8th Feb 2018 - Beauty

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A lot of you guys are always asking me how I do my hair, so the other morning I sat down in front of my camera and showed you exactly what products and tools I use to achieve my go-to style. My favourite way to wear my hair is that effortless messy/wavy/beachy look and it’s something that I feel like I’ve finally got a handle on! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be a hair expert in any way, shape or form, but if bed head hair is your thang (like it is mine) then I’ve got you covered.

I thought I’d kick things off by talking you through some of the shampoo and conditioners that are currently sitting in my shower! I tend to have a lot of different products in my shower at any one time because I just love trying new stuff. The products that I used this morning (as I’m typing this!) were the *Redken ‘All Soft’ shampoo and *conditioner. This is a combo that I’ve been using for YEARS and that’s because it’s always been amazing at nourishing my dry hair. Lately I’ve also been reaching for my *Pureology ‘Hydrate’ shampoo and *conditioner which you’ve probably heard me talk about a million times. This duo smells incredible because they both have a really nice minty fresh scent which kinda makes your scalp feel all tingly after you use it (in a good way lol). Again, these babies are great for those of you who suffer with dry or damaged hair.

If you watched my latest vlog then it’s probably no surprise to you that I just have to take a minute to mention the gorgeous *Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Richness shampoo and *conditioner. I’ve used the Garnier Ultimate Blends range A LOT over the years and my favourite has always been the *Honey Treasures duo. I didn’t think anything could ever win my heart like the Honey Treasures range but ever since I discovered the Argan collection I’ve been obsessed! The Argan Richness shampoo and conditioner is formulated with a blend of argan oil and almond cream which are both amazing at intensely nourishing and softening the hair. I’ve really enjoyed using this combo lately. (They also smell insanely delicious!) Watch my vlog if you want to discover part of the process that goes into making this collection!

Once I’ve hopped out of the shower the first product that I always reach for is the *Mane ’n Tail Detangler. This stuff does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin and to use it I just spray it all over my hair (making sure to get underneath the different layers). I try not to overdo it with the detangler because sometimes if you use too much it can make your hair feel a little heavy or greasy, but a light layer does just the trick. Once I’ve sprayed that on I’ll reach for my trusty *Tangle Teezer (don’t know what I’d do without that thing!) and gently brush it through. I know a lot of people are quite afraid of mousse but once I’ve brushed through my hair I’ll take a little of my favourite *Densimorphose Mousse by Kerastase and run it through from the root to the tip. Don’t be daunted by the word ‘mousse’, this stuff is really lightweight and just helps to give your style some volume and staying power!

Once I’m all moussed up I’ll go ahead and dry my hair – I use the *Dyson Supersonic which is literally life changing. Once dry, I’ll gently run my fingers through it before clipping up the top section with…you guessed it…da clip. Sometimes I’ll leave my hair straight but typically I like to add a few curls for some va va voom. Before curling (with my fave *Hershesons curling wand) I like to apply a light spritz of the *Ouai Soft Hair Spray to give it some texture and grip. Make sure you watch my video if you want to see exactly how I curl my hair, but basically once I’m done with the wand I’ll reach for my bottle of *Sam McKnight ‘Cool Girl’ Texture Mist and spray it through before messing it up with my fingertips. The last step in my process is to take a little bit of the *Ouai Matte Pomade and run it through my hair to smooth any fly aways.

Let me know if you guys found this useful! Definitely make sure you watch the tutorial down below if you want to see me do this process step by step IRL. Also if you guys have any product recommendations that you think I might like then I’d love for you to leave me a comment and let me know what you think I should use!


  • *Redken 'All Soft' Shampoo

    Great for dry hair!

  • *Redken 'All Soft' Conditioner

    Nourishes and softens

  • *Pureology 'Hydrate' Shampoo

    Protects coloured hair

  • *Pureology 'Hydrate' Conditioner

    Super duper nourishing

  • *Garnier Argan Richness Shampoo

    Scrub a dub dub

  • *Garnier Argan Richness Conditioner

    Silky soft hair here I come!

  • *kerastase densifie densimorphose mousse

    My all time fave mousse

  • *Ouai Soft Hair Spray

    Creates texture!

  • *Ouai Hair Pomade

    Style it up

  • *Sam McKnight 'Cool Girl' Texture Mist

    Obsessed with this stuff!

  • Oh Love love Kerastase Densifique products, because of filoxane it can certainly give more volume! And I am dying to try out Sam McKnight products too!! xxx

  • Lisa Autumn

    I just ordered some Ouai products.. so excited!

    xx Lisa |

  • I really want to try some products from Ouai and Sam McKnight! I love Nexxus and Kérastase hair products too, I’m currently using a new Kérastase rang and it’s super nourishing and makes my hair so shiny!

    Jasmine | xx

  • Leigh Ann Henson

    I have been considering the Dyson hair dryer…I just bought a new babyliss, but I wouldn’t mind another upgrade.

    After switching to sulfate free hair products, my hair has transformed and styles so much easier! I am always looking for new styles now. Thanks for the info!