Back at the beginning of the year I put together a post all about some of the pieces in our home that make me happy! You guys seem to really enjoy getting a glimpse into our space so I thought I’d work on something similar for Fall. Although Aslan and I are suckers for a statement couch or beautiful desk, it’s often the little things in our home that make us the happiest. Sometimes the small details in a space can have just as much of an impact as a big piece of artwork or a huge, 8ft cactus (shoutout to Richard lol). Here’s a round up of some of the pieces in our home that are making me super cozy this Autumn.

The new addition that I’m probably the most excited about is this beautiful Pomegranate Noir candle by Jo Malone. We have a couple of Jo Malone candles scattered around our home but I would have to say that the Pomegranate Noir is my favourite scent of them all. What I love about this candle is that there are so many elements to the scent; as soon as you light one of these babies you instantly get hit with the beautiful fruity pomegranate and raspberry notes but sniff a little longer and you’ll start to smell the deep warmth of the amber and wood. This is the kind of candle that literally fills our entire home with its scent and makes the room feel super warm and cozy. It’s the perfect candle for Autumn and I’m so excited to start burning this more often as the evenings draw in. Don’t forget that Jo Malone have a gorgeous range of diffusers too! We currently have the Lime, Basil and Mandarin diffuser in our hallway but I would totally love to get the Pomegranate Noir diffuser for Fall.

I pretty much live in my slippers from September to April so every time Autumn rolls around I make it my mission to find a new pair for the coming season. A few weeks back I received an email from an amazing brand called ‘Woolenstocks’ who produce luxury hand crafted artisan slippers and was super excited when they offered to send me a pair to try! I decided to pick a pair of the ‘Boo Boo’ slippers which are made from 100% felt wool and faux fur. Apparently it takes 40 hours to make each slipper which is amazing and definitely makes them feel extra special! What makes me love this brand even more is that every time you buy a pair of slips you’re actually helping women and girls to get an education, start a business and provide for their families. Woolenstocks also work with an organisation called ‘Find Your Feet’ which helps families in Africa and Asia to grow enough food to find long term solutions to poverty. These truly are some of the comfiest, most beautiful slippers I’ve ever owned (and probably ever will own!) and the fact that Woolenstocks work hard to help make a difference in peoples’ lives makes me love them even more. P.s. I also have my eye on this pair of ‘Kosy Koos’…HOW ADORABLE!!

I have to admit that I was completely drawn in by the beautiful cover as soon as I saw Ali Smith’s ‘Autumn’ on the shelves in the book shop, but as soon as I read the blurb I knew I just had to add this book to my ever growing collection. I’m not the best at trying to explain the plot of a book I’m yet to read, so instead I’ll insert the blurb so that you can get an idea of what this book is all about…‘Autumn. Season of mists and yellow fruitfulness. That’s what it felt like for Keats in 1819. How about Autumn 2016? Daniel is a century old. Elisabeth, born in 1984, has her eye on the future. The United Kingdom is in pieces, divided by a historic once-in-a-generation summer. Love is won, love is lost. Hope is hand in hand with hopelessness. The season rolls around as ever’. Just catching a glimpse of this book sitting on our coffee table is enough to spark a little ounce of happiness within me, and I just know I’m going to enjoy sitting in my spot on the sofa with a cup of tea and this book in hand. If any of you guys have read ‘Autumn’ let me know if you enjoyed it!

If you read my last interiors post you might have heard me talking about the Scandinavian inspired homeware brand Att Pynta. Aslan and I have been obsessed with this brand for a while now so we were both super excited when they got in touch and offered to send us a few pieces from their new collection. I’ve been searching for some cute towels for our bathroom for ages, so as soon as I spotted these beautiful striped cotton towels on the site I just knew they had to come and live with us! Our bathroom is very minimal so I thought that these towels would inject just the right amount of colour without being too ‘in your face’. They’re made from this wonderfully soft cotton and they’re deceivingly big! We have been using these as hand towels but you could totally wrap yourself up in one of these after you jump out of the shower, or even use it on the beach for a picnic. We also picked out this amber glass bathroom set which we love! Within the set you get a glass tumbler which is perfect for things like combs and toothbrushes, along with a matching soap dispenser which looks super cute on the sink! Don’t ask me why, but little details like these fill me with such joy!

Another homeware item that I’ve been obsessed with from Att Pynta is this adorable wicker basket! You might have noticed that Reggie has quiiiiiite a lot of toys so I thought it was about time that we find a cute little basket to store them all in (how adorable do his toys look poking out over the top!? *weeps*!!) Baskets seem to be THE THING at the moment and I love how the wicker ties in with all the natural wood in our home. If you’re looking for a basket to keep blankets or magazines in then this one is great because you can fit soooo much stuff in there! We chose the basket with the white base but they also do a version in dusty pink which is just as gorgeous. Make sure you check out Att Pynta for cute homeware stuff, it’s one of our fave sites!

Lastly I just have to take a minute to mention another pair of slippers that I picked up from ASOS…don’t you just want to slip your feet into these babies and float around the house like a glamorous hollywood star!?…I know I do lol! These slippers are by a brand called ‘Ozlana’ which I believe is somehow linked with Ugg (correct me if I’m wrong?) and they are pretty much the definition of dreamy. I picked up a pair of the Fruit Slider Slippers in grey and yellow, but I’ve also got my eye on this super cute pastel pink pair because I really wanna channel my inner Baby Spice lol! These slips are quite pricey but they’re great quality so they’re definitely going to last you a couple of Autumn/Winters. Let me know which colour is your fave!

I’m such a home body and I’m not afraid to say it! Are there any home bodies out there like me? I’d love to know what homeware pieces are pulling on your heart strings at the moment. Also leave me a comment and tell me if there’s any little details in your home that make you happy too! I love getting a feel for other people’s spaces!

  • Hand-crafted Woolenstocks Slippers

    Made with love and care

  • Ali Smith 'Autumn'

    Excited to read this

  • Jo Malone 'Pomegranate Noir' Candle

    Fills your home with fragrance

  • Ozlana Slippers

    The definition of cosy

  • Att Pynta Storage Basket

    Practical AND beautiful


Last Summer, I welcomed Hazel, the Editor in Chief of Bedboat magazine into our home to chat about life beyond YouTube and show her some of my favourite areas of our home. Bedboat is a UK based, independently published lifestyle magazine and is the brain child of Hazel. When Hazel got in touch and asked me if I’d like to get involved and appear in Volume 4 of the magazine I jumped at the chance. Having acquired the previous 3 copies of Bedboat, I already adored not only the overall aesthetic of the magazine, but its varied and enthusiastic content too. Each issue of the magazine focuses on a different subject. Volume 4 revolved around work spaces, personal places and new faces, so I felt like we were the perfect fit.

Hazel turned up at my door I felt completely at ease, we sat with mugs of tea and chatted about life while Reggie basked in the sunlight beside us. Despite living a large part of my life online, I’m actually a very private person so it’s always nice when magazines ask me about the aspects of my life that you guys don’t always see. Chatting with Hazel, we covered everything from the controversy behind sponsored content on Youtube to Aslan’s not-so-secret obsession with chairs (lol). My time with Hazel felt like chatting to a friend and made the afternoon fly super quickly.

Most of you will probably know my good friend George Muncey by now (he took the cover photo for my book Bloom!) and I actually asked him to come along and take some photos to accompany the feature. He ended up taking a few portraits of me but also took some absolutely stunning photos of different areas of our home which I love! I always get so many of you guys asking to see more of our home so definitely pick up this magazine if you want to get a better glimpse into our space.

Thanks so much to Hazel and everyone at Bedboat magazine for asking me to be a part of Issue 4. I had the best time and I’ll treasure my copy for many years to come. Bedboat stock all of their current and past issues online > here < so make sure you head over to their site and pick up a copy if you want to read my interview!


Most of you will know by now that I’m a liiiiiitle bit obsessed with stationery. Call me crazy, but to me there’s nothing quite as satisfying as opening my stationery drawer and seeing my washi tape collection lined up in colour order (I know, I’m weird). As well as being overly excited to discover all the makeup and skincare products that Japan had to offer me, I was also so keen to check out all the amazing stationery stores that I’ve heard so much about. Let me tell you, Japanese office supplies made all of my stationery dreams come true…

My boyfriend Aslan isn’t as stationery obsessed as I am, but as soon as we set foot inside our first Japanese stationery store, even he had hearts in his eyes. Japanese stationery is, in my opinion, some of the best stationery I’ve ever laid my eyes on, so amazing that it makes the offerings at Paperchase and Tiger look measly in comparison (and as many of you will know, I’m a big fan of both of those stores). One thing I noticed about the stores in Japan is that they literally have testers of EVERYTHING which is so helpful, especially when you’re on the hunt for the perfect pen. I know I’m starting to sound a bit crazy, but I’m so particular about the pens that I use and with so many options to choose from, the Japanese stationery stores had my back. Three way, four way, neon and brush, you name a type of pen and Japan has you covered. Goals.

Arguably our favourite things from our entire stationery stash are these adorable little erasers and let me tell you, there’s something pretty special about these babies. ‘Why are these erasers such a strange shape?’ I hear you ask…well my friends, let me tell you. The reason that these erasers are shaped this way is because in comparison with your average, pebble shaped eraser, these ones have lots of sharp corners which means that you can erase more precisely! It can’t just be me and Aslan that think that’s incredible, right!? Anyway, these are so simple and probably won’t excite anyone else but the two of us, but I can’t wait to use try them out!

Something that you might not know about me is that I also have an unhealthy obsession with pretty pieces of paper. To me, there’s nothing quite as exciting as walking into a store and seeing shelves upon shelves of all different types of coloured paper, so obviously these cute little squares of foiled paper just had to make their way into my suitcase. I used to be such a crafty human and loved making all sorts of different bits and bobs that were inspired by things that I’d seen on Pinterest, but over the past few years I’ve just not been able to find the time to sit down and get my craft on. I picked up these paper cuttings because I really want to set aside some time to get creative and start making things again, so hopefully I’ll get some use out of this souvenir soon.

Japanese stationery truly is as amazing as you would imagine it to be, so if you ever find yourself in the country, make sure you stock up on a few stationery essentials. If you liked this haul definitely make sure you head over to my channel to watch the entire video where Aslan and I show you all the amazing stationery that we picked up during our trip. Also don’t forget to check out my blog posts all about the makeup and skincare items that I picked up over the two weeks that we were in Japan. I had so much fun discovering all the unique and exciting stuff in the stores!

P.s. Don’t forget that the vlogs from our Japan trip are over on Aslan’s channel! Go check them out!


  • Pilot 'Ball Knock' Gel Ink Pens

    Scribble away

  • Roller Stamp

    Make your mark

  • Moimoi Scissors

    Now these are incredible

  • Stapleless Stapler

    I'm pretty sure this is magic

  • Life A5 Notebook

    Write write write


I’m obsessed with anything that makes my home smell special, so Lola James Harper thought that they would send me a handful of their beautiful products to test and try. Something that I really admire about the Lola James Harper range is that every single one of their candles, perfumes and home fragrances is inspired by memories of founder Rami Mekdachi’s favourite places, people and things. Even though the fragrances are obviously very personal to the Rami, there’s still something within each scent that feels nostalgic to me. Rami is a professional perfumer by trade and that’s something that really translates in his gorgeous range of candles and sprays. It’s clear that he really understands how imperative scent is in igniting some of our forgotten memories. Lola James Harper is slightly high on the pricey spectrum, but if scent is something that is really important to you, then these pieces are definitely worth checking out.

Within the parcel I was lucky enough to receive two of the Lola James Harper Eau De Toilette’s and I adore them both! I’m quite picky when it comes to fragrances, so the fact that I have been wearing these on alternate days shows how much I really do love them. I was gifted a bottle of the fragrance ‘No 27 Do What You Love With the People You Love’ as well as a bottle of ‘No 23 Everything Will Come Together’. The names are simply fantastic aren’t they!? These scents are completely different from each other, but both equally beautiful in their own right. On first impressions the notes of Iris, Rose, Vanilla and (perhaps most interestingly) Carrot, make No 27 appear super light and floral but the subtle hint of Patchouli gives it a lovely musky feel. No 23 is the woodier scent out of the two, with notes of Oakmoss, Vetiver, Bergamot, Neroli and Chilli. So many of the perfumes by Lola James Harper contain notes that I think are rare and unique and that’s something that I really love about this range!

As well as becoming the proud owner to two of the Lola James Harper Perfumes, I’m super excited to be able to add two of their beautiful candles to my collection. The team kindly sent me one of the ‘No 1 – TV Basement of Jonet’ candles alongside a ‘No 16 – The Woody Office of Daddy’. I love both of these and as soon as I lit them my whole office was full of their luxurious-smelling scents; they’re super fragranced so you only need to have them lit for a short amount of time to notice the smell drifting around your house. No 1 is inspired by Rami’s friend Jonet’s basement in her house. Apparently her basement used to smell of old leather couches, dusty carpets and wooden furniture, so this is translated into the candle with notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

No 16 is inspired by Rami’s father’s office; a place which smelled of old books, pencils, paper and wooden tools and Rami uses notes of Mahogany and Sandalwood to reflect that. It’s super deep, smoky and mysterious, so if you’re into smoky scents then this candle is the one for you.

Since testing out a few pieces from the Lola James Harper range I’ve felt compelled to add a few more to my fragrance and candle collection. At the moment I have my eye on a couple of the home sprays, in particular ‘No 5 – The White Coffee on Teta’s Balcony’ and ‘No 8 – The Red Garden of Tata and Jeddo’. No 5 sounds super fresh with its notes of orange blossom and honey (right up my street) while No 8 is fragranced with notes of exotic plants, oakmoss and carrot. I was so impressed by the pieces that I received from the Lola James Harper range and I know they’ll become some of my all time favourites. Let me know if you give any of the candles, perfumes or home fragrances a try. I’m curious to know what your favourite fragrances are!

  • Lola James Harper No 27 Eau De Toilette

  • Lola James Harper No 23 Eau De Toilette

  • Lola James Harper 'TV Basement of Jonet' Candle

  • Lola James Harper 'Woody Office of Daddy' Candle

  • Lola James Harper No 8 'The Red Garden of Tata & Jeddo' Home Spray

Home Things That Make Me Happy

It’s no secret that I’m a self confessed home body. Give me the choice of a delicious dinner out in a fancy restaurant or a night in front of the TV with a couple of slices of pizza and I wouldn’t hesitate in choosing the latter. I’m proud to be a home body and I wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s just the way I’ve always been and I’m more than happy for things to stay that way. You’ve already had a glimpse into some of the rooms in our house, so now I want to show you a few of the items within those rooms that for me, truly make this house a home.

Cosy Cushions
I recently acquired this gorgeous wooly number from the Scandinavian inspired store Att Pynta. Since eagerly tearing open the box that it was delivered in, this cushion has sat proudly on the chair in our cactus corner (prime location). Aslan is definitely the more minimalist one out of the two of us and would much prefer our home not to be so overrun with cosy throws and squidgy cushions, but even he was delighted when he first saw it. It might sound stupid to some, but just looking at this cushion makes me happy! It’s gloriously soft, super thick and feels sooooo luxurious. It’s the perfect piece to cuddle up to with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. I’m in love with this thing! Get your own here!
Brimming Book Shelves
Aslan and I are both huge hoarders when it comes to books and for me, our home feels empty without them. I think that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the books that sit on their book shelves. Books are so personal and that’s one of the reasons that why I think that they bring so much character and charm to a space. Not only that, but I love to see all of their gorgeous colourful covers staring back at me, it’s the simple things! Click here if you want to see some of my favourite books in our collection.
Wooden Tissue Box
Ok guys, this is a bit of a weird one, but stay with me! I know that this may seem unecessary or frivolous to some people, but I just love it! This wooden tissue box cover was actually a present from me to Aslan for Christmas. As soon as I saw it I knew that he’d love it so I had no choice but to add it to my basket! I love the design but I also love how practical it is, it’s made out of this gorgeously smooth oakwood and the way that an average box of kleenex sits perfectly within this case pleases me more than it should please any normal person. Call me crazy but whenever I look at it it makes me feel happy and that’s what matters, right? It turns something rather ugly and practical into something with a bit more style! Check it out here. 
Natural Light
When it’s a clear day in London (which is rare) our house becomes a sun trap and the rooms that face our garden are flooded with gorgeous natural light. I love stepping into the living room in the morning and finding Reggie basking in the sun on his duvet, it’s one of those simple pleasures that means that I start my day with a sense of joy. I’m most definitely a summer baby, so I tend to get a bit miserable when London starts to get dull and grey, I relish any chance to soak up some of that glorious Vitamin D.
You all know by now that I’m obsessed with candles (who isn’t?). There’s something about striking a match and lighting a candle that instantly soothes me and helps to ease any tension in my mind. Whether I’ve just woken up or stepped through the door from a long day’s work, lighting up a few of my favourite candles and placing them around the house is one of the first things I do. Lately I’ve been really enjoying this ‘Jo Loves’ candle, it’s scented with white rose and lemon leaves so it smells super fresh and light. The weather in London has been exceptionally dull and chilly lately, so watching the flickering flame of a candle from my cosy spot on the sofa warms my bones and calms my thoughts. Treat your home (and nose) to a Jo Loves Candle here!
Anyone who’s set foot through my front door will know that fragrance in my home is something that is really important to me. I picked up this Jo Malone scent diffuser and ever since I popped it on the shelf in our hallway I’ve had so many people comment on how good our house smells! This particular one is in the scent ‘Pomegranate Noir’ which smells like a delicious mix of winter fruits and gorgeous warming spices. I love diffusers because they give off a continuous scent without having to light a match or spray a mist. I just leave the diffuser sitting on a shelf and let it do it’s thing. Scent is such a personal thing and can say so much about a person, I love trying different fragrances and seeing if it fits the vibe that I’m looking for. Check out this diffuser if you want your space to smell incredible.
Our wonderful Reggie
Dog owners (or any animal owners) will know how much your pooch can completely transform the way you view your home. For us, Reggie MAKES our house a home. Forget all the bits and bobs within our four walls, throw away all the stuff that we don’t really need; as long as we have our beautiful boy by our side we’re happy as can be. The joy that we feel in our hearts when we get home from a long day and see our gorgeous hound running towards us with his tail in the air and a toy between his teeth is indescribable. Home is not home without him! He’s our world!


You’re all aware by now that plants are one of my favourite things in life, EVER. To me, a house is not a home unless there’s some leafy little guys to share my space with. There’s something about having a slice of nature within my home that makes me feel really relaxed and content, it must be the energy or the vibrations or whatever. There’s just some kind of vibe that exudes from their leaves that makes me feel positive and happy. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the books that have inspired me to fill our space with all things green. If you’re a self confessed plant hoarder like me, these ones are for you.

And if you haven’t met my plants yet…click here.

‘Plant: Exploring the Botanical World’ – Phaidon

Ok guys, I have to start by saying that this book is the definition of STUNNING. When I saw this cover staring back at me it almost took my breath away. ‘Plant: Exploring the Botanical World’ is a collection of over 300 botanical works of art throughout history, all of which highlight the true beauty of some of the plants that we’re lucky enough to share our planet with. It’s packed cover to cover with everything from delicate water colour paintings, drawings and prints to high definition photographs and scientific micrograph scans of some of the most beautiful and interesting plants from all over the globe. This is one of those books that I can flick through again and again; each time I’m guaranteed to spot something that I haven’t seen before or learn something that I didn’t already know. I love how this book combines historic drawings and paintings with a layout that’s super modern and slick, it’s the perfect combination of aesthetics and interesting information. This one will be a permanent fixture on my coffee table I’m sure.

Buy it here.

‘Greenterior: Plant-Loving Creatives and Their Homes’ – Bart Kiggen & Magalai Elalai

This is another GORGEOUS book that I’ve spoken about many times. If I haven’t managed to convince you to add this one to your amazon basket, let me tell you a bit more about what lies within the pages of this beautiful book. ‘Greenterior’ showcases the homes of plant loving creatives from all over the globe and let me tell you, I have a serious case of house envy for each and every one of them. Packed with the most gorgeous photography of some of the most incredible homes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, this book is a must buy for all plant enthusiasts and green fingered folk alike. If you’ve spied a little green friend that you particularly like the look of, there’s also a little index in this book that lists the names of each of the plants as well as their specific characteristics. This book is a pleasure to own but has a seriously detrimental effect on my bank account….beware!

Buy it here.

 ‘Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants’ – Igor Josifovic & Judith De Graaff

Much like ‘Greenterior’ this book is absolutely beautiful. Heavily photographic, ‘Urban Jungle’ shares with us some of the most enchanting ‘green homes’ from all over Europe. It’s a great source of inspiration and almost acts like a handbook for those looking to get more into plants and greenery. By the time you’ve reached the end of this book I’m pretty sure you’ll have bought the entire contents of your local garden centre….sorry!

Buy it here.

Vintage Books

Some of my favourite plant based books are actually vintage so I can’t link you to buy these exact ones, but I can tell you that some of the best green books that I’ve found have been hidden away at the back of antique centres or lined up on a shelf in a charity shop. The thing I love most about vintage plant books is that they often have the most beautiful hand drawn illustrations or black and white photographs. That hand drawn vibe and old school look just adds a certain charm that you’d be hard pushed to find in a modern day publication. Have a rummage around in your local second hand stores and let me know what gems you find!

Browse here. 

‘The Plant’ Magazine

I love magazines…I love plants…so when the two come together to combine a plant based magazine, all my dreams come true. The thing that I love about this magazine is that each issue focuses on a specific plant, for instance, the magazine in the photos focuses on the Spider Plant which I LOVE. ‘The Plant’ is really interesting and informative which is great, but it’s also laid out in the most gorgeous way so it’s an pleasure to flick through. This one is a must buy for sure.

Buy it here.

If you’re curious about what other magazines I love then you MUST watch this video.


It’s no secret that Aslan and I are obsessed with all things interiors. A few weeks back I uploaded a video called ‘Welcome to My Home’ to my YouTube channel and the response that we received was overwhelmingly positive. As it turns out, you guys love seeing little snippets of our home, so I thought it was only right that for this book week I give you an insight into some of the books that we turn to for interior design inspiration.

‘Where They Create’ – Alexander Onderwater

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, it’s nice to be nosey. Alexander Onderwater’s book ‘Where They Create’ includes pages and pages of behind the scenes shots of artist’s studios and office spaces, which means I can get a rare glimpse into these creative environments from the comfort of my own sofa. I love to see how different artists work and what they surround themselves with to get inspired. I find it so fascinating to see how they curate their own idea of the perfect working environment. This book will be a permanent fixture on my shelves for many years to come. One of my favourites for sure!

Buy it here.

‘The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes’

This book pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. With its pages full of beautiful imagery of the most gorgeous of homes from all over the globe, ‘The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes’ provides us with a guide of the best cities, villages and coastal areas to settle down and build your nest. From a London Mews, to a Spanish hideaway, this book gives us a peek into some of the world’s most stylish of spaces. Keep this one on your coffee table or give it as a gift.

Buy it here.

‘Creative Walls’-Geraldine James

You guys know that I love to collect quirky knick knacks, my office is the one room in the house where I can go wild and fill it with all the things that I love, so I’ve found myself falling head over heels in love with this book. It’s full of images of the most interesting of spaces and gives you innovative ideas on the endless amount of ways that you can decorate your living space. This is the book that makes me realise that although minimalism may look good, for me it’s just not as fun as surrounding yourself with beautiful bits and bobs. This one’s a winner.

Buy it here.

‘The Design Book’
If you’re into iconic furniture, this is the book for you. ‘The Design Book’ showcases 500 of the most innovative and influential objects of our time and talks about how they have shaped our society. Covering not only classic pieces of furniture, Aslan and I love to flick through this book whenever we need some interiors inspiration, this is definitely our go-to.

Buy it here.

‘The Book of Hygge – The Danish Art of Living Well’ -Louise Thompson Britts 

In Danish, the word ‘hygge’ is used to describe the notion of enjoying life’s simple pleasures; friends, family and graciousness. How cute is that? In this day and age, its very easy to forget to stop and smell the roses and sometimes we just need a little kick to remind us to do so. ‘The Book of Hygge’ focuses more on lifestyle than interiors, but I wanted to include it in this weeks blog post because it reminds us to enjoy the homes that we live in and the people that we share it with. This book is jam packed with examples of some of life’s most simple yet rewarding pleasures and tells us that it’s important to take the time to slow down and appreciate every single one of them. Whether it’s enjoying a meal around the table with the people you love, baking a fresh loaf of bread or spending an hour digging in the flowerbed, each one of these simple activities evoke a sense of hygge. I’m a big believer in the idea that the best things in life are free and this is a book that instills my faith in that belief. This is a must-read for sure.

Buy it here.

‘Northern Delights’-Emma Fexeus

If like us, you’re a lover of all-things-Scandi, this book is for you. ‘Northern Delights’ is full of stunning photos of the most beautiful environments from all over the world. Even if you’re not all that into interior design, this book should be a permanent fixture on your coffee table. It’s the book for getting Nordic design inspo and if I only had to recommend ONE of these books, it would be this one. Perfection.

Buy it here.


A reflection of who you are.

Your home is a reflection of who you are.

I wanted to share with you a glimpse into our home. I spend a lot of time at home because I work here all day, so Aslan and I have worked very hard to make it a special place. There are a lot of things I love about our home, but I focused on ten of them in this video which will hopefully give you a bit of insight into our space as well as some interior inspiration.

Watch the video here.

To celebrate the launch of my brand new book Bloom: Navigating Life and Style I gathered all of my friends to come hang out at Libreria Bookshop in East London. It was the perfect venue because there were loads of beautiful books around us, it has a great atmosphere and a pretty cool mirrored ceiling. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area!

Anyway, I’ve been a bit of a recluse for the past year while I wrote Bloom, so it was great to see some of my friends I haven’t had a chance to catch up with for awhile. It has been such an unexplainable feeling to be so supported by my friends and family throughout this process. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am for everyone’s support and positive feedback. Much love to anyone who has taken time out of their day to say something wonderful about Bloom.


Bloom is about growing into yourself and working out who you are – which can be really hard at times. I've looked back at all of the events, people and things in my life that have influenced and inspired me and have made me who I am today.I'm not a flawless human (nobody is) and I wanted to write something that showed highs as well as lows in my life, and how you can use that rollercoaster to help you form the life you want. I hope that my book will inspire other people to think about their Bloom stories and who they are, to not be so hard on themselves, to celebrate the good and to not be defined or limited by the bad – and to look into the future, take control of their path and make things happen.

Huge thank you to Floom for sending out their lovely flowers to some of my friends. They are the coolest flower company ever (seriously go check out their Instagram).


A Plant Subscription

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Back in the day, beauty box subscriptions were the thing, but now things have changed and we now have plant subscription boxes! If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’m a huge lover of all things green. I truly believe that adding a few green plants into your home spruces things up and adds beautiful texture to a space.

Geo-Fleur has a monthly plant subscription service, Plant Post Club, which sends out an exclusive surprise of plants or plant related accessories. Each month you could get anything from a cactus or succulent in a concrete pot, a plant hanger, an air plant to a traditional brass plant mister. Included in the box there is a card telling you how to look after your plant, so no excuses for your plants to die now!

On top of having a plant subscription, Geo-Fleur also has an online shop to buy all plant related things! I will note that you’re unable to purchase the items which are sent out in the monthly subscription as they are exclusive to the box, but there still are so many beautiful items on the shop. I’m currently obsessed with the Copper Hanging Planter with Ivy and also the Plant Stand & Concrete Pot.

You’re also able to buy some of their bespoke pieces in stores here too!