Lately I’ve been absolutely OBSESSED with the colour yellow. Don’t ask me why, but there’s something about this beautiful colour that makes me feel super happy whenever I look at it. My obsession started way back at the beginning of this year when I treated myself to a beautiful sunshine yellow leather diary by Smythson. Since then, I’ve been pretty much addicted to anything and everything yellow. Since quite a few of you have said that you’re just as addicted to this colour as I am, I thought it would be fun to put together a post all about some of the beautiful yellow pieces that have caught my eye recently.

First things first I just have to talk about these beautiful sequin sandals from Mango. I know what you’re thinking, they are a little crazy, but something about them has me all heart eyed! A few months ago I probably wouldn’t have given these shoes a second look, but since I became the proud owner of a pair of super pretty blush velvet mules from Dune London I’ve felt so inspired to be a little bit more adventurous with my footwear. You only live once, so why not rock something totally crazy and fun on your feet?!

Like most people these days, I’m totally obsessed with anything embroidered, so when I stumbled upon these beautiful satin-look embroidered trousers from Topshop I fell in LOVE! There is a matching kimono style jacket that goes with these trousers, but I can totally see myself pairing these babies with something simple like a plain white tee. I think these are gonna be the perfect trousers for summer since they look like they would feel so comfortable, cool and soft against my skin. Another embroidered item that I’m totally obsessing over is this gorgeous clutch bag from Mango, this is the perfect piece to jazz up a simple summer outfit and it looks just about big enough to store all my necessities. My go-to summer evening outfit is usually something minimal like a lightweight oversized linen shirt, a pair of relaxed denim shorts and some cute sandals, so this clutch will no doubt add something super special to an otherwise simple outfit. Love it!

You guys know that I’m a total handbag girl, so it’s no surprise that this stunning yellow Antigona leather shoulder bag by Givenchy made my heart skip a beat as soon as I saw it (this was actually what inspired me to put together this post!). This bag such a show stopper, but I think that it would look super cool paired with a casual outfit. Another accessory that I’m lusting over is this pair of Karen Walker sunglasses. Aren’t they just the coolest things you’ve ever seen!? If you’re following me on Insta you’ll know that I’ve been wearing my amazing pink lens sunglasses a lot recently, and they’ve totally inspired me to add some more crazy sunnies to my collection.

Most of you know by now that Mango is one of my favourite high street stores at the moment, so I just had to include this adorable ‘Lemonade’ tee that I found on their site. What I love about Mango is that their pieces are super affordable (this tee is only £17.99) and they have SO MUCH CHOICE! I’m definitely going to have to add this t-shirt to my basket because it looks like just the kind of thing that I love to wear during the summer months. It’s 100% cotton so it’s for sure going to feel incredibly comfortable and keep me nice and cool when the sun is high in the sky. There are a couple of versions of this tee and I also love this ‘Orange Juice’ one SO MUCH! Let me know which one you like the best!

So those are a few of the yellow pieces that have caught my eye recently. I love all of these items and with Summer right around the corner I just know that these babies are going to have to make their way into my life somehow…Are you as much of a yellow fan as I am? Let me know if there’s any pieces that you’ve spotted recently that you think I might like. I just can’t get enough of this beautiful colour!

  • Mango Lemonade Tee

    The perfect 'throw on' piece

  • Mango Sequin Sandals

    Super fun!

  • Givenchy Antigona Leather Shoulder Bag

    A show stopper!

  • Topshop Buckle Sandals

    Western vibes

  • Topshop Embroidered Trousers

    I am officially in love


Now that the sun has been making more of a regular appearance here in London I’ve felt so inspired to put together some super cute outfits! Since the weather here is usually grey, wet and dull, as soon as Spring rolls around I get so excited to create some fun outfit combos. So many of you guys have commented on my Insta posts asking where things are from, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a post to show you exactly where everything is from (and if it’s sold out, I can show you where you can find something similar).

If you’re up to date with my Maystée videos you’ll know that the other week I ventured outside of London to spend a day exploring the English countryside. So many of you guys commented on the outfit that I wore that day so I thought that I’d include it in this post. You might have noticed that I’ve been wearing these tailored culottes to death recently because they literally go with EVERYTHING! Although the weather here in the UK has been glorious, I’m of the opinion that it’s still not *quite* warm enough to rock a pair of cute shorts or a denim mini without spending the entire day shivering. These culottes are perfect because they’re lightweight and roomy enough to keep me cool but still give my bottom half coverage that I need. The trench coat that I had on in this pic is sold out but this khaki trench from Mango is pretty much the same (I LOVE IT!). Trenches are my go-to kinda coat to wear during Spring time here in the UK; they’re super easy to throw on and feel soooo comfortable but are tailored enough to make an outfit look slightly more put together.

A couple of weeks back I headed over to South Kensington to meet Amelia for brunch and since the sun was shining I decided to pop on something a little more summery. Before Aslan and I headed to Japan I picked up these beautiful mint green heeled mules from Mango (unfortunately they’re sold out but I found > these ones < which are just as gorgeous!) and I LOVE them! I’m usually such a sneakers kinda girl (don’t get me wrong I still live in my Stan Smiths) but these babies have really inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with my footwear. Since these mules feel quite dressy for me I decided to make the rest of my outfit super relaxed so I opted for my trusty culottes, a comfy staple tee and my favourite denim jacket. You guys know I’m a sucker for a beautiful bag so of course I had to bring my beautiful Chloé Faye backpack along for brunch too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the blue version of the Faye bag online anywhere but I’m completely obsessed with this taupe colour too!

Last Sunday Aslan headed out to spend a day with a few of his friends which meant that I had the entire Sunday to myself! On days like this when the weather isn’t so great I’d usually end up curled on the sofa next to Reggie with a book, but since the sun was shining I decided to seize the day and head out to Marelybone to stock up on some Summer reading and take a little wander around the shops (but of course I had to make Aslan take my outfit picture before he left!) First things first I HAVE to talk about my beautiful Acne Rope Jungle Backpack. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been completely in love with this bag since the moment I laid my eyes on it! It was pricey (oops), but since I spotted it while Aslan and I were in Japan (and I’d never seen anything like it before) I knew that I couldn’t leave this baby behind! Whilst I was searching for it on the internet I found this backpack which is by Jessica Simpson (would you believe!?) and it’s actually a pretty perfect dupe! You guys know that I’ve also been super into khaki utility jackets and this one by French Connection is perfect for Spring!

Last but not least we’re onto the outfit that you guys seemed to love the most! I threw this combo together really quickly but it actually turned out to be one of my favourite outfits that I’ve worn this month. As I was saying, I’ve been consciously trying to be a bit more adventurous with my footwear and these blush-coloured velvet mules by Dune London were just the kind of thing that I was looking for! Again, I decided to pair them with a pair of my most-worn Citizens of Humanity Jeans and a super cute, lightweight frilly top. For a finishing touch I popped on a pair of my fave crazy pink Gentle Monster sunglasses to tie it all together. Unfortunately I think that these Gentle Monster sunnies have sold out but I did stumble upon these super cool pink glasses on the ASOS website which are just as amazing!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of the outfits that I’ve been wearing this month, definitely make sure you head over to my channel to watch my Maystée vlog series to see what else I’ve been up to! I actually really enjoyed putting this post together so maybe I should make these kinds of posts more of a regular thing? Quite a lot of you have been asking me to put together a post about my wardrobe staples so let me know if you’d like to see something like that from me soon. Let’s hope this glorious weather sticks around so that I can wear loads more summery outfits like these! Also, make sure you’re following me on Instagram so that you can see my outfit pics as soon as I post them.


  • ASOS Tie Waist Culottes

  • Classic Khaki Trench

  • Céline Sunglasses

  • Dune London Velvet Blush Mules

  • Building Blocks Bucket Bag



I don’t know about you, but this shift in seasons has got me all inspired to start adding things to my summer wardrobe. Lately I’ve been obsessing over so many beautiful pieces on the ASOS site that I thought it might be quite fun to put together a ‘wishlist’ type post to show you guys what bits I’m lusting over. Not only that, but ASOS have 20% off EVERYTHING on the 29th of May from 7am! Just make sure you use the code SWEET at the checkout to get your discount! Let me know which pieces you think I should add to my wardrobe!


If you’re up to date with my recent ‘Coloured Basics’ post then you’ll know by now that I’m completely obsessed with body suits. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that I’ve been drooling over this gorgeous off the shoulder striped body suit! I am in LOVE with this body suit so this baby is definitely going to have to come home with me. I’m constantly wearing off the shoulder tops in the summer and I can just imagine tucking this body suit into a pair of super cute black lace shorts and popping on a pair of gladiator sandals. Another off the shoulder top that I’m lusting over is this stunning gingham number. The only thing that I don’t like about off shoulder tops is the fact that they’re constantly either falling down or rising up to my neck! This one looks perfect because the ties on the shoulder will help to keep the whole thing in place. Love these!


When summer time rolls around you’ll usually find me rocking a pair of lightweight trousers or a cute denim skirt. I’m not much of a shorts girl, but I’m on a mission to find a cute pair to wear over the next few months. As soon as I saw these amazing velvet shorts by Weekday I was in love! I never used to like the colour yellow but lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it! These shorts look like they’re going to feel super comfortable and keep me nice and cool in the summer sun. These reclaimed rainbow trim trousers aren’t really my style but something about them is making my heart skip a beat! I can totally see myself tucking a simple slouchy tee into the waistband and pairing them with a pair of funky slides.


I love wearing dresses and one pieces in the summer because they make getting ready SO EASY! I hate having to faff around putting an outfit together at the best of times, but when the sun is hot and the air is sticky all I want to do is throw on an outfit and KNOW that I’m going to look cool and put together. Aslan and I are heading to the beach with our wonderful boy Reggie so I’ve been on the hunt for some easy breezy pieces to pack in my suitcase. This super light and airy trapeze sun dress is just the ticket and is exactly the kind of thing that I’ve been looking for! I think I’m also going to have to treat myself to this stunning yellow t-shirt dress to wear during the summer. T-shirt dresses are so comfortable and can so easily be styled up with a cute straw handbag and a pair of oversized sunnies. As for jumpsuits I’m loving this safari-chic cami jumpsuit; I love the way the frilled hems give an otherwise casual piece a bit of an edge.


It’s no secret that the weather here in London can be extremely unpredictable, so despite the fact that I’ve just strolled down to the ice cream store in the blazing sunshine, tomorrow could be a whole other story. I’m a total coats and jackets kinda girl, so I’m always on the hunt for something cute to wear on those cold, wet days here in the UK. Lately I’ve been looking for a super lightweight jacket to throw on whenever Aslan and I take Reggie for a walk, so this hooded pull-on jacket is perfect! When we go out for walks I tend to throw on the closest thing I can find (if you’ve seen my #fashun posts on my Instagram Stories you’ll know what I’m talking about) so keeping a cute little waterproof (ish?) jacket on the coat hook by his lead is ideal! Lately I’ve been wearing my green utility-style jacket to death and had so many comments from you guys saying how much you love it! Definitely check this one out by French Connection if you’re on the hunt for something similar.


Is it just me that thinks that the shoes section on the ASOS site is the best section? I swear they have an endless amount of options! It was hard to narrow down my faves, but I’m totally obsessing over these pairs down below. I’m so happy that sandal weather has rolled around once again here in London and I don’t have to feel so bad for ordering a couple of cute pairs to wear over the next few months! I looove these beautiful rope platform sandals by Whistles. They’re definitely one of the more pricer pairs on the ASOS site but the good thing about spending a little bit more money on a quality pair of leather sandals is that you know that they’ll last for many summers to come. For rainy days I’ve got my eyes on these Adidas tubular trainers; they look super comfy and that colour is gorgeous!


ASOS have some super cute accessories online right now and these five down below particularly caught my eye! I couldn’t resist mentioning this beautiful pastel striped straw bag because it’s just SO darn cute! It’s so summery and the perfect accessory to wear on beach days because it looks big enough to throw a towel and a pair of flip flops into. I’ve been drooling over this pink Fujifilm Instax Camera for as long as I can remember so I think it’s about time I made the most of this 20% discount and finally added it to my basket. What do you think?


For some reason I often find myself forgetting about the ‘Beauty’ section on the ASOS site, then whenever I re-disover it I end up having to add so many things to my basket! ASOS have some really great brands on their site so I have no idea why I don’t shop here for my makeup, skincare and haircare supplies more often! With summer fast approaching I’m going to make the most of the 20% discount and stock up on my all time FAVE texturising hair spray by Ouai. I think most of you will probably know by now that I’m suuuuper obsessed with this stuff and I can’t express enough how much I love the effect that this spray gives my hair! A spritz of this texturising spray gives my tresses a gorgeous natural beachy look which I just adore! If you’re on the market for a new hair styling tool then definitely check out the GHD Creative Curl Styling Wand. I’ve had my eye on this wand for a while so I think I’m going to just HAVE to make a purchase…

Those are some of the pieces that are currently on my wishlist! Let me know if you’ve got your eyes on any of the things that I’ve mentioned! Also let me know if you liked this kind of post, I’d love to know whether it’s something that you would like to see from me again. Don’t forget to use the code SWEET at the checkout to get your 20% off at ASOS!








Some of you might have noticed by now that my wardrobe consists of a large selection of good quality basic pieces mixed in with just a few statement items. In my opinion, a good wardrobe starts with the basics. As long as you have a capsule collection of a comfy white t-shirt, crisp white shirt and a pair of good-fitting (booty hugging) jeans then you’re pretty much good to go! I’m a sucker for a simple item and lately I’ve been completely obsessed with adding a few pops of colour into my wardrobe with some vibrant, basic pieces. For this post I wanted to show you some of the basic items that have made my heart skip a beat! I’m usually all about wearing subtle, muted tones, but these pieces have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, be brave and rock something more bold!


A few months ago, if you’d have told me that I’d be the proud owner of a body suit I’d have probably laughed in your face. I HATE feeling uncomfortable in an outfit, so to me, the mere thought of wearing something as constricting as a one piece was enough to drive me crazy. Since then, after countless recommendations from friends (who all said body suits were one of the best inventions of all time) I decided to bite the bullet and order one to see for myself if they really lived up to the hype. Nowadays, you’ll probably find me wearing a body suit almost every day of the week and I’m not ashamed to say it. The thing that I love about body suits is that they’re so EASY to style. Chuck one on and pop a pair of jeans over the top and you’ve got yourself a pretty badass outfit. What’s also great about these babies is that you can get that ‘tucked in’ look without all the awkward, excess material poking out in all the wrong places. I have a couple of black and white body suits (because they go with literally everything) but I’m completely obsessed with this rust coloured number from Topshop which is totally my bag. I also love this high neck lilac number, I think it would look soooo cute tucked into some casual denim shorts. If you’re new to the body suit then definitely give some of these options a go. Who knows, you might become obsessed like me!


The weather here in London is completely unpredictable. Despite the fact that I’m sitting by my window with the sun beaming in through the shutters and the birds tweeting from the trees, tomorrow could be a whole other story. With this in mind, long sleeve sweaters and t-shirts are one of the most-worn basic items in my wardrobe. Although you’ll usually find me rocking one of Aslan’s tees (is it just me or are your boyfriend’s clothes SO much comfier!?) I do have a fair few in my own collection. A lot of you might have noticed that jeans are my thang, so I like to add a pop of colour on top with a long sleeve tee. For me, a long sleeve top HAS to be cosy and slightly oversized, so these options that I’ve included down below are pretty much perfect. I’ll usually throw on a comfy sweater when Aslan and I take our beautiful dog Reggie for his walk and this gorgeous lilac pullover from New Look is exactly the kind of thing that I reach for. On days when I have a few meetings but feel like wearing something a little more casual, I’ll wear something like this cute lemon yellow jumper from Mango. This is such a simple, basic piece but the ruffles give it a bit of a sophisticated edge.


I am SUCH a t-shirt girl so I just had to make room in this blog post to talk about some of the cute coloured tees that I’ve spotted online recently! I’m so glad that it’s finally t-shirt weather in the UK once again because it means I get to bust out all my favourite basics from my 2016 summer wardrobe! I never tend to wear cropped pieces (unless we’re talking about cropped jeans or trousers!) but something about this super cute Urban Renewal Vintage Tee from Urban Outfitters caught my eye! I’m completely obsessed with that vintage vibe and I think that this tee would look gorgeous with a pair of high waisted mom jeans and a chunky belt. Lately I’ve been really into the colour yellow so I’m also drooling over this egg-yolk-yellow tee and this super soft cotton number (both from Urban Outfitters). If you’re looking to revamp your basics wardrobe then I think a good selection of coloured t-shirts is definitely the best place to start!


A few months back I bought a pair of blue tie-waist trousers from Mango (similar to these ones from Topshop) and ever since I’ve been completely obsessed with adding coloured bottoms into my wardrobe! I think coloured trousers are such a great way to add some interest into what could be quite a basic, minimal outfit. Whenever I’m wearing something colourful on my legs I like to tuck a simple white tee or shirt into the waist band. I’ve been wearing my blue trousers to death lately so I think it’s about time I treated myself to another pair to mix things up a bit. Cropped, peg trousers are my favourite style to wear so these gorgeous teal coloured babies are right up my street. These super cute pink gingham trousers aren’t really my style but there’s something about them that makes me think I could rock these in the summer with a cute graphic tee, my Dune London blush mules and my gorgeous Cult Gaia bag. Are you guys seeing my vision?


The weather here in London is rarely warm enough to allow me to rock a slinky cami while I’m out and about, but since Aslan and I are planning a few trips over the coming summer I think I’m going to need a handful of tanks to pack in my suitcase. As soon as I stumbled onto the Urban Outfitters site I was completely in love with this beautiful cropped pink vest top and this gorgeous bright yellow tank. Again, both of these are cropped so I can totally see myself pairing these with a pair of high waisted denim shorts at the beach. Topshop also have a great selection of lightweight cami tops in almost EVERY colour imaginable so definitely head over to the site if you’re on the market for some summer staples. I absolutely adore that beautiful, salmon-pink colour!

So those are a few of my favourite basic pieces that I’ve had my eyes on recently. I hope this post inspired you to add some colour to your collection of basics, it’s such an easy way to make an outfit that little bit more special! Topshop, H&M and Urban Outfitters are some of my favourite high street stores to go to when I’m on the hunt for a good quality, affordable basic piece, but please let me know in the comments down below if there’s anywhere else that you think I should look! I’m always on the hunt for some new online stores to browse!








A few months ago while browsing the Net-A-Porter site I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous pair of Isabel Marant Tassel Earrings that I’d had my eye on for quite some time. I’ve always been a studs kinda girl (you’ve probably seen me wearing my beautiful blue earrings that my Mom got for me almost everyday) but as soon as I put those Isabel Marant earrings in my ears I felt super inspired! Statement earrings are something that I never usually wear, but ever since I became the proud owner of a pair I’ve come to the realisation that statement earrings can really amp up a casual, everyday outfit. Ever since then I’ve been scouring the internet for some statement earrings that are both affordable and super duper cute. Here are some of my faves from some of my most frequented high street stores!


Anthropologie isn’t one of my go-to stores when I’m doing a spot of online shopping, but whenever I stumble onto their site I’m reminded of the beauty of their aesthetic and I end up falling in love with their stuff all over again! Although Anthropologie have a huge selection of clothes, homeware and stationery on their site (if you’re a homeware fanatic like me then you NEED to check it out), the first section that I hit up is the jewellery! Anthropologie jewellery is definitely pricier than your average Topshop or ASOS jewellery, but if you’re on the market for a statement accessory that feels super special then Anthropologie is the place. I found sooo many gorgeous pieces while I was browsing the site so I found it hard to pick five favourites but for me these are the best. My ultimate fave are the beautiful Domonica Tassle Earrings, I can just imagine pairing these with a white shirt and pop of coral lipstick on my lips in the summer time. I also adore the gorgeous Celeste Scalloped Hoops. I’m a sucker for a hoop and these earrings give that classic shape a fun twist. Love them all!


Oliver Bonas is definitely one of my favourite high street stores when it comes to affordable jewellery. Their prices are reasonable, the quality is great and their designs are wonderfully unique. I’ve had my eye on these gorgeous Textured Curve Hook Earrings for a while now so I *think* that they might just have to come home with me…I’ve been rocking a top knot lately and I think these would look super cute with a half-up half-down hair style to really show them off. I love pink so these Long Drop Stud Earrings immediately caught my attention; that pastel pink looks so beautiful against the gold. These studs are so simple but really pack a punch at the same time. Definitely check out Oliver Bonas if you’re on the hunt for something super pretty.


Ok guys, can we just take a minute to appreciate how frickin’ cool these earrings from Topshop are!? I’m obsessed! Seeing as I’m a total plant lady I think it’s only right that I treat myself to a pair of those amazing Leaf Hoop Earrings, how cute are they!? I also absolutely love those super funky Geometric Shape Pearl Earrings. Again, these are such an edgy take on the classic hoop shape. I really like how dainty the earrings are but how the geometric design makes them look super bad ass! Topshop have such a huge selection of affordable jewellery so definitely check out their site if you’re looking to add some cool accessories to your collection.


I’ve found myself browsing & Other Stories far too frequently lately (who else is obsessed with literally everything on their site?) so I just had to include some of their amazing jewellery pieces in this post! & Other Stories is a really great site to visit if you’re looking for something a bit different. Everything from their clothes to their stationery and jewellery feels super fresh, young and fun. I stumbled upon these beautiful Gemstone Earrings and instantly fell in love! I’d never usually wear dangly earrings like these but something about the design makes me think that I could rock them! They’re quite minimal for a dangly-style earring and that gorgeous pink gemstone is simply stunning! I’ve seen a lot of asymmetric style earrings online lately and these Geometric Pendant Earrings are a really great way to rock that trend. Love these styles!


I simply can’t finish this post without mentioning ASOS can I!? The ASOS jewellery section wasn’t something that I ever really thought to browse until I stumbled upon a pair of super cool gold hoops and fell in love! These are really similar to the ones I made Aslan buy me in Japan (hee hee). ASOS have a humungous selection of statement earrings (as well as a humungous selection of pretty much everything!) and (almost all of them) are super affordable. The first pair that I found while I was browsing the site were these beautiful Tassle Earrings from New Look! They’re literally almost identical to my Isabel Marant earrings and I can’t believe that they’re only £4.50! I’m not really into festivals but if I do find myself standing in a crowd at a festival this year you can bet that I’ll be rocking these tassel earrings in my ears. If you’ve read my High Street Jewellery post then you’ll know that Ottoman Hands is one of my favourite affordable jewellery brands. The Ottoman Hands range is slightly more expensive than a lot of the other options on the ASOS site but their designs are so stunning that I always find myself lusting over something from the collection. These Feather & Stone Drop Earrings are simply beautiful and I just love that gorgeous turquoise colour of the precious stone. I’m officially in love!

I hope that this post has inspired you to add some statement earrings to your jewellery boxes! I absolutely loved putting this post together and discovering what gorgeous jewellery pieces are on the high street right now. Where do you go when you’re on the hunt for high street jewellery? If there’s somewhere that you think I should browse then definitely let me know in the comments down below! If you enjoyed this post then definitely make sure you head back to read my High Street Jewellery Edit. Also let me know if you like these kinds of posts and if there’s anything else that you guys would like to see from me, I’d love to know!


  • Topshop Tear Drop Hoop Earrings

    Edgy take on a classic shape

  • & Other Stories Gemstone Earrings

    Love that colour

  • ASOS Limited Edition Folded Metal Earrings

    So cool!

  • Oliver Bonas Textured Curve Hook Earrings

    Cute with a top knot

  • & Other Stories Geometric Shape Earrings

    Super funky


A few months back I put together a post all about some of the things that had been sent to my mailbox and you guys seemed to love it! Since I received such a positive reaction to that post I decided to put something similar together to show you guys some of the things that I’ve received/bought over the last few weeks. I’ve acquired some beauty and fashion pieces that I thought you guys might be interested in so I thought I’d snap some pics and tell you a little bit more about the things that are ‘New In’ for me this month.

This month I’m super excited to try out the range of ‘Color Full’ haircare products by Rahua. If you haven’t heard of Rahua before then you NEED to go and check out their products, Rahua shampoos and conditioners are actually some of my favourite products. What I love the most about Rahua is that their products are completely vegan and organic as well as being paraben, sulfate and cruelty free, not only that but every time I use one of their products my hair feels so healthy and full of life. Read my full post here.

The Color Full Hair Mask is something that I’m itching to try out on one of my spa nights. Ever since I started dying my hair blonde I’ve noticed that it tends to get quite dry and can look a little dull, so I’m always on the look out for a good treatment to make my hair feel nourished and restore it back to tip top condition. This Rahua Color Full Hair Mask has been specifically formulated for colour-treated tresses, so I just know that this stuff is going to work wonders on my hair and give it the boost of hydration that it needs. There are so many wonderful, natural ingredients within this mask including Amazonian Lilac Clay which helps to reduce brassiness (great for blondies like me), Cranberry Seed Oil which deeply hydrates and adds shine, as well as Hibiscus Extract which works to maximise the strength and volume of your hair.

Alongside the mask, I’m also excited to give the Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner a whirl. Much like the mask, the Color Full shampoo and conditioner have been specifically formulated for colour-treated hair, and these babies are a great way for me to give my tresses a boost of strength and vitality every time I jump in the shower. The formulas contain a complex mix of Rainforest grown oils and enriching mineral pigments which help to preserve all shades of colour-treated hair (not just for the blondies!) They also contain Flaxseed Oil which is packed with Omega 3 and Vitamin E (both of which encourage hair growth and boost strength) along with Safflower Seed Oil which provides intensive moisture and colour retention. If you suffer with dry or dull hair then this range might be one to try. Give ’em a go and let me know what you thought!

Something that you might not know about me is that I just LOVE to try out all different kinds of deodorants (head over to my Japanese skincare haul to see what I’m talking about!) and the Schmidts ‘Rose & Vanilla’ deodorant pot has been a favourite of mine for quite some time. Schmidt’s deodorants are completely natural AND they work. I know a lot of people that have their doubts about whether natural deodorants will actually do the job, but trust me when I say that this one works wonders. Although the deodorant is Rose and Vanilla scented, it also contains tonnes of other gorgeous ingredients such as lavender, sage, bergamot and cedar wood. Applying this deodorant is a different process to your average roll on or spray product but once you’ve done it a couple of times it becomes second nature; to apply just scoop out a little of the formula using the spatula provided, warm the product up between your fingers before applying onto your underarms.

Since I love the Schmidts deodorant pot so much, as soon as I saw these natural deodorant sticks I knew that I just HAD to have them! If you’re new to natural deodorants, I would say that these sticks are a really great place to start because the application is much the same as that of a normal roll on product. I love each and every once of the scents, but for me the tea tree fragrance is the one I’m gravitating towards; it smells so wonderfully clean and keeps me feeling refreshed all day long. Love this stuff!

Onto the makeup now and I just HAVE to mention this absolutely beautiful limited edition Mac lipstick which was designed by (and named after!!) my good friend Alessandra Steinherr. You guys know that I’m a sucker for rosie lips and let me tell you, this baby has made all of my lipstick dreams come true! The ‘Alessandra’ lipstick is the most gorgeous nude-pink shade that I’ve ever laid my eyes on and if you guys are in the market for a new Spring colour then you just have to get your hands on one of these. The formula is so wonderfully creamy and feels so comfortable on my lips, it’s the perfect go-to for your everyday lip colour. I’m in love! Pick it up in-store at Harvey Nichols or online here.

Since Spring is kind of here…ish I thought I’d mention this new bronzer from Dior which is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a limited edition product that gives a gorgeous glow to your complexion. It also comes with a mini kabuki brush which is cute!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge self-confessed hoarder when it comes to fragrances and this perfume by Maison Louis Marie in the scent ‘No 4’ is a welcome addition to my collection. What I love about this fragrance is that it smells so warm and woody. No 4 is a sandalwood fragrance with notes cedar wood, spicy nutmeg, cinnamon and vetiver which come together to form something really sexy and sophisticated. If you love this scent as much as I do then you’ll be pleased to know that it also comes in candle form. Perfect! Shoutout to Carrie for showing it to me!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me wearing this AMAZING zodiac sweater by one of my favourite brands, Chinti & Parker. I’m totally obsessed with Astrology and absolutely love learning about all of the different zodiac signs and what they mean, so this sweater is a dream come true for me. I’m a Leo and I love to think that I like to thing that I have a lot of ‘Leo’ traits. Leo’s are said to be very loyal, headstrong and optimistic and we’re also known to be quite straightforward and tend not to ‘mince our words’ which is also quite true in my case! I’m totally proud to be a Leo so I love wearing my sign for all to see!

This month I totally jumped on the ‘mules’ trend when i picked up these beautiful blush velvet heeled sandals by Dune London. I thought that these mules might look a little dressy for me, but paired with my fave jeans and a simple tee these shoes actually look super cool and casual enough for me to feel comfortable. Love these!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of the new beauty and fashion pieces that I’ve acquired this month! Let me know in the comments down below if any of the things that I’ve featured have caught your eye. Also let me know what your zodiac sign is and whether you think you have any of your sign’s traits. I’m so interested in that stuff!

  • Rahua Color Full Conditioner

    For super soft hair

  • Rahua Color Full Shampoo

    Treat those tresses

  • Rahua Color Full Hair Mask

    Glossifying hair mask packed with hibiscus

  • Schmidts Tea Tree Natural Deodorant Stick

    Super fresh scent

  • Schmidts Geranium Natural Deoderant Stick

    No stress application!

  • Schmidts Rose & Vanilla Natural Deoderant Pot

    My all time fave scent

  • Fresh Rose Facial Toner

    A cleansing toner with real rose petals

  • Alessandra's Mac Lipstick

    Such a beeeautiful rose colour

  • Chinti & Parker Zodiac Sweater

    Wear your sign!

  • Dune Blush Velvet Heeled Mules

    Perfect with denim


I am in LOVE with denim. I always have been and I always will be. Denim NEVER goes out of style, every season I can bust out my favourite ripped jeans and my most-worn denim jacket and know that they’ll look just as cool and on-trend as they did when I first bought them. Since I tend to wear a casual t-shirt and jeans combo most days, I love to add my own touch to my denim pieces by collecting patches and pins and jazzing up a simple outfit with a few statement accessories. To me, there’s something super satisfying about pinning a new addition to my favourite jacket.

Something that I love about customised jackets is that they can really say a lot about your personality. If I sit on the tube next to someone with a jacket full of badges and pins, I can instantly get a sneak peek into the kinds of things that they like; music they’re into, places they’ve visited, causes that they support and so on. I love being able to kind of ‘get to know’ a person just from looking at their clothes. Not all of my badges really mean something or have any sentimental value, but as a collection I like to think that they say a little bit about me and my personality.

Patches seem to be making a huge come back and I’ve spotted some really cool ones like this fluffy pink heart and this cute flamingo on the Skinnydip site (that’s where I got my amazing Patti and Selma phone case from!) Skinnydip have such a huge selection of patches and I’m literally in love with every single one of them! We all know that I can’t put together a blog post without mentioning Mango, my fave high street store of the moment! I found this adorable flower patch on their site which comes with three other nature-inspired patches. The super vibrant colours were what drew me to this particular number, I just think it would look so perfect with blue denim! Last but not least I’ve been lusting after this ‘Plant Lady’ patch which comes as part of a set from H&M, I’m a total plant lady so this baby just HAS to come home with me!

If you’re looking for the perfect jacket to patch up, never fear! There are so many super cute denim jackets in the stores right now and all of them are really affordable! I found the first gorgeous jacket from New Look and I’m in LOVE! I like how the ruffle detail adds something a bit special to an otherwise basic piece. I’ve also fallen for this two tone number from (you guessed it) Mango which I think I’m going to *have* to buy as soon as I’ve finished putting this post together. It’s not something I’d usually go for, but packed with pins and badges and paired with a simple white tee, I just know that this baby will look super cool! If you’re after something a bit more classic, this light wash oversized jacket (again from New Look) is the one for you. It’s the perfect base to build up your collection of patches and pins.

Onto the pins now and how amazing are these!? The avocado, pizza slice and donut pins are all part of the same set from H&M and they all look good enough to eat (I take full responsibility for all of your pizza cravings right now, soz!) Can we also just talk about how cool this ‘I Bite’ Tiger badge is from Skinnydip? If you’re a Drake fan like me than you’ll love this amazing Drake pin by Georgia Perry on the ShopBop site. She also designed this Karl Lagerfeld pin for all you fashionistas out there. Pins are one of my favourite things to buy and I can’t wait to add a few more to my ever-growing collection. Definitely head over to the Skinnydip and ShopBop sites if you’re a pin hoarder like me, they have such an amazing selection.

Lately I’ve really been having a moment with pinafores. A denim dress was something that I would never have thought to wear until I added a black pinafore to my wardrobe and fell in love! I love wearing pinafores because they’re so easy to throw on over a simple tee, but once they’re on they make a casual outfit look really put together. I love the idea of making a simple denim dress look really funky with a few patches and pins and these pinafores from Topshop are perfect for the job! I think this light wash denim number will look perfect with a white top in the summer time. I also really love this beautiful embroidered pinafore, I can just imagine pairing a handful of my favourite flowery pins to the top of the dress to make it look super cute and perfect for Spring!

I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post! I had so much fun putting this one together and scouring the web for the coolest patches and pins I could find! You can bet that as soon as I’ve finished writing this paragraph I’m going to be adding a few of these pieces to my basket (oops). If you guys have any recommendations of places that I should go to look for patches and pins then please let me know in the comments down below! I’m always looking for some new additions to add to my collection!


  • 'Plant Lady' Patch

  • Flower Patch

  • Two Tone Denim Jacket

  • Avocado Pin



Most of you have probably noticed by now that I’m completely obsessed with jewellery! My jewellery collection is something that I’ve treasured for many years. I think that jewellery can really say a lot about a person, whether its sentimental or purely decorative, I find that I can express my personality through the accessories that I wear. Although I’m a sucker for a beautiful pearl or precious stone, I’m also a big fan of high street accessories; my collection consists of both fine and costume jewellery and I love to mix the two together. So many high street stores have an amazing selection of affordable, great quality jewellery, so I thought I’d put a post together about some of my favourite pieces that I’ve found online lately!

Rings are without a doubt my favourite kind of jewellery to buy! If ever I leave the house without putting my rings on I end up feeling so naked without them! The majority of pieces in my jewellery collection are really subtle and that’s especially true when it comes to my rings; I tend to lean towards simpler designs because I love to stack them and wear lots of them all at once. This cute knot ring from Oliver Bonas is the perfect example of something that I would choose; it’s super subtle and delicate which makes it perfect for stacking, but has just enough detail to make it interesting and wearable on its own. If you like to wear chunkier rings, this hexagonal stone ring is the perfect choice, the unique shape of the stone makes it totally eye-catching. I also love the funky design of this double stone ring from &OtherStories; the salmony colour is so beautiful against the classic gold tone of the metal. Love these!

As with my rings, I also love to layer my necklaces. A casual t-shirt and jeans combo is a look that I turn to most days and I think that layered necklaces can really help to make a simple outfit like that look cooler and more put together. This triple layer necklace is perfect for giving me that eclectic look and means that I won’t get all tangled up in a mess of chains! If you’re a fan of slightly more subtle styles, this beautiful pastel stone pendant is perfect! The gorgeous semi-precious rose quartz will no doubt look stunning against a simple white tee.

I tend to keep my favourite blue studs from my Mom in my ears at all times, but the other week I took a chance and bought some funky hoops from ASOS and fell in love! I think that earrings are so underestimated and can really amp up a look, so lately I’ve been trying my best to take the time to pick out a cool pair of hoops or studs to match my outfit. Hoops are such a classic style and I love the look that they give, but these unusual semi-hoop earrings from &OtherStories have an edge which I love! I also completely adore these teardrop earrings from Mango, I think these would look really cool with a cute topknot. If studs are your thang, these super badass amethyst earrings are the ones for you; I love how the claw design gives an otherwise pretty stone an edgy look. I’m in love!

You might have seen me mention a gorgeous Monica Vinader bracelet in my ‘Spring Wardrobe Update’ post. These three bracelets from Oliver Bonas are so similar to my Monica Vinader version but at a fraction of the price! I really love that friendship style of bracelet because they’re so easy and comfortable to wear and the delicate chain makes this kind of style look super beautiful. The round aqua stone bracelet is definitely my favourite of the three, that stunning turquoise tone looks so beautiful with the gold and I think that it would look super gorgeous against my pale skin tone.

Those are just a handful of the gorgeous accessories that I’ve spotted on the high street lately. There are so many amazing pieces out there which prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on something really special. A lot of the pieces that I’ve mentioned are from Oliver Bonas, &OtherStories and Mango, but I also love browsing the Anthropologie site for beautiful jewellery, along with ASOS (I love their Ottoman Hands range) and Topshop. Leave me a comment down below and let me know which stores you head to when you’re on the hunt for beautiful, affordable jewellery! I’d love to know!


  • Triangle Drop Earrings

    Geometric dreams

  • Amethyst Claw Studs

    Cute with an edge!

  • Triple Chain Necklace

    Layer up!

  • Diamond Outline Ring

    Shine bright like a diamond

  • Round Aqua Stone Bracelet

    Such a beautiful colour!


Spring (along with Summer) is one of my favourite seasons. There’s something about seeing the blossom opening up on the trees and the sun peeking out from behind the clouds that fills me with a feeling of promise. As much as I love my home here in London, the constant blanket of grey cloud above us can start to become a tad frustrating. As soon as Spring arrives I’m in my element, looking up and seeing even a teeny weeny patch of blue sky makes me feel so much more alive! The moment that Aslan and I can take our wonderful Reggie out for his afternoon walk without having to bundle ourselves up in fifteen layers and a mountain of scarves is the moment that I feel so much more inspired about literally EVERYTHING. One of my favourite things to do around this time is go through my wardrobe and fill any gaps with new season pieces that I might be missing. For this blog post I thought I’d share with you guys some of the new fashion items that have made their way into my collection this Spring.

During the winter months I tend to feel so uninspired to shop due to the fact that I’m usually wrapped up in a billion layers and it’s way too cold outside to wear a kick ass pair of ripped jeans and a cute denim jacket. As soon as Spring appears I can’t wait to see what goodies have hit the shelves in my ride or die go-to stores. One of my favourite things about shopping for new pieces to add to my wardrobe is that the approaching season inspires me to be so much more daring and my brand new camo jacket from Aritzia is the perfect example of this. I never thought I’d be the kind of girl who could pull of something like this but as soon as I saw it in the store I fell in LOVE! This jacket has hardly left my body since it came home with me and you guys seem to love it just as much as I do. What I love about this jacket is that it amps up a super casual and minimal outfit so effortlessly, I honestly don’t know what I wore before I bought this baby! I got my jacket from Aritzia but I’ve spied a similar one in Topshop that looks just as badass.

You guys are probably getting bored of hearing me say this but Mango is without a doubt one of my FAVOURITE high street stores right now. I’m a total Zara girl, but lately Mango has been making me have hearts in my eyes every time I stalk their website. Whilst on my weekly (ok daily) browse of the Mango site I spotted these beeeeeautiful mint green mules in the shoe section and I just had to have them! I’m such a sneaker and boots kinda girl, but these babies got my attention and I just knew that I couldn’t leave them behind. I can’t wait to style these shoes up with a pair of cropped jeans and cute graphic t-shirt, I also kind of feel like I need to find a bag to match them (eek) because the colour of these mules is just stunning! As well as swooning over Mango and Aritzia I also picked up a couple of bits from ASOS which I can’t wait to wear! These Vans Old Skool Sneakers are definitely one of my favourite items that I’ve picked up this season. I remember being obsessed with Vans in high school and now I think I might have rekindled my love for their shoes once again.

The pieces that I’ve mentioned and shown in this blog post are just a few of the items that I’ve picked up over the last month so definitely make sure you head on over to my YouTube channel and watch my Fashion Haul to see what else I’ve added to my wardrobe! This blog post is the last instalment my Spring Trilogy series so definitely scroll back to see the other two Spring-themed posts that I’ve put together (click to see my Think Pink makeup tutorial and find out what I picked up in my biggest drugstore haul EVER!). Let me know if you enjoyed this year’s Spring Trilogy in the comments down below! I hope that you all have a wonderful blossom-filled Spring!



    Perfect for Spring

  • Givenchy Antigona Bag

    A showstopper

  • Bando Rubber Ring

    I don't need this but yet I want it

  • Abstract Nude Earrings

    A work of art


    A staple piece!


You might have noticed by now that I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to beautiful bags. Handbags always have been (and probably always will be) the one thing that I find almost impossible to resist. The thing that I love about bags is that they can completely MAKE your look. Pair a beautiful red leather cross body with a monochrome outfit and it becomes instantly lifted and transformed. With the warmer weather fast approaching, I’ve been scouring the internet searching for some beautiful accessories to add to my spring wardrobe, and for this blog post I thought I’d share some of the high street handbags that have been tugging on my heart strings. Although it’s nice to treat myself to something more luxurious every once in a while, I’m still a sucker for a good quality, affordable bag. Here’s a few of my faves that I’ve been eyeing up recently.

When it comes to high street accessories, I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with Mango. A few months back, I’d never really have thought to head to their site or step into one of their stores, but lately they’ve been releasing so many beautiful pieces that I’ve found myself stalking their website almost every evening! The thing that I love about Mango is that they have the perfect mix of versatile, timeless accessories and show-stopping statement pieces. Zara and Topshop are also my ride or dies when it comes to handbags; they’re always so on trend and every visit to one of their stores gives me heart eyes. What are your favourite stores to visit when you’re on the hunt for affordable accessories? Are there any places that I should check out on my search for the perfect handbag? Let me know in the comments! Make sure you check below for the links to all the bags that I’ve mentioned in this post!