Last weekend Aslan and I found ourselves waking up in ACTUAL paradise on the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece. Despite travelling often, neither Aslan or I had ever visited Santorini so when the lovely team from Discover Greece got in touch and asked if we’d like to spend a weekend exploring some of what the island had to offer we jumped at the chance! Although we’re away from home a lot, its rare that we get the chance to really sit back and relax on a trip like this, so we were both super excited to make the most of a couple of days soaking up that Santorini sun in such an idyllic setting.

I had a pretty good idea of what Santorini would look like (thanks to loads of pictures popping up on social media) but as soon as we woke up that first morning and opened up the curtains in our room I was amazed at just how beautiful the island really is! I didn’t realise this but the Santorini that we know today was formed when an enormous volcano erupted on the island, causing the earth to form the infamous rugged landscape and iconic cliffs. Santorini is EXACTLY how it looks in the pictures (even better actually!) it’s a vision of beautiful white washed buildings, vast skies and blue water as far as the eye can see. I’m pretty sure Aslan probably got fed up of hearing me say ‘wow’ every time we reached a view point but I have to say, Santorini is one of the most beautiful places I’ve EVER been and I’m already dying to go back.

Before I tell you a little bit about what kind of activities we got up to on the island, I need to take a minute to mention how stunning our hotel was! While in Greece we stayed at the beautiful ‘Iconic Satorini’ which is a boutique cave hotel in the heart of the picturesque village, Imerovigli. As the name suggests, the hotel is literally carved from the volcanic wall of a cave so every one of the rooms is super cosy and unique. Aslan and I have been lucky enough to stay in quite a few beautiful hotels over the years, but I think we would both agree that neither of us have felt quite so relaxed and content as we did at the Iconic Santorini. Every morning we would wake up and head out to the balcony for breakfast and swoon over the view of the island while we munched on fresh fruit and pastries. I literally can’t even begin to express how breath taking the view from the hotel was so I guess you’ll just have to watch the video and see it for yourself! I swear if I had to describe heaven, Santorini would be it. Everyone who worked at the hotel was so warm and friendly,  we really did feel at home!



    One of my favourites!

  • Lucy Williams x Missoma Gilded Fan Earrings

    Make a statement

  • Cult Gaia 'Gaias Ark' Bamboo Bag

  • Maria Tash Hoop Earring

    Love this colour

  • Nude Heels

    Classic shape!

Despite the fact that we arrived in Santorini in October the weather was absolutely PERFECT. We were blessed with glorious sunshine throughout the entirety of our stay in Greece and the temperature was ‘just right’ – not too hot, but still waaaaaay warmer than it was back in the UK. Since the weather was so great we decided to spend our first morning on a 2-4 hour hike to the village of Oia. Hikes aren’t usually something I’d choose to do on a relaxing break such as this, but since the view from literally every where on the island is absolutely breath taking,I decided that it wouldn’t be so bad to explore the cliffs by foot. Not gonna lie, the hike turned out to be a lot more intense than either of us expected (especially in the beating sun!) but as soon as we reached Oia we decided that it was totally worth it. Oia is a busy town jam packed with cute little boutiques and ocean-view restaurants and according to Aslan’s research (lol) it’s apparently well known for its spectacular sunset views. This place is totally bliss!


  • Celine Sunglasses

    Don't look at me

  • Lululemon Workout Top

    Comfy and cool

  • Shock Absorber Sports Bra

    The BEST sports bra you will ever wear

  • Urban Outfitters Cap

    Hat person

  • New Balance Trainers

    My new fave shoes

Our second day in Santorini was definitely my favourite. I’m not the biggest fan of boats (any OG viewers remember that video from the Nordic Vlogs? *shudders*) We actually spent Sunday cruising around the island on a catamaran which was actually INCREDIBLE! Having spend the previous day high up on the cliff tops it was really cool to be able to get down to sea level and see the island from a totally different perspective. At a few points during the cruise the boat stopped and we were able to cool off and dive into the sea. I don’t remember a time Aslan and I had the chance to swim in the open water like this so it was absolutely blissful to be able to jump in and feel the sun on our faces. I hate to keep saying the word ‘paradise’ but I feel like at this moment we really did experience something close to it. If you fancy cruising around Santorini check out the website > here <

On our last day we spent the morning on a ‘food tour’ at a place called Nomikos Estate which meant that we got to try loads of local and traditional food from the island. Aslan and I are both big foodies so we were super excited to try some of Santorini’s delicacies and get a real taste of the island itself. Most of you will know by now that I don’t drink alcohol but I actually tried a small glass of sweet wine and OH MY GOD it was absolutely incredible! Santorini is also famed for its sun dried cherry tomatoes and capers and I can confirm that I’ve never tasted anything quite like them! YUM!! We got loads of stuff to take home with us and it goes without saying it has all been eaten up by now!


  • French Connection Dress

    Love the embroidery

  • Pink Gucci Shoulder Bag

    I'm in actual love with this


    I adore this colour

  • Lucy Williams x Missoma Gilded Fan Earrings

    Make a statement


    I'm in love

Although both of us were so excited to get home to our beautiful boy Reggie, we were also super sad to leave Santorini behind. I honestly have never been to a place quite as stunning as this. The island itself is absolutely beautiful and surrounded by the most breathtaking views that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Before we’d even left the island we were already talking about planning our next trip. I can’t remember the last time I felt quite as relaxed and calm as I did in Santorini and I can’t wait to go back. Thank you so much to Discover Greece for whisking us away for a weekend that we’ll NEVER forget! A big thanks to the wonderful team at Iconic Santorini for making our stay so wonderful and another huge thank you to Aegen airlines who brought us from London to paradise and back again. We really can’t recommend Santorini enough so if you’re dying to go then definitely make sure you book that trip right away, you won’t regret it!


Out the door in 10 mins or less!

Waking up from a blissful sleep only to realise that you’ve overslept is one of the worst feelings to wake up to on a manic morning. Getting ready for the day with literally no time to spare isn’t something I particularly enjoy doing, but it is something that I seem to have perfected to a fine art. The idea of doing your morning skincare routine, slapping on some makeup and piecing together an outfit that doesn’t look totally crazy in 10 minutes or less might seem like an impossible task, but trust me, it’s *just about* doable!

My all time favourite cleanser to use in the mornings is the Lancôme Comforting Cleansing Milk. I actually usually apply this when I’m IN the shower which saves me an extra few minutes if I’m in a rush. This cleanser is incredible because it just makes your skin look so glowy, I’ve never had such an immediate effect from a cleanser as I have from this one, it’s honestly uhhhhhhmazing. Whenever Lancôme get me ready for an event they always cleanse my skin with the Cleansing Milk and if it’s good enough for the red carpet…it’s good enough for my day to day! You guys know I’m all about the mists so I just have to take a second or two to spray a spritz of the Omorovicza ‘Queen of Hungary’ Mist onto my skin. There’s something about this mist that helps me to de-stress in the mornings so I LOVE to use it when I’m in a rush. The Queen of Hungary Mist has a subtle scent of neroli and rose which is absolutely dreamy, not only that but it does a great job at locking in a layer of moisture on my skin which lasts all day. Love this stuff!

I don’t feel complete until I’ve applied a serum and lately I’ve been reaching for the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum on a daily basis. This serum is great for manic mornings like these because it does an amazing job at making me look AWAKE even if I’m almost falling asleep in my cup of tea! The Vinoperfect Serum is highly concentrated with an ingredient called ‘Viniferine’ which counters sunspots, blemishes and acne scars for a brighter, more radiant complexion (it also feels sooo incredibly silky to apply!) For moisturiser I’ll usually reach for the Garnier Rose Water Day Cream, it’s intensely nourishing but it’s not super heavy on the skin so it absorbs really quickly. Once that’s done I’ll apply a slick of the Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm before heading into my office to apply my makeup. Even on days when I literally have 10 minutes to get ready I will never ever skip my skincare routine. I would much rather leave the house without my makeup than leave the house without having cleansed and moisturised my face. If you watch the video you’ll see that I took a couple of minutes to do all these steps but when I’m not filming I can literally do this in about a minute if I have to!

When it comes to makeup I’m always in favour of keeping things simple, ESPECIALLY when I’m in a mad rush to get out of the house as soon as humanly possible. A base product that I’ve been loving recently is the Lancôme Teint Idol Ultra Wear Stick Foundation. I discovered this product when I was in New York with my Lancôme squad and I’ve pretty much been using it everyday since then. I’m not usually such a fan of stick foundations but this one is SO creamy and blends out really easily and quickly which makes it a great product to reach for when I’m running super duper late. I usually just apply the product straight onto my skin before blending it out with a damp beauty blender. I’ve actually been using one of the darker shades of the Teint Idol Stick Foundations to contour the hollows of my cheeks. Again, I’ll literally apply this shade straight onto the areas of my face that I want to sculpt and then pick up my sponge to blend blend blend baby! The Teint Idol Ultra Wear Foundation also comes in cushion form (Lancôme, THANK YOU for answering my prayers) which is also another great product to use on crazy mornings like these! Just grab the applicator, dab it into the cushion foundation and bounce it onto your skin for a lightweight, dewy finish.

To hide the fact that I woke up literally 10 minutes ago (oops) I’ll usually reach for my Glossier Stretch Concealer because it does a great job at making me look like I had a blissful, 12 hour snooze. Since I need to get my makeup done ASAP I won’t spend too much time covering blemishes and redness, instead I save as much time as I can and focus my attention on applying a light layer of concealer underneath my eyes to get rid of any pesky dark circles. I’ve tried a lot of concealers over the years but none of them look quite as glowing and dewy as the Glossier Stretch one does, I love it! Next up I’ll run the It Cosmetics Brow Power through my brows to give them a lil bit of definition and then tidy them up with one of my favourite gels by Chanel. For the eyes I’ll just keep things super simple with a quick sweep of the Tarte ‘Lights Camera Action’ Mascara. This mascara is my go-to when I’m in a rush because you literally only need the teeniest tiniest bit to give your lashes serious volume. To finish things up I usually reach for my stick of Glossier ‘Haloscope’ to give my skin some extra glow. Much like the Teint Idol Stick Foundation, the Glossier Haloscope highlighter is super quick and easy to use because you can just apply it straight onto your skin and blend it out with your fingertips. I feel like the Haloscope helps to give my minimal makeup look a touch of something special. Makeup is DONE and it’s almost time for me to run out the door…

On mornings like these I’m so grateful for all the staple pieces in my wardrobe. There’s nothing worse than standing in front of your closet on a morning like this thinking ‘what the eff am I gonna wear today?’. My go-to ‘in a rush’ outfit is a pair of good-fitting jeans and a simple tee. On this particular day I decided to opt for my favourite Levi ‘Wedgie’ Jeans which go with pretty much everything I own and paired them with a classic stripy long sleeve tee from Next. The other week I picked up this super cool pair of nude leather New Balance trainers which are perfect for busy days like this. You’ve probably noticed by now that I have a little bit of an obsession with coats (oops) and this camel coloured number by the brand Theory is one that I’ve been loving. There are so many classic camel coats out there and I’m always telling people that everyone should have one of these in their wardrobe! (Here’s a link to one I found from Topshop). Getting ready in a rush is made a billion times easier when you have simple staple pieces like these in your collection. All I need to do now is throw on a pair of my most badass ‘don’t talk to me’ sunglasses and I’m ready to face the day!

Jumping out of bed and running out of the door in 10 minutes or less might be a struggle but it isn’t as impossible as it seems! Definitely give the video a watch if you’d like to see me make this magic happen IRL, I’ll leave a link down below for you guys. What is your go-to ‘overslept’ routine? Let me know in the comments!
  • Lancôme Comforting Cleansing Milk

    I love this stuff so much

  • Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

    Neroli and rose scented

  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

    Gorgeous, radiant skin!

  • Garnier Skin Active Rose Water Day Cream

    Super nourishing and smells delicious

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm

    Smells like ACTUAL caramel

  • Lancôme Teint Idol Foundation Stick

    Practical AND beautiful

  • Glossier Stretch Concealer

    A lightweight, dewy finish

  • Glossier 'Haloscope'

    Glow up baby


    Perfect universal colour

  • Tarte 'Lights, Camera, Action' Mascara

    Instant volume!


If you’re following me on Instagram you will probably have seen me working up a sweat on the treadmill A LOT lately (you might also have seen my secret jump rope skills lol). In order to get my heart racing and blood pumping I have to put 100% effort into my exercise, you know, really get into the zone. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than leaving the gym or a workout class feeling like you didn’t give it your all while you had the chance. For me, getting into that headspace is all about having the right tools; good-fitting, supportive clothing is a MUST, as is a comfy pair of ‘walking on the moon’ sneakers, not to mention some quality headphones and a playlist that makes you feel SO invincible that you could *almost* run a marathon…almost. I know a lot of you guys are always asking me what essentials I bring with me to the gym, so I thought I’d put a post together to show you my workout must-haves.


For me, the most important item in my list of workout essentials is a GOOD sports bra. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that finding a sports bra that actually does what it’s supposed to do is an almost impossible task! I’ve actually been known to double up and wear TWO because I just couldn’t seem to find a bra that keeps everything in place *and* feels comfortable at the same time. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally discovered a sports bra that actually works and > this < is it. I discovered the brand Shock Absorber while scrolling through Amazon and haven’t looked back since. The clue is in the title with this one, the Shock Absorber is the first sports bra that I’ve found that is actually super duper supportive and doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m bouncing around all over the place (lol). What makes these bras so great is that they have adjustable straps at the back so you’re able to play around with the level of support that feels right for you. I’ve seen a ton of reviews from ladies with bigger breasts who say that the Shock Absorber works just as well for them too. I started to lose faith in this bra, but I realised it was because I needed a smaller size. Give it a go and let me know what you think. I’m pretty confident you’ll love it!

Possibly the most obvious item on my list of workout essentials is a pair of comfortable sneakers. A couple of weeks back I picked up a pair of the Saucony Women’s Guide Running Shoes which have really changed things for me. I always knew that it was super important to wear a pair of good fitting supportive sneakers (especially for running) but until I slipped these babies on I didn’t realise just how much the perfect pair of shoes could impact a workout. These Saucony sneakers feel like they were made especially for me, they really mould to the shape of my feet and the big cushiony sole makes it feel like I’m running on actual air. I’ve actually been enjoying my workouts SO much more since I started wearing these shoes, it’s amazing how much the right sneakers can improve the way that you move your body. I would recommend these 100%!

For workout clothes I pretty much always wear a mixture of LuluLemon and Adidas gear. My ultimate favourite workout top is the ‘Box It Out’ short sleeve tee by LuluLemon. I love the way that it looks because you can tie it up at the back but it’s also really lightweight so it keeps me comfortable and cool. Whenever someone asks me what workout bottoms I would recommend I pretty much always tell them to get the Adidas by Stella McCartney Climacool Leggings. They’re quite pricey but in my opinion they’re absolutely worth it. These leggings do a great job at sculpting your body and sucking you in in all the right places which feels amazing. They’re also regulated with Climacool technology which helps to regulate the temperature of your body while you’re running. Defo give them a try, they’re my go-to.


As well as talking you through the items that I won’t head to the gym without, I thought I’d show you some of the workout pieces that I’ve been drooling over lately. First up I just have to mention this incredible jersey and scuba sweatshirt which is part of the Adidas by Stella McCartney range. I definitely couldn’t wear this on the treadmill because I would get waaaaaay too hot, but it looks like the perfect piece to throw on for the post workout walk home (I would defo wear this as part of my everyday wardrobe too!) I also spotted these leggings which match the sweatshirt perfectly and now I can’t get this combo out of my head! If these Adidas X Stella leggings are anywhere near as good as the pair that I own I know they will feel uhhhhmazing. This pair is made with Adidas’ Climalite technology which helps to absorb sweat, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

We live just around the corner from our gym so I don’t usually pack a gym bag but I will admit that I’ve had my eye on this Adidas X Stella gym bag ever since I saw it on the Net-A-Porter site. I definitely wouldn’t have enough stuff to fill this bag since we live so close but it’s super cool so I’m not gonna stop being all heart-eyed over it any time soon. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Yoga mat and I think I’ve found *the one* on the Lululemon site. I don’t actually do Yoga all that often (although it’s definitely something I want to get back into!) but mats like these are ideal for doing pre and post workout stretches so this is definitely something I’m going to invest in. This mat is 5mm thick so it’s extra cushiony and soft. Lululemon have a large range of different mats on their site so you can find one that’s perfect for you and your needs. Another thing that I’ve been eyeing up for a while is the Liquid Yoga Stress-Free Space Spray by Mio Skincare. You might have heard me talk about Mio before because I absolutely swear by their Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak for soothing my muscles post workout. The Stress-Free Spray looks just as dreamy because it’s actually described as ‘high intensity body care in a bottle’. All you do with this stuff is spray a little of the product onto your pulse points or on your pillow post workout and let the blend of chamomile, lavender and lemon calm your body and mind. If this spray is anything as soothing as the bath soak I know I’m going to love it.

Hopefully you guys found this helpful and enjoyed getting a sneak peek into my workout essentials. I’m always on the hunt for clothes and accessories that might help to make my trip to the gym feel like less of a chore. Please let me know in the comments down below if there is anything that you think I’m missing from my list! I’d love to know if there’s an item that you guys simply can’t head to the gym without. I’m also ALWAYS looking for decent playlists to listen to on spotify (you know, the kind that makes you feel like a badass workout queen!) so if you know any good ones then defo let me know!

  • Shock Absorber Sports Bra

    The BEST sports bra you will ever wear

  • BKR Water Bottle

    Stay hydrated

  • Saucony Womens Guide 10W Running Shoes

    Your feet will thank you later

  • Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones

    I swear by these

  • Mio Skincare 'Liquid Yoga' Bath Soak

    Soothes muscles and relieves aches


A couple of weeks back I hopped on a plane with my Lancôme family for a whistle stop trip to one of my favourite cities in the world…New York!! Lancôme invited me along to NYC to interview the incredible Lupita Nyong’o (I was SERIOUSLY star struck!) and get the low down on her beauty secrets. Alongside the interview I also had the chance to attend a fancy shmancy Lancôme event with my lovely friend Allana who made my trip feel extra special! We literally spent no more than 30 hours in New York so needless to say that I was pretty exhausted by the time I landed back on UK soil, but I really did have the best time and made some memories that I’ll treasure forever! I actually vlogged the whole trip so defo watch the video if you haven’t already, I’ll be sure to link everything at the bottom of the post. Until then I thought I’d talk you through my NYC outfits and give you a little behind the scenes sneak peek into my super quick trip!

Before the interview with Lupita, I spent the day dashing around the city with my lovely Lancôme family on the hunt for some seriously delicious food (my fave thing to do lol!) I knew we were going to be doing a TON of walking so I made sure to pack my super comfortable silky soft tailored trousers from Mango and paired them with a simple slouchy tee. I’m loving the statement accessories lately so I decided to wear my gorgeous studded brogues by Churches with a pair of badass mesh socks from Darner. To tie everything together I threw on my staple Burberry trench which kept me nice and cozy in the chilly NYC air. We literally hopped from restaurant to restaurant and ended up in ‘Dough’ which is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE donut shops (the dulce de leche donut is the bomb!) Before I knew it it was time to get down to business for my interview with Lupita. I have literally NEVER been so nervous to meet someone! Make sure you watch the vlog to see how it all went, Lupita is every bit as amazing as I thought she would be!

I definitely feel at my comfiest and most ‘me’ in a casual pair of trousers and a comfy tee, but I actually really enjoyed wearing my evening outfit. You might have heard me obsessing over the brand ‘Paloma Wool’ recently so of course I just had to wear something from their new collection for the night. I decided to throw on the Paloma Wool ‘Filipa’ top which is actually a really beautiful forest green colour and you kinda wrap it around your body and tie it up how you like. This top is actually really cropped so it’s not the kind of cut I’d usually opt for, but paired with my high waisted leather skirt I ended up feeling really comfortable. For accessories I kept things simple with a pair of my favourite Nicholas Kirkwood stilettos (unfortunately these are old season but I did find > these < Topshop heels which are kinda similar and look just as badass!) along with my trusty Celine Trio bag. I didn’t intentionally set out to match the background (lol!!) but I’m kinda secretly happy that my outfit ended up blending in with that gorgeous wall of roses!

You all know I like to keep things simple when it comes to my makeup and lately I’ve been loving keeping things extra minimal. The Lancôme Teint Idol Ultra Wear Foundation is my go-to base product whenever I’m attending an event because it’s incredibly long wearing and always gives a super beautiful finish. I recently picked up the Teint Idol Foundation in stick form which ended up being the perfect product to bring along to NYC  because it’s just so easy to throw into my luggage and makes the process of touching up my makeup throughout the night a billion times easier to do. Lately I’ve been all about the lashes so of course I reached for my trusty Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara which gives them tons of volume and then tied the whole look together by tidying up my brows with the It Cosmetics ‘Brow Power Pencil’ in the shade ‘Universal Taupe’. I feel like my outfit was quite sultry with the cropped low neck top, sassy leather skirt and badass stilettos, so keeping things simple and fresh with my makeup felt like the right thing to do.

Big thank you to my Lancôme family for bringing me along on this trip! I’ve made a ton of amazing memories with Lancôme and I’m so grateful to have had so many incredible opportunities during this journey, I’m excited to see where the next few months takes us. Interviewing Lupita was definitely a career highlight for me and one that I’ll never forget! Definitely make sure you watch the vlog from my trip if you haven’t already. Just be warned…there’s a serious amount of food porn going on in this video lol! Hope you guys enjoyed getting a behind the scenes view of my whistle stop trip to NYC!

  • Lancôme Teint Idol Ultra Foundation Stick

    A dream come true

  • Benefit 'Hoola Lite' Bronzer

    Contour that pizza away


    Perfect universal colour

  • Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara

    Super duper volumising

  • By Terry Baume De Rose

    I literally use this every single day


My wardrobe must haves!

Although I’m Summer’s biggest fan, there’s a teeny weeny part of me that’s just a liiiiittle bit excited to welcome in the new season. I’m definitely much happier and more care free when the sun is shining high up in the sky (who isn’t?) but the idea of shopping for transitional pieces and finding the perfect Autumn/Fall coat is something that excites me way more than it should. A lot of you guys ask me what my fashion essentials are for each season, so for this post I thought I’d talk you through some of the pieces that pretty much never leave my body throughout Fall. I decided to split this post into different sections according to different occasions so that you guys can get a feel for the way that I mix up my outfits to make them more weather appropriate. Get ready for some serious fashion eye candy…you have been warned!


First up I’m gonna talk you guys through my work wear fashion essentials for Fall. Although I’m usually working in my office at home I do tend to have quite a lot of meetings throughout the week. Most of you will have noticed by now that I’m definitely much more of a t-shirts and jeans kinda girl, but putting together ‘business vibes’ outfits is something I really enjoy. To me, the key to dressing smart without looking like a totally different human is making sure that you’re wearing something that you feel comfortable in. Work wear doesn’t have to mean crisp shirts and heels; for me, comfort is a cute pair of high waisted tailored trousers like these gorgeous salmony coloured ones from Mango. If I’m wearing something quite smart on the bottom half of my outfit I’ll usually pair it with a relaxed top like this simple lightweight polo neck knit from Topshop. I like to have a couple of ‘smarter’ outerwear pieces in my wardrobe and this oversized checkered coat is just the ticket. A coat like this is so easy to throw on, keeps your bod nice and toasty and looks ultra chic. If the sun is shining I like to pop on some statement shoes like this pair of INCREDIBLE striped loafers from &OtherStories (these would look super cute with a pair of mesh Darner socks!) For me, Fall work wear is all about keeping it simple and smart and finishing things off with a cool, tailored coat.


If I’m not running around London from meeting to meeting you’ll usually find me keeping it casual in my favourite pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Piecing together everyday outfits for Fall is a billion times easier when you have a couple of pairs of good fitting jeans in your wardrobe, along with a handful of comfy tees and sweaters in your drawers. I found this super cool pair of washed grey Mom jeans on the Topshop site which would look perfect paired with something like this incredible embroidered ‘Abra Cadabra’ sweater from Chinti & Parker. During Fall I usually throw on a simple leather jacket every day and this longline one from Topshop is just the kind of thing I’ll reach for. I’ve been super into Vans lately (who hasn’t!?) so I think that these classic checkerboard slip ons are going to have to make their way into my Fall wardrobe some way or another. Lately I’ve been loving wearing funky sheer socks with my sneakers too. I love the way they add a lil summin’ summin’ to a simple jeans and slip ons combo, not to mention they add a teeny weeny extra layer for warmth!


Aslan and I tend not to go out for as many ‘date nights’ during the Fall because we’re usually hibernating at home with our wonderful boy Reggie! That being said, we still try our best to peel ourselves off of the sofa for dinner every now and then. A key piece to keep in my wardrobe for Fall evenings is a good-fitting blazer. I spotted this gorgeous pink blazer on the Mango site (it actually matches these trousers!) and fell in LOVE! I love wearing something like a structured blazer because it does a great job at smartening up an otherwise casual outfit (and adds a layer of warmth too!). If Aslan and I are heading out to dinner I’ll usually tuck a simple cami top into some tailored trousers before finishing things off with a pair of badass stilettos. Jumpsuits are also something I like to keep in my wardrobe for date nights; they require minimal effort but always look nice and put together. I love this dotty jumpsuit from Topshop; the long legs and sleeves are ideal for a chilly Fall night!

So those are some of the items that I like to keep in my closet for Fall. Let me know what your Fall fashion essentials are in the comments down below, I’d love to know if there’s anything I’m missing in my wardrobe right now! Also let me know if you’re as obsessed with the pieces that I’ve mentioned as I am. I’ve been drooling over that beautiful pink blazer and matching trousers from Mango ever since I started putting this post together and don’t even get me started on the incredible Chinti & Parker ‘Abracadabra’ sweater…*swoons*…


  • Snuggly Blanket Scarf

    A must-have!

  • Gorgeous Mango Blazer

    Easy to dress up or down

  • Cool Dotty Socks

    Love these with Vans

  • Chinti & Parker Abracadabra Sweater

    Brb just dreaming about this sweater

  • &OtherStories Striped Leather Slippers

    Definition of chic


Way back in my June Instagram Outfits post I warned you guys that I might not be posting as many outfit pics over the Summer as I usually do. In between spending some time back home in Canada (where I mostly wore leggings and sliders) Aslan and I have been making the most of our time at home with Reggie by taking super it easy and chilling out as much as poss. I’ve had a lot of ‘fashun’ moments during July and August, but in between the no makeup and sweats days I have had a few opportunities to get all dressed up and show you guys what I’m wearing. Here’s a breakdown of the outfits that I’ve been wearing this Summer! (P.S. It’s pretty much been raining non stop here in the UK so get ready to see me wearing a LOT of black and a whole load of denim!)

Dinner Date

Last week Aslan and I headed out to a beautiful restaurant called Smith & Wollensky for a fancy steak dinner. I had never been to Smith & Wollensky before but after a bit of stalking on Instagram I realised that it was quite a fancy shmancy place, so I decided to get all dressed up to mark the occasion. If you follow me on Insta you’ll probably have seen me wearing these Isabel Marant boyfriend jeans a billion times since I bought them and that’s because they’re literally the COMFIEST jeans I’ve ever owned and I literally never want to take these babies off! Aslan was adamant that wearing baggy denim to such a fancy restaurant wasn’t a good idea, but once I’d slipped on a pair of classic suede heels and added my favourite tailored blazer I just about changed his mind. I feel so much more confident in a casual outfit so I love to let my accessories do the talking and smarten things up a bit. Any excuse to stay comfy is good with me! It’s amazing what a pair of heels and a cute bag can do to change the entire feel of a simple jeans and top combo! To finish off the look I added a slick of one of the Liquid Matte Lipsticks by Huda Beauty in the shade ‘Muted Rose’. I’m usually much more into wearing a vibrant pink or coral for an evening out but there’s something about this beautiful deep berry shade that made me feel ultra glam and sophisticated. Love it!

Summer Lovin’

It feels like a lifetime since Aslan and I were soaking up the sun in my Mom’s backyard (*sobs*) but since so many of you were asking me about my bikini I thought I’d include this pic in this months post. This is a Stella McCartney bikini that I picked up way back at the beginning of the Summer but unfortunately I haven’t worn it as much as I would have hoped to over the last couple of months thanks to the crappy weather we’ve been having here in the UK. I was immediately drawn to it because of the high waisted bottoms which I LOVE and it also has the cutest little embroidered details which are super duper pretty and add a unique touch. Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the bikini top anywhere (I think it’s sold out!) but I did find this beautiful one-piece version as well as this gorgeous berry coloured triangle bikini set. Aslan bought me my amaaaazing vintage Versace sunglasses while he was away a few months back and I’ve pretty much worn these non stop over the Summer. I found > this < super cool pair of vintage-style sunnies on the Topshop website which are pretty similar.

Black & White

I’ve come to realise that lately I’ve been wearing a LOT of black and white and I have to say that this casual look is one of my favourite outfits from this month. I pretty much only took this photo to show off my amazing socks by LA brand Darner. I’ve been dying for a pair of Darner socks for such a long time now so I was super excited when they got in touch with me and offered to send  me a couple of pairs to try. The white mesh ones that I’m wearing in this pic are by far my faves and I just love the way that they look peeking over the top of my classic monochrome vans. I really wanted to let the socks and shoes do the talking so I threw on a simple white tee and a pair of cropped tailored trousers to tie everything together. If you have a weird obsession with cute socks like I do then definitely make sure you check out the Darner site because I guarantee you’ll be all heart-eyed.

Birthday Outfit

It was my birthday last week (shout out to all my fellow Leo’s out there!) and luckily for me Aslan arranged the cutest romantic dinner to celebrate. As you can probably tell I’ve been super into the jeans and heels combo lately and since I’m always looking for an excuse to wear my badass Celine stilettos I decided that my birthday was the perfect opportunity. I couldn’t find the link for these particular shoes for you guys, but I did spot some really similar ones on the Topshop site which are just as beautiful and unique. I love to keep things super simple so I went with a super comfy oversized tee and some ripped jeans before finishing off the look with my adorable mini Fendi bag and some gold jewellery. I love turning a super casual outfit into something that feels dressy and special with just a few simple accessories. If you’re a Leo make sure you tell me what you wore on your birthday in the comments down below!

I hope you guys enjoyed getting the low down on some of my outfits from this Summer. I’m hoping the sun will make an appearance soon so that I can finally wear some of the cute stuff I bought way back at the beginning of the season! Stay tuned for next month’s post to see if that actually happens LOL! Let me know what you guys have been obsessed with in your wardrobes lately!


  • Black V Neck Body

    Easy to dress up or down

  • Amazing Darner Socks

    The cutest things I've ever seen

  • Isabel Marant Boyfriend Jeans

    Comfy, casual & cool

  • Classic Old Skool Vans

    I've worn these to death

  • Chinti & Parker Zodiac Sweater

    Leo for life!


You guys know I go crazy for a beautiful ring or cool choker, so for this post I thought I’d tell you a little bit about a jewellery brand that I’ve recently fallen in lust with. I stumbled upon the brand ‘Wolf Circus‘ whilst scrolling through Instagram one Sunday evening and was instantly inspired by their minimalist aesthetic, so I was super excited when they reached out to me and offered to send me a few of their gorgeous pieces to love and wear. I’m a huge advocate of supporting the smaller, lesser known names out there so I just wanted to show some love to a brand that are working hard to bring good quality, unique jewellery to the world. (They’re also a Canadian brand so of course that makes me love them even more!)

First up I just have to talk about these amazing pairs of earrings! I recently put together a blog post all about my love for statement earrings, so if you’re up to date with my site you’ll know how much I’ve been enjoying wearing something oversized in my ears lately. It’s hard for me to pick a fave out of the two but I have to say that these gorgeous gold disc earrings (in the top pic) are the ones I’m most excited to wear! These ones are called the Mira Art Deco Studs and they’re simply stunning! If gold isn’t your thing they also come in silver which are just as beautiful. These earrings make such a statement but they’re surprisingly minimal at the same time (which is exactly what I love!) and I can so see myself pairing them with a crisp white shirt and a pair of my favourite jeans. I also absolutely adore the gorgeous geometric earrings in the pic above.  These ones are called the Lita Pearl Studs and they’re such a unique, structured shape but the cute little pearls really help to soften them up. Unfortunately the Litas are sold out now, but I did find > these ones < which are kinda similar and just as beautiful.

Wolf Circus were also kind enough to send me one of their gorgeous ‘Alice’ necklaces along with one of their super cool gold pearl chokers. I’ve been super into wearing shorter necklaces lately so of course the pearl choker really tugged on my heart strings. I actually ended up wearing the Wolf Circus choker to the Glamour Awards with my beautiful RIXO London ‘Camellia’ dress and I had so many comments from people telling me how neat my necklace was!

Thanks so much to Wolf Circus for sending me some of their beautiful pieces! Like I said, I really love to support independent brands like this one so definitely go and check out their site and follow their Instagram if you like the look of their jewellery. Let me know which pieces you’re loving from the Wolf Circus collection!







Since a lot of you guys have been asking me to bring more fashion focused posts to my blog, I thought I’d put together a little something to give you some outfit inspo for this Summer. I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl all year round, but with a couple of events to attend over the next few months I’ve been spending a lot of my time drooling over some of the beautiful occasion wear options on the ASOS site. Summer seems to be the time for weddings, parties and family bbqs, so I’m sure lots of you guys are on the hunt for event-worthy outfits just like I am. Here are a few of the dressy pieces that have caught my eye and made my heart skip a beat!


I’ve always been much more of a ‘tailored trousers and heels’ kinda girl, but lately I’ve found myself adding more and more dresses to my wardrobe. The dress that actually inspired me to put this post together was this gorgeous embellished sunshine yellow dress by ASOS. I’ve been having such a love affair with yellow lately so this one caught my eye immediately. It’s completely OTT and not something I’d usually go for, but I think I’ve actually fallen in love with it! I can totally see myself pairing this dress with my super cute Jimmy Choo mules and some simple gold jewellery. I also spotted this rust-coloured satin bardot style dress by Lavish Alice. I love that you can pull the dress in at the waist with the matching satin belt to accentuate those sexy curves! Not only that but the cut out shoulders and subtle split add some extra va va voom! Another favourite of mine is this beautiful pink embroidered mini dress by New Look. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to wear it on its own to an event but I can definitely see myself throwing a simple white tee underneath and slipping on a pair of my favourite comfy converse for a casual, everyday look!


A good pair of well-fitting trousers and a simple cami top is one of my favourite outfits to wear to an event. I always feel so much more comfortable in trousers and I love being able to tuck something into the waist band for an effortlessly chic look. Like everyone else on the planet, I’ve been totally digging the cullote trend lately, so of course these gorgeous pastel pink satin culottes tugged on my heart strings as soon as I saw them. I actually love the way that these cullotes have been styled with a simple white cami and a pair of dusty pink mules, this is exactly how I would rock these trousers for an event; the whole outfit looks super comfy and cool which is just the kind of thing I like to wear! Although these frilly dog tooth trousers have been styled with a pair of classic black vans, I can totally see myself smartening them up with a slinky black cami and a pair of sky scraper heels for a look that’s more suitable for the night time. Lately I’ve been drawn to anything pink so of course I had to include these incredible bubblegum pink tapered trousers in the mix! I really like how these have been styled with an off the shoulder white top tucked in but I’d probably pair these with a pair of nude heels to let the trousers do the talking!


Jumpsuits are one of my favourite things to wear at the moment, they’re super easy to throw on and require minimal effort but they pretty much always end up looking chic and put together! I particularly love this rusty coloured jumpsuit by ASOS. It’s not the kind of thing I’d usually go for but there’s something about it that looks super chic. I love how the knot at the front gives the jumpsuit some detail and the culotte style bottom gives it a cool edge. I’d probably rock this with a pair of simple stilettos and some cute jewellery; the deep v neck would allow me to accessorise with a badass gold choker. This off the shoulder culotte jumpsuit by River Island made me go all heart-eyed as soon as I saw it. I’m not usually into rocking a black and red combo but there’s something about this baby that looks super edgy and cool. I think I’d probably finish off this look with a slick of my favourite Glossier lipstick in the shade ‘Jam’ before working some beachy waves into my hair.


Midi skirts aren’t usually my thang but I have to say that I think these four beauties might have converted me! This unique black and white multi layer skirt by ASOS White caught my eye immediately. I really like the way that this skirt has been styled with a simple black vest top and some quirky heels. I know I’m supposed to be giving you guys some occasion wear inspo but I can totally imagine myself tucking a comfy tee into the waist band and throwing on my trusty pair of classic black vans for a day time look! This dusty pink satin midi skirt is one of my faves and it looks super sexy thanks to those thigh-high splits on either side. I’d probably rock this skirt with a pair of heeled mules to tone down that sexiness just a little!


I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to the bag section on the ASOS site (anyone else feel me?) but I did spy a few options that made my heart skip a beat! First up I just have to talk about this amazing tassle clutch bag – how cool is this!? I think the reason I love it so much is because it actually really reminds me of a cushion that we have sitting on our sofa in the lounge from Att Pynta (lol) but I do think it makes a super cute bag too! I also adore this chic velvet cross body by Glamorous; I think I was drawn to this baby because it looks so much like the Gucci ‘Marmont’ Shoulder Bags that I’m obsessed with at the moment. This one looks like the perfect size and just about big enough to fit your phone, wallet and lipstick inside. I hate carrying around a clutch bag while I’m out so cross bodies like this one are perfect if you’re lazy like me!


Onto my favourite part now…the shoes! Although I am the proud owner of some beautiful stilettos, I have to admit that I am much more of a flats girl at heart. Thankfully, the rise of the mules trend means that I no longer have to spend the evening hobbling around on my tippy toes! I’m all about being comfortable and cool so as soon as I stumbled upon these amazing pink velvet sandals by River Island I knew I had to have them! The bubblegum pink is absolutely stunning and the velvet material gives these shoes a dressy vibe. I would definitely throw these on with a pair of culottes like this pastel pink satin pair. As well as going crazy for mules I’ve also found myself falling more and more in love with kitten heels! I know what you’re thinking…’surely kitten heels should stay in the 90’s where they belong?’…but trust me when I say that with the right outfit, a pair of low heels can look super cute! I particularly love this striking red pair and can totally see myself rocking these with some tailored trousers or that super cool black and white skirt by ASOS White. Any kitten heel fans gonna back me up here?

I hope you guys found this post inspiring! I actually had so much fun scouring the ASOS site for some cute outfit ideas so let me know if you would like to see more of these kinds of posts from me in the future. Do leave me a comment down below and tell me if any of the pieces I’ve mentioned made your heart skip a beat! I’d love to know what you’ll be wearing to events this summer!


  • Lucy Williams x Missoma Mini Fang Choker

    Such a badass piece!

  • Missoma Double Arrow Ring

    Stack it up or wear it alone

  • Missoma Rose Quarts Double Wand Studs

    Perfectly pink!

  • Oliver Bonas Fresh Water Pearl Ring

    Love that cute lil pearl

  • Monica Vinader Mini Circle Bracelet

    Diamonds are forever!


A couple of weeks ago I hopped on a plane with my Lancôme family for a whistle stop trip to beautiful Shanghai! Lancôme asked me to go along to check out their incredible ‘Declaring Happiness’ exhibition which was curated in celebration of their brand new Lancôme store which is opening in Shanghai. I was joined by the lovely Victoria from In The Frow as well as tons of other beautiful bloggers from around the world. Until this trip I’d actually never visited China before, and since it was one of the countries that I’ve been dying to visit since FOREVER I was so excited to join the team and spend a few days exploring some of what it had to offer.

We arrived into Shanghai airport on Tuesday evening and I had a few hours to recover from my 12 hour flight (yes, 12 hours!!) before we headed off first thing Wednesday morning to get our first taste of the country’s culture. As soon as we stepped out of the hotel doors Victoria and I were whisked off in one of the super cool Lancôme sidecars (make sure you watch the vlog to see me getting way too excited whizzing around Shanghai) for a quick tour of the city before being dropped off at our first destination – Yong Foo Elite.


  • Re-Worked 'Hanes' Tee

    I could wear this every single day

  • Mango Sequin Sandals

    Some glitz in my life


    Cool and comfy


    The ultimate cat eye sunnies

  • Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket Bag

    Super duper roomy!

As soon as I stepped out of the sidecar I just COULD NOT believe my eyes! Yong Foo Elite is housed in the most incredible 1930’s villa and is surrounded by one of the most gorgeous gardens I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side, but even with the rumbling clouds and drizzle the garden was truly magical. The house was surrounded by giant magnolia trees and streams filled with lily pads. I’m such a plant lady so of course the garden had me all heart eyed.

Lancôme had so many activities planned for us to try which meant that I actually got to try Tai Chi! If you follow me on Insta stories you would have seen me trying my hardest to nail the moves and keep up with the instructor while looking as ‘zen’ as I possibly could. Tai Chi is actually waaaay harder than it looks but I actually really enjoyed it! I also got to keep the outfit (score!!) so you can bet I’m going to be lounging around the house looking like a Tai Chi pro very soon…

After exploring the gardens we were whisked off to a secret location within the grounds. We arrived in this teeny tiny room where the Lancôme team unveiled the incredible Lancôme Advanced Génefique Sensitive and told us all about what makes this serum is so magical. It feels super special, from the moment you open your bottle the whole experience is incredibly dramatic. To activate your serum you basically twist the cap which releases this beautiful blue liquid into the bottle. You then shake it up and voila! Once activated, you should use your serum everyday on a cleansed face as the first step of your skincare routine. It feels incredibly luxurious to apply and is great for sensitive skin, troubled skin and skin that just needs a bit of a boost! It was such an experience to witness how the serum works it’s magic, you have to try this stuff. Oh and once you activate the serum you have to use it up within 2 months as the ingredients are fresh and active!

That evening we got the chance to take a peek around the incredible ‘Declaring Happiness’ exhibition which was organised by the Lancôme team. You guys know that even before I started working with the brand, I’ve always been such a Lancôme fan, so it was amazing to wander around the exhibition and see all of my favourite products in such a beautiful setting. Luckily for us we were allowed a sneak preview of the space before the event started, but later on that night we got all glammed up and returned to join in on the party. Make sure you watch the vlog to see what we got up to!

We spent our last day in the city exploring some of Shanghai’s best tourist destinations. Our first day was so busy that it was nice to take things a bit slower and really get an idea of what Shanghai is all about. We started our day at the top of the Shanghai tower which was absolutely INSANE!! I’ll insert a photo of the view down below but unfortunately it was so cloudy that we couldn’t really see much through the windows. Hopefully you get the gist though! On a sunny day I bet the view is breath taking.

After leaving the Shanghai tower we headed to the place that I was most excited for – the Yu Garden. Call me crazy but gardens are one of my favourite places to explore when I’m in another country, I just love to see how the plants and trees differ from what we have here in the UK and back home in Canada – it’s fascinating to me! The Yu Garden was absolutely beautiful and definitely fulfilled all my fantasies about traditional Chinese gardens! The whole place felt so atmospheric and it was such an incredible experience to be walking through an area which has so much history behind it. If you’re visiting Shanghai definitely make sure you make time in your schedule to visit the Yu Garden.





    Into the dress & tee look lately


    The perfect staple piece


    I'm in love


    Love this Mother of Pearl style

Although we were only in Shanghai for a matter of days, I had the most incredible time and it’s definitely one of my favourite memories from this year so far. Thanks so much to my Lancôme family for putting so much hard work into organising not only the trip, but the Declaring Happiness exhibition. Don’t forget to catch up on my vlog from the trip if you haven’t already, I had an absolute blast!



    I wish I could wear these 24/7

  • Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick

    I love the formula of these lipsticks

  • Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive Antioxidant Serum

    You need to try this

  • Lancôme Rénergie Multi Lift Ultra Fluid

    A light and silky fluid

  • Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Crème Riche

    A rich firming day cream


The other week I spent an evening attending the annual Glamour ‘Women Of The Year Awards’. I had the best night and even got the chance to meet some celebs like Rashida Jones, Ruby Rose and Stormzy! Not only that but halfway through the night Amy Poehler turned up and literally MADE MY LIFE. I can’t remember the last time I fangirled so hard! If you’re a regular to my channel you will have seen that I recently uploaded a ‘Glamour Awards Get Ready With me’ where I filmed the process of doing my makeup and talked you through some of the products that I used. Since you guys said how much you loved the video I thought I’d put together a little something for my blog too. I’ll insert the video at the bottom of this post just in case you missed it!


I have to say I absolutely LOVED the dress that I wore to the Glamour Awards. It’s by a brand called RIXO London and it’s called the ‘Camellia’. RIXO have so many stunning dresses but this one really called to me! There was quite a lot of boob action (lol) but I think that the long sleeves and midi length of the skirt helped to balance it all out. I also added my gorgeous pearl choker by ‘Wolf Circus’ to break things up a bit. I chose to wear my amazing metal clutch bag from &OtherStories, I loved that it kept jingling throughout the night and it was the perfect size to keep my phone and my lipstick. On my feet I decided to wear something neutral and opted for my gorgeous suede heels from Christian Louboutin which were the perfect height for me (I literally cannot walk in stilettos). To finish off the look I was extremely lucky to be able to borrow three beautiful diamond rings from Anoushka for the night. It’s crazy how much a tiny piece of jewellery can make you feel so special and these babies did exactly that. You guys know that I feel at my happiest when I’m rocking my t-shirt and jeans but I actually felt really comfortable and totally ‘me’ in what I wore. I loved the whole outfit!


To kick things off I started by applying my base and for this I used the incredible Lancôme Teint Idôle Foundation in the shade 025. What makes this foundation extra special is that it’s actually available in 40 shades! Having so many different shades in a base product should totally be the norm anyway, so I’m so glad that Lancôme picked up on that with the Teint Idôle Foundation. The reason I decided to wear the Teint Idôle for the Glamour Awards is because it’s super duper long wearing and it’s actually a 24 hour long wear foundation. I like wearing something long wearing whenever I’m going to an event because it means I can go ahead and enjoy my evening without worrying about having to touch up my makeup in the bathroom. A lot of long wearing foundations can tend to feel quite heavy but this stuff is great because it feels incredibly light weight and comfortable on the skin. I went ahead and applied my base with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush but you could totally use a damp Beauty Blender to achieve a similar finish.

After applying my foundation I used my Nars Soft Matte Concealer in the shade Vanilla to cover up any blemishes and banish my dark circles. You guys are probably getting SO sick of hearing me talk about this concealer but honestly I just absolutely adore this stuff. I feel like a little goes a long way and it’s also easy to build up the product without it looking super cakey. I like to keep things simple with my base so I just added a little sweep of the Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer to add some more definition to my cheekbones before following up with a dusting of my Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheeks Blush which is an absolutely stunning peachy colour.

After quickly brushing through my brows I used the amaaaazing It Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil in the shade ‘Universal Taupe’ to add some definition. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this brow pencil in a recent blog post but basically the ‘Universal Taupe’ pencil is supposed to work with every skin tone and brow shade. I can’t speak for everyone but what I can tell you is that this pencil works perfectly for me! I think it’s all about how much pressure you use to apply the product, so as a blondie I use really light, soft strokes so that the colour doesn’t become too harsh against my complexion. After that I used a few sweeps of the Illamasqua Brow Build to make sure everything stayed in place throughout the night.

This might sound a bit crazy but for my eyeshadow I decided to use a few dabs of the bronzer from the incredible RMS Beauty Signature Set ‘Pop Collection’, then used my Urban Decay 24-7 Glide On Pencil in the shade ‘Smog’ to give my eyes a super sultry look. To tie everything together I decided to apply the Lancôme Grandiose Mascara (one of my all time favourites) because it gives my lashes SO much volume and makes them look a million times longer. After a few dabs of the Living Luminizer from my RMS Signature Set Palette I finished things up with my Lancôme Matte Shaker in the shade ‘Energy Peach’. As you can see I went for quite a toned-down natural vibe but the subtle highlight from the Living Luminizer and the touch of peach on my lips made this look pop.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and enjoyed seeing how I pieced together my look for the Glamour Awards! It’s not often I get all glammed up but I always end up enjoying the process of getting ready and choosing what makeup look to go for. Don’t forget to go and watch my ‘Get Ready With Me’ video if you haven’t already. I’ll insert it at the bottom of this post along with a some links to the products that I used!


    Foundation of dreams


    A must have


    A constant in my makeup bag!


    The perfect shade for me


    Can't leave the house without this on my brows


    Perfect universal colour


    Everything you need in one palette


    Looks super sultry


    One of my all time faves


    I adore this colour