10th May 2017 - Style

I am in LOVE with denim. I always have been and I always will be. Denim NEVER goes out of style, every season I can bust out my favourite ripped jeans and my most-worn denim jacket and know that they’ll look just as cool and on-trend as they did when I first bought them. Since I tend to wear a casual t-shirt and jeans combo most days, I love to add my own touch to my denim pieces by collecting patches and pins and jazzing up a simple outfit with a few statement accessories. To me, there’s something super satisfying about pinning a new addition to my favourite jacket.

Something that I love about customised jackets is that they can really say a lot about your personality. If I sit on the tube next to someone with a jacket full of badges and pins, I can instantly get a sneak peek into the kinds of things that they like; music they’re into, places they’ve visited, causes that they support and so on. I love being able to kind of ‘get to know’ a person just from looking at their clothes. Not all of my badges really mean something or have any sentimental value, but as a collection I like to think that they say a little bit about me and my personality.

Patches seem to be making a huge come back and I’ve spotted some really cool ones like this fluffy pink heart and this cute flamingo on the Skinnydip site (that’s where I got my amazing Patti and Selma phone case from!) Skinnydip have such a huge selection of patches and I’m literally in love with every single one of them! We all know that I can’t put together a blog post without mentioning Mango, my fave high street store of the moment! I found this adorable flower patch on their site which comes with three other nature-inspired patches. The super vibrant colours were what drew me to this particular number, I just think it would look so perfect with blue denim! Last but not least I’ve been lusting after this ‘Plant Lady’ patch which comes as part of a set from H&M, I’m a total plant lady so this baby just HAS to come home with me!

If you’re looking for the perfect jacket to patch up, never fear! There are so many super cute denim jackets in the stores right now and all of them are really affordable! I found the first gorgeous jacket from New Look and I’m in LOVE! I like how the ruffle detail adds something a bit special to an otherwise basic piece. I’ve also fallen for this two tone number from (you guessed it) Mango which I think I’m going to *have* to buy as soon as I’ve finished putting this post together. It’s not something I’d usually go for, but packed with pins and badges and paired with a simple white tee, I just know that this baby will look super cool! If you’re after something a bit more classic, this light wash oversized jacket (again from New Look) is the one for you. It’s the perfect base to build up your collection of patches and pins.

Onto the pins now and how amazing are these!? The avocado, pizza slice and donut pins are all part of the same set from H&M and they all look good enough to eat (I take full responsibility for all of your pizza cravings right now, soz!) Can we also just talk about how cool this ‘I Bite’ Tiger badge is from Skinnydip? If you’re a Drake fan like me than you’ll love this amazing Drake pin by Georgia Perry on the ShopBop site. She also designed this Karl Lagerfeld pin for all you fashionistas out there. Pins are one of my favourite things to buy and I can’t wait to add a few more to my ever-growing collection. Definitely head over to the Skinnydip and ShopBop sites if you’re a pin hoarder like me, they have such an amazing selection.

Lately I’ve really been having a moment with pinafores. A denim dress was something that I would never have thought to wear until I added a black pinafore to my wardrobe and fell in love! I love wearing pinafores because they’re so easy to throw on over a simple tee, but once they’re on they make a casual outfit look really put together. I love the idea of making a simple denim dress look really funky with a few patches and pins and these pinafores from Topshop are perfect for the job! I think this light wash denim number will look perfect with a white top in the summer time. I also really love this beautiful embroidered pinafore, I can just imagine pairing a handful of my favourite flowery pins to the top of the dress to make it look super cute and perfect for Spring!

I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post! I had so much fun putting this one together and scouring the web for the coolest patches and pins I could find! You can bet that as soon as I’ve finished writing this paragraph I’m going to be adding a few of these pieces to my basket (oops). If you guys have any recommendations of places that I should go to look for patches and pins then please let me know in the comments down below! I’m always looking for some new additions to add to my collection!


  • 'Plant Lady' Patch

  • Flower Patch

  • Two Tone Denim Jacket

  • Avocado Pin