Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the BAFTA’s with Lancôme and I felt like a princess the entire time! It’s not often that I get to glam up and spend hours getting ready, which is why it was so fun for me! BAFTA weekend consists of lots of activities leading up to a pre-party on Saturday night at Kensington Palace (no biggie) and then the actual BAFTA ceremony is on Sunday evening. Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of this post if you’d like to see exactly what I got up to!

Buy this sequin top! Here’s the skirt to match!

Here’s what I wore to the pre-party…lots and lots of sequins! I wanted to wear something fun and a little more interesting than my usual outfits (jeans and t-shirts everyday). I absolutely love sequins and to be completely covered in them was so much fun. I got so many compliments on this outfit and I felt fantastic!

I also amped up my makeup with a dark smokey eye and loads of loads of mascara! I was in complete awe when the makeup artist used the Lancôme Grandiôse Extreme Mascara on me. It was genuinely better than false lashes…if you like big lashes you need this in your life! I also decided to rock a bold red lip because I wanted to try out the new ~matte~ Juicy Shakers which will be launching next month! I was so impressed by how long lasting it was. Even after an evening of talking, laughing and having dinner it stayed put! More on those later though…

Also, how stunning is that wall of roses?

Buy this red dress here.

For the red carpet evening I decided to wear a red floor length gown. I was slightly panicked because the day before this event I still hadn’t figured out what to wear but luckily my ASOS order came through! As soon as I put it on I felt comfortable and confident in it. I was also really lucky that the length was perfect because I’m quite short and long dresses usually drag on the floor. I wore my favourite black heels and the black Chloe Drew bag, which held my camera, makeup and anything else I thought I’d need. I’m not a huge fan of clutch bags so I thought this would be perfect to use for more glam events like this one, but I can also use it in my regular life.

I decided to go quite natural on the makeup with the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation, which is matte but also has a glow to it to create a flawless base. A bit of bronzer, eyebrows and loads of mascara and that was pretty much it! Oh and I also wore the Lancôme Shine Lover Lipstick in the shade 218! Such a classic shade.

Huge thank you to my Lancôme family for bringing me along and allowing me to have such a fantastic experience. It was truly unforgettable!


Most of you are probably familiar with my friend Ingrid Nilsen, she is the definition of BAE and continues to be a badass boss in everything she does. Not to mention the fact that she’s an all-round wonderful human being and a real GEM to have in my life! I wanted to put together a blog post all about something that Ingrid has been working so hard on for quite a while now and I’m so excited to tell you guys all about it! Ingrid has partnered with bareMinerals to bring us a collection of three of her most favourite illuminating bareMinerals products. The collection is GORGEOUS and contains everything you’ll ever need to create the perfect glowing base for any makeup look.

The collection includes one of the Original Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundations, a limited edition Invisible Glow Highlighter, a limited edition Beautiful Finish Brush and of course this cute makeup bag-Ingrid picked some real gems! They’re all wonderful in their own right and when you use them together they create the perfect base for whatever makeup look you’re going for.

You guys know that I’m all about that glow, so this limited edition Invisible Glow Highlighter is perfect for me! Ingrid developed this product in a shade that is guaranteed to flatter all skin tones, so don’t fret if you’re wondering whether this highlighter will work with your skin. I’m a bit of a highlighter hoarder and this one is definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my collection.I use a brush to pick up some of the product before sweeping it over the tops of my cheekbones, I also like to dab some under the arch of my eyebrows, on the tip of my nose and in my cupids bow. This stuff is gorgeous, you need it in your life!
This foundation is simply gorgeous! I hardly ever reach for a mineral foundation these days, but using this reminded me why I used to wear mineral makeup religiously. It’s designed to give your skin a flawless coverage with a super lightweight, bare skin feel (which as you guys know, I LOVE). What I really like about this foundation is that it’s super buildable and although it looks like a powder it actually feels like a cream on your skin, so you can build it up without looking super cakey. It’s enriched with SPF 15 which helps to shield your skin from the sun’s rays and prevents any damage from becoming visible on your face. This stuff is super easy to apply, all I do is pick up some of the product onto a brush and tap off any excess before buffing it into my skin. I like to start from the centre of my face and work my way outwards in circular motions. This foundation gives my skin a subtle coverage and a natural looking glow. I love it!
First of all, can we just talk about how super cute this brush is? I wish you guys could feel the bristles through the screen because it’s pretty much the softest brush I’ve ever felt, it’s beautiful! The Beautiful Finish Brush has been designed to fit perfectly into the Bare Minerals Original Foundation lids so its the ideal tool to use to apply your Broad Spectrum Foundation. Whenever I use this brush I actually notice a difference in the way the foundation looks on my skin, its wide handle means that it’s easy to control and allows you to get a really even application.

Make sure you get your hands on one of these gorgeous limited edition makeup sets! I absolutely love each and every one of the products that Ingrid has chosen to include in the collection and I know that you will too. Let me know which of the three products is your favourite by commenting down below. Huge congratulations to Ingrid for working so hard and launching this amazing collection!

Pick up your own Ingrid Nilsen x bareMinerals kit here!


This month Glossybox have teamed up with number one luxury skincare brand, La Mer, to bring us one of their most luxurious beauty boxes to date. La Mer is a beauty brand that I fall more and more in love with each time I use one of their beautiful products. I will warn you, their stuff is exceptionally pricey, but their products are like nothing else on the market. Every time I indulge in using some of their gorgeous skincare I’m reminded why I love it; every item is the epitome of luxury and applying their magical formulas feels like a real treat. If you’re keen to get this limited edition box it will set you back £35 if you’re an existing Glossybox subscriber and £40 if you’re a non-subscriber. This limited edition La Mer package is worth a pricey £118, so you’re most definitely getting your money’s worth (and more) when you have one of these babies delivered to your door. This Glossybox features six of La Mer’s most legendary beauty products and I unashamedly fangirl over every single one of them. If you’re new to La Mer this Glossybox is a great place to kick off your love affair with this beautiful brand. Let me tell you a little bit more about the products that you’ll get if you decide to claim one of these boxes for yourself.
Lately I’ve been really into using serums because my skin has been so dry and this stuff is an absolute dream to apply. To use this serum just apply a small amount of product onto your fingertips and massage into your face and neck after cleansing. This stuff is intensely moisturising and makes my skin feel super awake and refreshed. I tend to follow this step with a moisturiser but you can just use the serum on its own if you wish. The formula of this serum is a magical concoction of green, red and brown algae which nourish and hydrate the skin, as well as lime tea concentrate which helps to make your complexion look healthy and radiant.
You guys know that masks are my thang so its no surprise that this baby was one of my favourite products in the La Mer Glossybox. The Intensive Revitalising Mask is a product that I tend to save for special occasions, its not something that I use every week (that would get very expensive!) but I like to apply this mask on special Sunday spa nights as a well deserved treat for my skin. This mask is designed to energise, plump and protect, and trust me when I say that it really does exactly what it says on the tin. The ingredients within this formula help to protect the skin from the signs of fatigue, stress and pollution. Its incredibly hydrating and gives my skin exactly what it craves. I like to apply a generous layer of product to my face and sit back and relax while the mask does its magic. After removing with a warm, wet face cloth I guarantee that your skin will feel noticeably softer and more supple. This stuff is amazing!
This is one of my favourite discoveries of last year so when I saw the mini version in this Glossybox I almost jumped for joy! The La Mer Treatment Lotion is described as ‘liquid energy’; designed to visibly awaken your complexion, improve texture and even tone. As with all La Mer products, the Treatment Lotion is absolutely beautiful and gives my skin a subtle look of radiance that lasts all day. To use this lotion just dab a few drops onto your fingertips and press it into your skin before moisturising. I have been so impressed by the effects of this lotion that it has become an essential in my skincare routine. It may look like a simple lotion but this stuff packs a punch! Give this a try and let me know what you think!
If you’re into eye creams, the La Mer Eye Concentrate is a product that you need in your life. My go-to eye cream has always been the Pai Gentle Eye Cream, but I like to use the Eye Concentrate by La Mer when I’m in need of an extra boost. I don’t tend to use an eye cream every day of the week (due to laziness), but if I’ve woken up with particularly dark circles and feel like I need something to make me look and feel a bit more alert, I’ll reach for the Eye Concentrate. This product really helps to minimise the look of my dark circles and gives my skin a subtle luminosity. I’ll take a pea sized amount of product onto my finger and gently sweep it onto my eye area to banish any signs of stress or fatigue. It’s really great at making me look like I’ve had a solid 12 hour sleep which makes this stuff a winner in my book!
I love Micellar waters so much, so I’m excited to try this! When removing my makeup I tend to use a cream cleanser as the first step to my routine, once that’s done I’ll dab a couple of drops of the micellar water onto a cotton pad before gently sweeping over my face, eyes, lips and neck. I repeat this until my cotton pad comes away clean and any remaining makeup or dirt from my face has vanished. I’m saving this little guy a spot in my travel makeup bag so I will report back!
Is it possible to fall in love with a moisturiser? If it is, then I’ve fallen head over heels. The Crème De La Mer Moisturising Cream is without a doubt an iconic La Mer product. If you’re new to this brand I’d highly suggest that your first La Mer purchase be this moisturiser. With an abundance of magical ingredients from the sea, the Crème De La Mer totally transforms the way my skin looks and feels. After a short while of use you will start to notice that your complexion looks healthier and more radiant. Not only that but it works to minimise the look of pores, blemishes and fine lines while soothing and moisturising your skin. I can see a noticeable improvement in my complexion whenever I’ve used this stuff, it’s wonderful. All I do is take a small amount of product into my hands and warm it up between my fingers until it becomes translucent, then I press and massage it gently into my skin. I really take the time to relish using this product because it feels super luxurious, it’s so dreamy!
Definitely make sure you get your hands on a limited edition La Mer Glossybox, I guarantee you’ll end up falling in love with every single one of the beautiful products within your box! These Glossyboxes are set to sell out FAST so make sure you beat the crowds and grab one for yourself here. Let me know which of the La Mer products was your favourite by commenting down below. I’m excited to hear what you guys think!

La Mer is available to purchase at Net-A-Porter, John Lewis, Selfridges, Bloomingdales and other department stores.


I don’t know about you but I hate wearing makeup when I’m at home. There’s something about being in my own four walls with a full face that makes me feel so uncomfortable. Not only that, but I hate wearing ‘normal’ clothes when I’m at home too. Chances are if you knock on my door after 5pm, I’ll be wandering around in my pjs with a freshly cleansed face. The process removing of my makeup is something that I actually really enjoy too. I like to view my skincare routine as if it’s a spa treatment; for me there’s something so therapeutic about getting in from a long day and waving goodbye to the dirt and grime from the day. My cleansing time is my time and I relish every minute of it. For this post I wanted to show you a few of the items that I’ve really been enjoying recently; the ones that have made my daily skincare routine all the more pleasurable and the ones that help to make my skin not only look and feel tip top, but help to give me a little bit of zen in my life at the same time. I love these products and I know that you will too!

You guys know I’m super into cleansers so when I heard about the Pixi Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. One side of this 2 in 1 jar contains a solid cleansing oil, while the other side houses a cleansing cream. Although using a double step cleanser might seem as if it’s adding more time to your night time cleansing routine, I find that this product is so efficient in breaking down and removing any make up and dirt from my face that it actually speeds things up because it removes every last speck of makeup. It’s super easy to use; all I do is apply a coin size amount of the solid cleansing oil onto dry skin, massage it into my skin and then remove the product with a warm, wet facecloth. Once that’s done I scoop a little of the cleansing cream into my hands and massage that all over my face before once again removing the product with my facecloth. I love this stuff because it WORKS, it leaves my skin feeling soooo soft and it lasts for absolutely ages because a little goes long way. Try it out here, I guarantee you’ll love it.
If you’ve watched my ‘Top 5 Beauty Treatments in London’ video you’ll know that the Sarah Chapman clinic does the most AMAZING facials, and trust me when I say that every Sarah Chapman product that I’ve ever used has been the same level of incredible. The Overnight Exfoliating Booster has been a fixture in my bathroom cabinet for quite a while and I can’t see that changing any time soon. I suffer from dry skin, so exfoliating my face is something that I take the time to do a couple of times a week and this exfoliating booster works wonders. This product helps to clear clogged pores, even out blemish marks, soften the appearance of wrinkles and generally makes your skin look smoother and more radiant (what more could you want?). The formula is packed with retinol, lactic acid and willow bark which all help to speed up your skin’s natural renewal process. All I do is apply a small amount of the exfoliating booster onto my cleansed skin before bed and allow it to dry and work its magic overnight. It’s one of the more expensive products in my collection, but it’s totally worth it! Get yours here.
Lately I’ve found myself getting really into serums and the Chanel Blue Serum is a product that I’ve been enjoying a lot. There are four areas of the world that are known as ‘blue zones’ – these are the zones in which the population tend to live better and longer lives. The Chanel Blue Serum is called such because its formula includes 3 essential natural ingredients from the blue zones of the world; green coffee from Costa Rica, olives from Sardinia and lentisk from Greece. These ingredients have been chosen for their revitalising and antioxidant properties and brought together to combine the most gorgeously sublime serum ever! Whenever I use this serum my skin feels instantaneously refreshed and rejuvenated. The formula is also super lightweight so it doesn’t leave a greasy residue or feel heavy under my makeup. Lately I’ve been applying this every morning to my cleansed skin. Again, it’s one of the more expensive products in my bathroom, but it’s also one of the best. Try it for yourself and see if you agree!
You all know by now that I’m a huge fan of any Liz Earle product (check out my Glowing Skin Routine to see what I mean!) and I’d go as far to say that the Superskin Moisturiser is up there with some of my favourites. This product is gorgeously rich and luxurious and feels like an absolute treat to apply! It’s rich in Omega 3 which helps to prevent moisture loss and is packed with vitamin E and pomegranate extract which protect the skin from environment damage (perfect for me in the smoggy London air!) It’s incredibly soothing on my sensitive lil’ face and helps to protect my skin from the harsh, cold weather! Give it a go if you haven’t already.
I LOVE face mists, and when I stumbled upon this Brightening Botanical Essence by Aurelia Probiotic Skincare I knew that together we would be a match made in heaven! I love this stuff because it’s so versatile and easy to use throughout the day. You can either spritz some of this essence onto cleansed skin as part of your morning and evening skincare routine, or use it throughout the day to give your skin a boost and refresh your makeup. Whenever I use this mist it instantly makes me feel brighter and gives me an energy kick that I didn’t know I needed and lets not forget that it smells beautiful! This is a must have, trust me! Get yours here.
The skin around my eyes has always been super sensitive and for years I struggled to find an eye cream that didn’t irritate that area, but then I discovered this Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm Gel Eye Cream and my problems were solved! This product is really soothing and nourishing and gives my skin a huge boost of hydration. The cream is super gentle but incredibly efficient, it absorbs quickly and helps to reduce puffiness and other signs of fatigue. I can really tell when I’ve used some of this product because it makes me look so alert and awake (even when I really don’t feel like it). This product is my saviour! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Have you tried any of the products that I’ve mentioned in this post? If so, which ones are your favourites? I’d love to know! I’m always looking for new skincare products to try, so if you have any recommendations that you think I will love then please let me know by leaving me a comment down below, I can’t wait to hear what you guys are loving!


A few weeks ago I published a blog all about the a trio of agave based lip care products from one of my favourite brands, Bite Beauty (if you haven’t seen the post you can check it out here). The positive feedback that you guys gave that blog post told me that you feel the same level of love for this wonderful brand as I do, so I know that you’ll absolutely adore what I’m about to show you this time too.

You guys know I’m all about simple, easy, stress-free makeup, so when a product comes along that has the ability to multitask on my face, I’m all over it. The Bite Beauty Multistick has quickly become one of my favourite additions to my makeup collection. Each and every one of the stunning shades of are insanely gorgeous and pigmented. Not only that, but the fact that the ingredients that go into making their products are natural just makes me adore them even more. Bite’s formulas are mixed with a magical concoction of food-grade ingredients, so it’s comforting to know that what you’re putting on your lips isn’t going to do you any harm. They’re also infused with age-fighting antioxidants, so all in all they’re a pretty great thing to have in your makeup bag.

The Multistick applies like a cream but wears like a powder and the universal shades and unique formulation mean that you can apply a slick of this product to your lips, cheeks and eyes. I like to apply a dab of colour with my finger for a natural look and build up the coverage as and when I want it, but you can also apply it with a brush or bounce it on with a beauty blender for a different finish. A product that does 3 jobs in one? I’m sold. 

Lately I’ve been really enjoying wearing the shade ‘Brioche‘, it’s such a beautiful colour that I find works really well with my everyday makeup look. It’s muted and versatile but its warm orangey tone means that it packs a certain punch that adds warmth to my lips and a subtle glow to my cheeks. I love it! Let me know if you’ve tried one of these babies out and which of the 18 Multistick shades is your fave by commenting below.

The Bite Beauty Multisticks are available at Sephora.


The time has finally come for me to spill the beans on a pretty exciting secret that I’ve been keeping under wraps for the last few months. The urge to tell you all what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been has been painfully tough (you all know I’m terrible at keeping secrets), but somehow I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut and wait until this very moment to tell you my exciting news! So, without further ado…I’m incredibly excited to announce that I am officially partnering with Lancôme throughout 2017 to create amazing content and exclusive behind the scenes access. Eeeeeeeeek!!

I’ve been working with Lancôme on various projects throughout the years and over that time I’ve been able to get to know the team, understand what the brand is really about and have lots of fun along the way! Lancôme is all about female empowerment, being unapologetically you and of course great beauty products. I vividly remember purchasing one of my first ever makeup items when I was a teenager; a gloriously vibrant Lancôme Juicy Tube which became a permanent fixture on my lips from the day I bought it. Over the next year I’ll be working on loads of really exciting projects with Lancôme and I cannot wait to get started!

For this post I wanted to bring you guys along and show you a behind the scenes view of my first big project with Lancôme. As part of this journey, Lancôme asked me if I would be interested in working on a video to officially announce my position as a new member of the family and of course I said YES! There is a behind the scenes video at the bottom of this post to take a peek at but I’ll be sharing the official video and photos at a later date.

I had SO much fun filming the announcement video! The whole day went by in the blink of an eye so I’m super glad that Aslan was there to capture some special moments and make sure that this memory is something that I can treasure forever. The team were so amazing and made me feel so at home in the studio. It was pretty breathtaking to realise the entire day was set up just for me…it took me a few days to let that sink in. Aslan also made sure that I had a cup of tea to hand at all times (he knows me well!), which was a life saver and helped to keep my energy levels topped up. Gotta get that tea fix!

Arguably the best part of the day was having my makeup done by the legend that is Alex Babsky. Alex is spectacularly gifted and I’m completely in awe of his talent. I’ve been a huge admirer of his work for a very long time, so to have him work his magic on my face during one of the most important shoots of my life was an absolute dream! Alex has worked with some of the most influential women in the world including Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Alicia Keys to name only a few, so to have Alex do my makeup was a real honour and something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life for sure! I had two makeup looks during the shoot; one daytime look and one night time. My daytime makeup was a gorgeous, sultry eye with a glossy nude lip, then for the evening look Alex amped things up with a sexy smoky eye, strong contour and rosy lip. I adored both looks and I’ll definitely be trying my best to recreate them by myself!

Can we talk about the drawing Alex did of me? I stared at it for a good 30 minutes and I’m still not over it. Thank you Alex!!!

As well as having the wonderful Alex with me to get my glam on, I also had my good friend Larry King on set to tame my tresses. Larry is amazing at what he does and I was so lucky to be able to have him at the shoot with me to make my hair look bomb. Not only that but having a close friend on set really helped to calm my nerves and give me an extra boost of energy and confidence. It was a blessing to have Larry by my side to make me laugh in between shots, it was exactly what I needed and he made me feel so much more at ease. He’s hilarious and wonderful!

It’s no secret that I’m not a model, so trying to look a certain way in front of a camera with a whole team of people watching isn’t something that comes easy to me! However having legends like Alex and Larry with me to do their thang on my hair and makeup gave me the confidence I needed to get in the zone and kick some butt. This is such a huge deal for me so I knew that it had to be right and I had to give it my all, hopefully you guys think I did a good job!

I can’t find the words to express just how excited I am to be working with this amazing brand! I’ve been an admirer of Lancôme since I started wearing makeup so I simply can’t believe that this is happening to me! Of course I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for you guys, so I hope you know how grateful I am to each and every one of you for making this dream come true for me. Every time you leave a positive comment or like one of my Instagram pictures it means something to me. Sometimes I wonder how this whole thing even happened to me. Surreal.

Stay tuned for loads of exciting projects coming up, I wish I could tell you all of the amazing things that Lancôme have got in store for me, but unfortunately for now I have to keep those under wraps! Stay tuned and all will be revealed in due course. In the meantime, make sure you check out one of the official photos from the day on my Instagram and also take a peek at our behind the scenes vlog from this amazing day!

Thanks so much to Lancôme for believing in me.


I think that most of you will agree with me when I say that January can leave us all feeling a bit ‘bleugh’. The holidays are over, the weather is miserable (at least it is in London) and I’ve eaten way too much junk food for my insides to handle. I don’t know about you, but when this time of year rolls around I feel like my body just craves some attention. Giving my bod some TLC usually means treating myself to something that makes me feel a little bit more human again. Whether it’s a slick of paint on my nails or an extra bit of oomph in my hair, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of ‘me time’ to get me feeling ready to take on the coming year. With this in mind I decided to film a video and write this blog post all about my favourite beauty treatments in London. I wanted to share the places that I hit up whenever I need to put a little pep in my step, the places that help to make me feel at my best. I highly recommend each and every one of the places that I’m about to mention so definitely check them out if you’re in need of a treat. If London isn’t on your doorstep, don’t fret! Many of the spas and clinics that I’ve featured have branches all over the world, but if they don’t then perhaps this post will inspire you to check out somewhere closer to home. Stay tuned to the end of the post to watch the video that I filmed with my friend George Muncey! Here goes…


Cowshed is most definitely one of my favourite places to hit up whenever I’m feeling like I need some ‘me time’. Cowshed have loads of branches all across London (as well as several locations within the Soho Houses of the world) but the Primrose Hill spa is arguably the most beautiful in my eyes, I just love that place! Cowshed offer tonnes of different treatments including facials, massages, waxing and brow tints to name but a few, but I think that my favourite thing to get at Cowshed is a manicure and pedicure. Plus, the fact that they have TVs playing endless episodes of Friends while you get your nails done may have something to do with my unashamed favouritism! All of the products that they use in the spa are hand made by cowshed which is super cool, I particularly adore the spearmint hand scrub that they use, that stuff smells good enough to eat! There’s also a cute little cafe inside every Cowshed location and I’ve heard that their coffee is absolutely delicious so make sure you ask for one while you’re getting your nails done.

Check out the Cowshed website and find a spa near you.


Blow Drys are one of my favourite things to treat myself to. There’s something about stepping out of the salon with fresh, bouncy hair that makes me feel like I could take on the world! Anyone else feel the same? DryBy is my go to whenever my hair needs that extra oomph. Every time I visit I always leave feeling super relaxed and refreshed, the interior is super cool and calm and there’s just an atmosphere about this place that I adore. One of my favourite things about DryBy is that choosing a style to go for is super easy. Every time you visit you get given a book full of loads of different blow dry styles so you can just pick exactly what you want and they’ll work their magic on your hair. I usually choose the ‘London’ style which has more of an edgy vibe with lots of messy curls and heaps of texture. Love it!

Give DryBy a go if you want to feel super sassy.

The House of Elemis

Whenever I need some zen in my life I make it my mission to hit up the House of Elemis. To put it simply, this place is magical and whenever I visit the spa I feel like I’m a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of London. Each and every one of the treatments at the House of Elemis are absolutely wonderful, but by far my favourite thing to get when I’m there is a full body massage. The massage itself is nothing short of incredible, but what makes it super duper special is the fact that during the massage you lay on a bed of quartz and amber! It’s hard to describe exactly what laying on that bed feels like, but believe me when I say that it feels AMAZING. The amber and quarts is heated so it envelopes your body in a wonderful warmth and makes you feel like the definition of zen. This treatment is super unique so I urge you to give it a go and try it for yourself. Whenever I leave the House of Elemis I feel like a whole new woman and that’s what makes this spa a winner in my book.

Have a look at the House of Elemis treatments and see what tickles your fancy.

Blink Brow Bar

I don’t feel human unless my eyebrows are on fleek and Blink Brow Bar is my go to place whenever they need a spot of TLC. My favourite branch is in Notting Hill, but you can also find these guys in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and John Lewis to name a few. Although my favourite thing to get at Blink Brow Bar is a brow shape they also offer loads of other treatments including eyebrow and eyelash tints and eyelash extensions. You name it, they do it! This place is my brow saviour.

Give Blink Brow Bar a whirl for on fleek eyebrows.

Sarah Chapman Clinic

The Sarah Chapman Clinic has everything that my face needs, this place is literally the best! In my opinion, Sarah Chapman does the best facial in London and I truly believe that because you can actually SEE the results as soon as you leave the clinic. Whenever I visit this place I always step out of the door with the most gorgeous looking glow. Not only that but my skin feels INCREDIBLE. Everything that they do to your face during the treatment is so hi-tech and unique that it makes the whole experience really fun and interesting, I always come out of the clinic feeling like I’ve actually learned something about my skin that I didn’t know before. Make sure you check out this place because I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Just make sure you book well in advance so that you don’t miss out, this place is almost always fully booked! Guess I’m not the only one that thinks the clinic is amazing!

Check out the facial of all facials!

Cap Beauty Elixir

As part of my #PersonalBest journey I’ve been trying out lots of different things to try and improve my health and fitness levels, whether it’s a sport (last month Aslan and I went BOULDERING!) or a healthy new breakfast recipe, I’ve been giving everything a go in an effort to reach the best version of me that I can be. I’m on a mission to open my mind! On a recent trip to New York I made a pit stop at Cap Beauty, having stumbled upon these guys via Instagram I just had to give this place a try. Although I stepped through the doors expecting to leave with only a feeling of zen after my spa treatment, I actually left Cap Beauty with something much more than that.

In case you guys haven’t heard of it, Cap Beauty is shop and spa which sells and uses entirely natural beauty products. ‘Cap’ stands for ‘clean and pure’ and the people behind Cap Beauty live by the philosophy that ‘beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty’ – a pretty cool mantra to live by, don’t you think? It was pouring rain on the day of my appointment and I entered the shop soaking wet. It’s a tiny space but there were 6-8 people inside having a chat as if they were all friends. I was invited into the conversation only to realise that these people were just shoppers chatting about all things beauty! Is that a New York thing? I loved the community feeling. Although I could go on and on about how much I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this place and all of the wonderful products within it, what I’m really sitting here tapping away on my laptop to tell you about is the ‘Cap Beauty Elixir’. After I had my treatment at the spa (which was lovely by the way) I was handed a milky looking drink in the cutest little teacup I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit I was a little freaked out and I was a little reluctant to take a sip of this mysterious looking liquid, but in an effort to try new things I had to give it a go.

The Cap Beauty elixir is quite literally a magical potion (ok not literally, but close enough) designed to boost your skin’s radiance, strengthen your nails and add shine and lustre to your hair. With its ingredients including He Shou Wu, a chinese herb that has been used for centuries for its benefits for circulation and stamina (as well as its aphrodisiac powers..heehee) alongside Tocos, a rice bran soluble packed with vitamins E and D, it’s no surprise that this drink has become a talking point all over the internet. I know what you’re thinking…’what the hell does that taste like?’…I thought the exact same thing just before this baby went down the hatch, but trust me when I say it actually does taste good! It’s not something I could drink cup after cup of, but for a healthy drink once every now and then this stuff ain’t too bad. I bought all of the ingredients right there and then so I could recreate it at home.

Now, let me tell you how to make yourself a cup!

Simply mix a 1/4 of a teaspoon of He Shou Wu with 1 tablespoon of Tocos and 1 tablespoon of coconut butter, heat up a cup of almond milk (or coconut water depending on your preference) and pour it into a blender with the other ingredients. I like to drink a cup of this around mid morning to give me the energy boost I need to make it through till lunch. Taking the time out of my day to drink a cup of this elixir is another step towards my goal of being the best and healthiest version of myself and it’s a more interesting alternative to my usual cup of tea.

If I had to describe the taste I’d say it’s like oatmeal hot chocolate without the chocolate. That’s the best I can do. Give it a go and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear if you saw any benefits from drinking this magical potion!

Check out Cap Beauty here. 


A few days ago I received a gorgeous colourful package from a brand called Jalue. If like me you’re not yet familiar with them, Jalue is an ice therapy skin care brand…yes that’s right, ice therapy! I’d never heard of it either, but apparently this therapy can work absolute wonders for your skin. Basically ice therapy is the notion of running a herb infused popsicle over your face and neck every morning and night…sound’s crazy I know, but on Jalue’s website it states that Russia’s most famous empress was known to apply an ice cube to her face and neck every morning to preserve her beauty and refresh her complexion, so if it’s good enough for her…

Within one of the Jalue packages you’ll find four herbal sachets and one water tight freezable cone. There are five steps that you’ll need to follow before you’re able to use this product, but the process is kind of fun.

For the first step you’ll need to steep one of the herbal sachets in 100ml of boiling water and leave it to cool. When the liquid is cool, remove the sachet and carefully pour it into the silicone cone. Once that’s done, pop this baby on its side in the freezer and leave it to freeze just as you would with a normal home made popsicle. Before applying it you’ll need to make sure that you’ve cleansed your face and neck thoroughly so that the ice therapy can really get to work on your skin. When your skin is fresh and clean, pat it dry with a nice, soft towel and then run the ice cone all over your face and neck in gentle circular motions. I know that this whole routine seems a little crazy and that rubbing an ice cone over your face might lead your family and friends to question what in the world you’re up to, but if you’re a beauty junkie this is a fun one to try.

The Jalue herbal sachets contain chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark, all of which are known to help to reduce any puffiness on your face and do a great job at calming and tightening your skin. Ice therapy is also proven to lessen the size and appearance of pores and wrinkles and give your skin a natural look of radiance.

The only negative thing that I have to say about this product is that I’m not a huge lover of the smell of the sachets. They just didn’t smell how I expected them to and in all honesty I found that a bit off putting. However if like me you’re not a fan of the scent of this stuff, rest assured that once it’s frozen you can’t really smell the herbs at all. Despite not loving the herby aroma, one of the things that I do really love about this product is that you can re use the sachets for up to one week before throwing them in the trash. Each Jalue Ice Therapy package contains four of the herbal sachets which means that there is enough product for one month’s use.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ice Therapy and to be honest I didn’t think it would be something that I’d end up loving as much as I did. The process to the finished product does take quite a bit of effort so I don’t think I’ll be whipping up a Jalue ice cone to use every morning and night, but it’s certainly something that I can see myself indulging in on the weekends or during one of my spa nights. After using the ice cone my skin felt lovely and refreshed, so it’s definitely worth giving this stuff a go, just be aware that you might look like a bit of a weirdo while you’re applying it! Let me know if this interests you or if you’ve ever tried this type of treatment!

Check it out here.


You all know that beauty is one of my most loved passions, it’s something that I talk about almost every single day, so it’s no surprise that my shelves are over flowing with books that focus around my favourite subject. Each and every one of the books that I’m about to talk about are beautiful in their own right, I just love to see these babies lined up in my office waiting for me to flick through them with a hot cup of tea by my side. These are the books I turn to when I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’. Within these pages there are beauty tips, makeup tricks and healthy, nourishing recipes that will help me shine from the inside out. Leave a comment down below and let me know what your favourite beauty books are, I’d love to know and expect a second follow up post because there were just too many to mention in one post!

‘Eat Beautiful’ – Wendy Rowe

If you’re not yet familiar with Wendy Rowe, familiarise yourself. This woman is THE ultimate badass and in turn I’m the ultimate fan girl. Wendy is someone that I’ve admired for many years now; as an international make up artist and artistic consultant at Burberry, she is someone who inspires me to keep moving forward and work hard to get what I want. Wendy’s book ‘Eat Beautiful’ teaches us that beauty starts from within, her philosophy on beauty is that we should nourish our bodies from the inside out to feel like the most beautiful version of ourselves. Within the pages of this book are an abundance of beauty tips along with over 70 nutritious recipes to get you feelin’ tip top. ‘Eat Beautiful’ is a seasonal guide that you can either follow consistently throughout the year or use as and when you need a bit of a pick me up. It also looks pretty damn good in an Instagram post…just sayin’.

Buy it here.

‘Face Paint, The History of Makeup’ – Lisa Eldridge

If you’re one of my OG viewers you’ll know that Lisa Eldridge is one of my favourite girl bosses, she’s one of the worlds most formidable and most respected make up artists, so naturally when I saw this book pop up on my list of recommended books on amazon I knew I had to add this one to my basket. The history of makeup is a subject that has always interested me, so reading ‘Face Paint’ was an experience that proved to be both enjoyable and informative. I found it so fascinating to learn about how techniques and trends in makeup have been influenced by moments in history, and how the materials that women have used have changed and evolved over the years. As a beauty lover I felt it was important to expand my knowledge on a subject that I speak about daily. Give this one a go if makeup is your thang.

Buy it here.

‘Pretty Iconic’ – Sali Hughes

I had the pleasure of meeting Sali a few weeks back when we were recording a segment for BBC Woman’s Hour and was thrilled when she handed me a copy of her beautiful book, ‘Pretty Iconic’. This book gives me serious nostalgia! Inside this beautiful book you’ll find 200 of the most iconic products to ever grace the world of beauty. It’s full of beautiful photos of some of my most loved lotions and potions, all of which Sali describes and discusses in her signature witty tone of voice. I love this book and I have no doubt that you will too. Anyone remember J-Lo Glow? So many memz.

Buy it here.

‘Eat Pretty’ – Jolene Hart

Judging by the amount of Instagram posts that this book has been featured in, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has fallen head over heels in love with this book. I love this book so much that I read it from cover to cover in record time, it’s informative, interesting and absolutely gorgeous. ‘Eat Pretty’ is one of my bookshelf faves because it turns the notion of making healthy changes to your lifestyle into something that seems both easy and enjoyable. Alongside all the science stuff there’s also a few recipes which I’ve been using religiously since this book made its way onto my bookshelf. If you’re looking to switch up your attitude towards nutrition then look no further, this one is for you.

Buy it here.

‘The Nature of Beauty: Organic Skincare, Botanical Beauty Rituals and Clean Cosmetics’- Imelda Burke
This book is almost like a handbook for someone interested in natural beauty. Imelda Burke is hugely respected in the industry and is the mastermind behind the London shop Content Beauty Wellbeing. I highly suggest you pop into the store or check out the website for some serious beauty inspo. It showcases natural ingredients that work wonders for your skin in a way that’s easy to digest. It begins with reasons to switch from conventional products for more natural ones-I highly recommend it! (Oh, and I love the cover!)

Buy it here.