10th Jan 2017 - Fitness, Style

I’m not one for cliche’s, but every time that the month of January rolls around there’s something about being able to wipe the slate clean and relish a fresh start that gets me excited to make positive changes in my life. You all know that I’ve been on my #PERSONALBEST journey for a number of months now and I’m really proud of how much my health and fitness has improved since I began my mission.

My primary goal for 2017 is to have a complete overhaul of my health and fitness and get serious about making this a long term commitment! Going to the gym is a little more exciting to me than it used to be and sometimes I actually LOOK FORWARD to trying new classes! (Who’d have thought!?) However, I’m only human and sometimes the thought of putting on my yoga pants and heading out the door into the cold London air fills me with nothing but dread. When the dread overcomes me, I find that putting on my favourite workout gear and most badass sneakers is enough motivation to get me back in the zone and ready to kick some butt!

I was on a mission to get a new gym bag, so I thought I’d share with you some that caught my eye during my search. Packing your water bottle and change of clothes into a bag that you adore might be a small and simple pleasure but let me tell you, it really makes a difference to my motivation! Let me know if you feel the same way and if you’ve got your eyes on any of these beautiful gym bags! I’d love to know which ones you’re loving. I went for number 08 if you’re curious!


  • The number 3rd bag is my type. It is spacious and the colour is good too.

  • rchiariello

    My gym bag was stolen from my car in November (along with clothes, shoes, heart rate monitor, etc.) and I still haven’t bought a new one. Some of these remind me of diaper bags, but I do like #4.

  • Zuzana Kubánková

    Seven or two! Thats my style… But I also dont own any gym bag now. I just have one old that I never really like :/
    I hope you will make good healthy year 🙂

  • lol @ the one with the pizza quote… 😀

  • Plum Pretty Sugar

    #9 all the way <3


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