wet skin to use as an exfoliator. I love any product that has the power to multitask.

Let me know if you try any of the Rituali Tea products out and which ones are your favourite. Better yet, send me a picture of you enjoying your Matcha face mask!


NEW IN: By Terry Christmas + 2017 Launches

I’ve been a By Terry fan ever since I discovered the perfection that is the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation. You guys know that stuff is my jam, it truly is my holy grail base product and you won’t find me without a bottle of this baby in my makeup bag. Terry uses only the finest ingredients in all of her products (hence the hefty price tag), but it’s worth every penny because the quality is outstanding. The main hero ingredient in all of her gorgeous products is rose, so if you’re a rose lover like myself these products are definitely ones to add to the luxury wish list. In this post you’ll find some items that are currently on sale in time for Christmas as well as some new things that will be out in early 2017. Here are some of my initial thoughts! 


This gorgeous item is a brightening concentrate to be applied to your skin before your makeup or on its own for a natural glow.You can also mix a tiny bit in with your foundation for a more subtle look. It is infused with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, fresh water pearl extract and age fighting mineral salts. If you’re concerned about dull-looking skin and want a real boost of glow and brightness to your look, this is definitely the item for you. It’s incredibly illuminating and will transform your skin from tired and dull to plump and glowy! It makes me feel and look so much more awake and gives my everyday makeup a subtle radiance. 

By Terry Baume De Rose La Creme Visage  (Face Cream)

This is a really unique product because it’s the facial interpretation of the popular By Terry Baume de Rose (lip balm) which you all will know by now that I’m absolutely obsessed with. This face cream is an absolute pleasure to apply and the texture is wonderfully light, but the formula is super rich and nourishing. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin or sit like a film underneath my makeup, it works well to protect my face in the morning whilst hydrating and restoring my skin at night. It’s the perfect all-rounder and I love it.

By Terry Baume De Rose La Creme Corps  (Body Cream)

Like all of Terry’s products, this gorgeous body cream smells like freshly cut roses with zero synthetic rose scent in sight! I have been slathering this all over my body since the day I opened it and I absolutely adore this stuff. It’s insanely hydrating but not at all sticky and it’s been the only thing keeping my skin hydrated this winter. This cream works to combat any dry areas whilst also forming a protective barrier wherever I apply it. This is a cream for someone like myself who likes the texture of body butters without that sticky feeling they can sometimes leave you with. Absolutely divine.

By Terry La Creme Mains (Hand Cream)

I have been praying for By Terry to release a hand cream and finally my prayers have been answered. THANK YOU TERRY. It’s my bedtime ritual to use a hand cream before I go to sleep and this is the ultimate luxury product. Unlike lots of other creams that I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave a residue or make my hands feel greasy, as soon as I’ve worked this baby into my skin it soaks in almost instantaneously. Hand creams are a product that I like to spend a little more money on because I think they’re a great investment and you can really tell the difference in a formula that’s good quality. A good hand cream won’t leave your skin feeling slimy and you’ll only have to use the tiniest pea-sized squeeze. This stuff ticks all the boxes for me, don’t ask me why but I imagine make believe princesses would use this cream. Lovely.

Ombre Blackstar Gift Collection

By Terry has lots of gorgeous Christmas gift sets available now, all of which are sure to make pretty much anyone jump for joy. I’m a huge lover of the Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadows because they’re super quick to apply (love that they’re in stick form) and they’re incredibly long wearing. My favourite shade is Misty Rock which is a really scrumptious chocolatety colour that always adds a super sultry feel to my makeup look. This gift is great if you know someone who wants to try a variety of shades, all of the colours are super gorgeous but very classic and muted so there’s definitely something for everyone and every look!

Buy it here.

By Terry Baume De Rose Gift Collection 

This is an adorable travel sized collection of the Baume De Rose glosses. In this kit you get the standard lip balm (it never leaves my handbag) and you also get 4 of the shimmery tinted shades. I’ve never really been a huge fan of shimmery lip products, but these babies have definitely changed my mind. You guys know I’m really into natural looking makeup and these glosses are perfect to use on their own or on top of lipsticks. As well as making my lips look lovely, the formula is super moisturising and conditioning so it is guaranteed to leave your lips perfectly kissable.

Buy it here.

By Terry Impearlious Voile de Perle

This is a compact bursting with radiance and glow. During this time of year a lot of us are dealing with dull, tired looking skin and this is just the type of product to combat that. It has a combination of peach and pink light-reflecting pigments as well as a bit of bronze to add some colour and depth. You can use it on the tops of your cheekbones or anywhere you want a bit of an extra pop. This product feels so magical so I try to save it for special occasions when I want to add some extra radiance to my look. This stuff is perfect for the holiday season and all those festive parties I’m sure you’re all invited to!

Buy it here.

Are you obsessed with By Terry as much as I am? If By Terry is your thang, leave a comment down below and tell me which of the products you’re most excited to try out! 

Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Lip Trio

Bite Beauty has quickly become one of my favourite makeup brands and not just because they’re Canadian like me! I’ve found myself adding more and more Bite products into my everyday makeup routine and adding even more to my wish list! I’m a huge fan of their multisticks, so when I heard that they are launching a trio of 100% natural agave based lip products I just had to give them a whirl.

Agave is known for it’s restorative and healing qualities, not only that but it’s an amazing natural moisturiser that works wonders on the skin, so you know this stuff is going to leave your lips looking and feeling amazing. Within the trio of agave lip products is a lip mask, lip scrub and an everyday lip balm, so you’ve got everything you need for your daily lip care routine. Each one of these products works wonders for my lips and I just know that they will for you too.

The Lip Scrub

Some of you might know that I’m also a bit of a sucker for a good lip scrub and let me tell you this stuff is up there with some of the best. It’s super easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin, plus it smells (and tastes) pretty darn delicious. All you have to do to create the perfect scrub is combine a dab of the Agave Sugar Lip Scrub with a couple of drops of water to create a lovely milky emulsion. Once your formula is looking tip top, use your finger to swirl this baby over your lips and get rid of any chapped areas, then simply wipe away the excess product using a soft towel.

The Lip Mask

You guys know I’m super into face masks, so when I discovered the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask I just had to get in on that action. I’m so glad that I discovered this baby. I don’t know about you guys but the cold really takes its toll on my lips during the winter months. In the bitter London air this stuff is just what the doctor ordered, a generous slathering of this stuff leaves my lips feeling super nourished and looking silky smooth. This mask is designed to be worn over night, so I like to apply this to my lips before I head to bed and leave the formula to sink into my skin while I sleep. Goodbye dry lips!

The Lip Balm

A good lip balm is without doubt my desert island essential. You won’t find me more than an arms length away from a tube of something nourishing for my lips, especially during the winter months. With a gorgeous mix of madagascan vanilla and agave, the Bite Beauty Lip Balm is almost good enough to eat. This balm is a lighter version of the lip mask that has been designed for everyday use, so it’s perfect to keep at the bottom of my handbag when I’m out and about.  It’s a really lovely, moisturising formula that not only helps to protect my lips against the harsh weather but also heals dry and chapped lips. I also love the cute packaging!

Let me know if you’re excited to try out any of the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Products and if so which ones are tickling your fancy! The Mask is available to purchase now, but you’ll have to wait until December 26th to get your hands on the other two! 

Available at Sephora.

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets + Swatches

A slick of colour.

This post is sponsored by Armani Beauty.

As many of you know, I never feel complete without a slick of lip colour, so naturally when I received a box containing 18 shades of Giorgio Armani’s new Lip Magnet range, I couldn’t wait to give them a whirl! Inspired by two of Armani Beauty’s most iconic products; the Maestro Fusion Foundation, which gives it that ultra-thin ‘barely there’ feel, along with the colour intensity of the Lip Maestro Velvet Lip Colour, the Lip Magnets give me the pop of colour I crave while still feeling lightweight and hydrating on my lips. I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with these beauties and I guarantee you will too. The matte finish, vibrant colour and longevity of these liquid lip colours are just a few of the reasons why I reach for one of the Lip Magnets to finish off my look most days.

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful each and every one of the 18 shades really is. I couldn’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ each time I unscrewed the lid to a new Lip Magnet, they’re all satisfyingly intense in colour.  Within the 18 shades there are 3 sunny corals, 4 passionate reds, 8 pinks and 3 chic plums, so there really is a shade for every mood and every occasion. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, pop one of these in your bag and you’re guaranteed to look selfie-ready at every opportunity.

For me, the thing that solidified my love for these beauties even more was the fact that even after hours of wear and a whole plate of tacos, my lips still looked perfect. TACOS MY FRIEND, can you believe it? We all know that tacos are up there in the top 10 list of messiest things to eat (and there’s no polite way to eat one, am I right?) so the fact that my lipstick didn’t budge after our trip to Wahaca only instills my faith even further that these babies do exactly what they say on the tin. 8 hours of perfectly defined, hydrated wear? Absolutely.  

As the leaves in London start falling and the chill in the air gets that little bit nippier everyday, my lip colour in turn gets deeper and darker. Combining a slick of one of the luscious berry shades with a pair of my most ‘don’t talk to me’ sunglasses makes me feel like the ultimate badass about town.

I’m wearing shade 601-Attitude!

Have you tried any of the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets? If so, which of the 18 shades is your favourite? Let me know by commenting below or share a selfie using the hashtags #lipmagnet #armanibeauty 

 Go to the nearest Armani Beauty counter in store so go and try!

Available online at

Closer Look at Herbivore

I absolutely adore Herbivore Botanicals and everything that the brand and its creators stand for. In case you haven’t heard of Herbivore before, let me give you a bit of background as to what this brand is all about. Herbivore products are completely safe and non toxic. The thing that I love the most about Herbivore products is that they’re made up of entirely natural ingredients, including plant based food-grade cold pressed oils, natural clays and plant based waxes. Not only are their ingredients super safe and nourishing for my skin but the overall aesthetic of the brand is pretty damn cool if you ask me. Call me crazy but their pastel coloured formulas are enough to make me want to buy the whole collection simply to display everything on a shelf in my office.

You guys know that I’m a sucker for face mists, so when I discovered that Herbivore have a Rose Hibiscus Face Mist in their ever growing range of skincare products I just had to give this baby a whirl. I spend a large proportion of my time travelling from A to B, so face mists have quickly become a permanent fixture in my carry on luggage. I’ve become a bit of a self made connoisseur of face mists over the years, so whenever a new product comes along I’m always a bit hesitant to veer away from my tried and tested favourites and give something different a try. However, knowing that the Herbivore Face Mist contains only natural ingredients was enough to intrigue me to give this product a go and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. The soothing base of coconut water in this mist is infused with hibiscus flower extract which aids to boost your skin’s youthfulness, along with moisturising rose to tone, hydrate and soften. Although it’s advised that you use this mist during your skincare routine, I actually like to give my skin a spritz around mid afternoon. When 3pm rolls around and all I want to do is remove my makeup and let my skin breathe, this mist gives my face the refreshing boost it needs to make it through the next few hours until I can cleanse my skin and rid the day.

The Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil is designed for every skin type from combination, blemish prone, dry and oily. This oil contains an ingredient called Azulene which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial aid to reduce redness and clarify your complexion. For those of you with oily skin I can completely understand your hesitation to add an oil based product into your skin care routine, but adding a facial oil into your regime will actually help to reduce the amount of oil that builds up on your face during the day, so this product is a must-try if oily skin is something that you’re prone to. With a heavenly concoction of antibacterial Blue Tanzy, moisturising Squalane and youth boosting Jasmine Sambac, this oil leaves my complexion glowing and my skin clear. I love this stuff.

If you’ve read my book Bloom you’ll know that Sunday nights are my spa nights. Don’t try to call or text me past 7pm because I will not answer (I’m not joking). Sunday nights are the only time in the week where I lock the bathroom door and escape from the world for an hour or two (or three). Every spa night starts with lighting my favourite candles and running myself a nice, deep bath. Arguably my favourite part of bath time is deciding which products to use in the water; it’s something that I take great time and consideration in doing and it HAS to be right or spa night is basically ruined. Packed with moisturising coconut milk and soothing vanilla essential Oils, adding a handful of the Herbivore Coconut Bath Milk under hot running water instantly soothes and relaxes me and sets the vibe for the rest of the evening. This bath milk makes my skin smell so wonderfully delicious and leaves me feeling completely zen. One of my favourite products from the brand by far! 

Before moisturising I like to make sure that my skin is fully prepped by using an exfoliator. The Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish is the perfect addition to my spa night routine and I love to massage a few scoops of this onto damp skin before leaving the comfort and warmth of my bath. This scrub does a great job at getting rid of any nasty dead cells on my skin, it also helps my moisturiser to absorb into my skin a lot quicker and leaves me feeling super soft and smooth. 

Painting my nails is the finale to my spa night routine and while I’m deciding on which colour to choose I like to apply a hydrating face mask. The Herbivore Brighten Mask is the perfect product for the job, applying a layer of this to my face on Sunday evening means that I’ll wake up on Monday morning looking brighter and feeling refreshed; exactly what I need to start the week. Enriched with pineapple and papaya enzymes along with Rice Powder and Rose Distillate, this mask eliminates any dullness on my face and smooths out any discolouration. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried out any of the products from the Herbivore Range. I’d love to know what you think!

This post is sponsored by Glossybox.

As many of you know, I’ve been a huge fan of GLOSSYBOX for quite some time now, so when GLOSSYBOX themselves approached me and asked me to edit this month’s box I was super excited!! For those of you that haven’t heard of GLOSSYBOX before, GLOSSYBOX is a monthly subscription which you sign up to, and once you’ve done that every month you will receive a beautiful box delivered to your door with 5 amazing beauty goodies inside. This month it was me who chose what products you would be receiving in your box!

One of the things I love the most about GLOSSYBOX is the fact that receiving your box in the mail really is all about discovery; discovering new products that you’ll end up falling in lust with, as well as rediscovering those old beauty heroes that you may previously have forgotten about. Receiving one of these babies every month is like Christmas morning 12 times a year! 

I know you’re all dying to know what treasures lie within this box, so let’s get to it. As most of you know, I’m all about natural-looking, stress-free makeup. Spending hours in front of the mirror every morning just isn’t my thing, ain’t nobody got time for that! With this in mind, I wanted to make sure that this month’s box reflected my love for simple, easy and effortless beauty products. Inside the box you’ll find 6 goodies, one of which is actually a secret product and this is actually the first time in GLOSSYBOX history that a mystery item has been featured…exciting, right? This is a product that I’ve been using for YEARS. It’s something that has been a permanent fixture in my shower for as long as I can remember and I love it so much that I have a feeling that won’t change anytime soon. I first discovered this product back home in Canada and ever since I’ve been using this on pretty much a weekly basis, I just love it and I’m certain that you will too. The reason that this product has been kept a secret is because I wanted you to all try it without any pre conceived ideas about it. Sometimes we’re really clouded by outside sources, so I wanted you to try it and focus on the results without knowing what the brand was. All will be revealed at the end of this blog post…

On to the not-so-secret products, in this month’s box you will receive a Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator by Bee Good. This product is super creamy and smells good enough to eat, but don’t be fooled, this scrumptious stuff is for your face, not your taste buds. Use this exfoliator once or twice a week and your skin will be left feeling silky smooth, funky fresh and super hydrated.

Like a product that can multi task? Me too! That’s why this month you’ll also be receiving one of the UBeauty Secret Flush Cream Blusher and Lip Stain Duo. Pop a touch of this to your cheeks for a gorgeous rosy glow then use on your lips to add a flush of colour to your look. I love anything that saves me time in the mornings, so that’s why this product is a winner for me and I know that you’ll love it too.

In your box you will also be receiving something from the PS Pro range, which is actually Primark’s own beauty collection. I love this range and I wanted you to try a selection of their products, so in your box you will get one of six different makeup items from the collection. All of these products are AMAZING, so I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite, however one of the items that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with is the PS Pro Illuminating Primer. This is such a beautiful product and one that I’ve been really enjoying using in my everyday makeup routine. Apply this under your tinted moisturiser for an all over glow, or use it as a highlighter by adding a dab to the tops of your cheekbones. This primer adds something super special to the base of my makeup look and I LOVE it.

Arguably the cutest product in your GLOSSYBOX this month is a gorgeous nude lipstick by Trifle Cosmetics. This lipstick is the perfect shade to use as your everyday nude and above all, the packaging is absolutely adorable…

In your box you’ll also receive either the Nuxe Multi-purpose Dry Oil which is a gorgeous shimmering oil that you can use on your skin, on your face and even in your hair, or you’ll receive The Body Shop ‘Drops of Youth’ Concentrate which is a serum that you use underneath your moisturiser to boost your skin’s hydration. This is an amazing product and one that I absolutely love to use. It gives my skin a really gorgeous golden shimmer, it’s really subtle but absolutely stunning when it catches the light. The Nuxe Dry Oil is multipurpose, so you can use this wherever you fancy; work it into your hair, dab a touch onto your face or rub this all over your body when you get out of the shower. I love to massage a few drops of this onto my skin before an evening out, it gives my body a beautiful glow and makes me feel super special.

You might also be lucky enough to get the Rituals Sakura Body Cream. This stuff smells absolutely DELICIOUS and every day I look forward to slathering this onto my skin when I get out of the shower. I love to use this Body Cream both in the morning and at night, it gives my skin the hydration it needs to get through a busy day in the city, but is also rich enough to give it the soothing and calming factor that it graves after a day’s work. I can’t start or end my day without this baby.

Last but not least, I know you guys are DYING to know what the mystery product is, and I can now reveal that is actually by Head and Shoulders! Have I surprised any of you with that? I have been using this Head and Shoulders shampoo for years and I absolutely SWEAR by it. Head & Shoulders is even better now with their new 3Action Formula, it lathers up so well, so quickly and leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, I simply cannot and will not wash my hair without using it these days. All my blondies out there will understand the struggle that comes with keeping our hair looking nourished and feeling hydrated, and let me tell you, this beauty keeps my hair feeling super healthy and easy to manage! This shampoo not only makes my hair look bouncy and full of life, but it also means that I have a clean and clear scalp. I know loads of us out there have scalp issues, and before discovering this product, that was an issue that I had to deal with too. I know it’s not the sexiest thing to talk about, but when you use a shampoo that is really nourishing and good for your scalp, it makes your hair look and feel a million times better. We all know that great looking and feeling hair starts from the scalp up and so it’s important that we use a shampoo that takes care of that. I really hope that you enjoy this Head & Shoulder shampoo and please let me know what you think of the results! I really hope that you enjoy using it, and please let me know what you think of the results!

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To celebrate the launch of my brand new book Bloom: Navigating Life and Style I gathered all of my friends to come hang out at Libreria Bookshop in East London. It was the perfect venue because there were loads of beautiful books around us, it has a great atmosphere and a pretty cool mirrored ceiling. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area!

Anyway, I’ve been a bit of a recluse for the past year while I wrote Bloom, so it was great to see some of my friends I haven’t had a chance to catch up with for awhile. It has been such an unexplainable feeling to be so supported by my friends and family throughout this process. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am for everyone’s support and positive feedback. Much love to anyone who has taken time out of their day to say something wonderful about Bloom.


Bloom is about growing into yourself and working out who you are – which can be really hard at times. I've looked back at all of the events, people and things in my life that have influenced and inspired me and have made me who I am today.I'm not a flawless human (nobody is) and I wanted to write something that showed highs as well as lows in my life, and how you can use that rollercoaster to help you form the life you want. I hope that my book will inspire other people to think about their Bloom stories and who they are, to not be so hard on themselves, to celebrate the good and to not be defined or limited by the bad – and to look into the future, take control of their path and make things happen.

Huge thank you to Floom for sending out their lovely flowers to some of my friends. They are the coolest flower company ever (seriously go check out their Instagram).