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2nd Feb 2017 - Interiors

It’s no secret that I’m a self confessed home body. Give me the choice of a delicious dinner out in a fancy restaurant or a night in front of the TV with a couple of slices of pizza and I wouldn’t hesitate in choosing the latter. I’m proud to be a home body and I wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s just the way I’ve always been and I’m more than happy for things to stay that way. You’ve already had a glimpse into some of the rooms in our house, so now I want to show you a few of the items within those rooms that for me, truly make this house a home.

Cosy Cushions
I recently acquired this gorgeous wooly number from the Scandinavian inspired store Att Pynta. Since eagerly tearing open the box that it was delivered in, this cushion has sat proudly on the chair in our cactus corner (prime location). Aslan is definitely the more minimalist one out of the two of us and would much prefer our home not to be so overrun with cosy throws and squidgy cushions, but even he was delighted when he first saw it. It might sound stupid to some, but just looking at this cushion makes me happy! It’s gloriously soft, super thick and feels sooooo luxurious. It’s the perfect piece to cuddle up to with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. I’m in love with this thing! Get your own here!
Brimming Book Shelves
Aslan and I are both huge hoarders when it comes to books and for me, our home feels empty without them. I think that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the books that sit on their book shelves. Books are so personal and that’s one of the reasons that why I think that they bring so much character and charm to a space. Not only that, but I love to see all of their gorgeous colourful covers staring back at me, it’s the simple things! Click here if you want to see some of my favourite books in our collection.
Wooden Tissue Box
Ok guys, this is a bit of a weird one, but stay with me! I know that this may seem unecessary or frivolous to some people, but I just love it! This wooden tissue box cover was actually a present from me to Aslan for Christmas. As soon as I saw it I knew that he’d love it so I had no choice but to add it to my basket! I love the design but I also love how practical it is, it’s made out of this gorgeously smooth oakwood and the way that an average box of kleenex sits perfectly within this case pleases me more than it should please any normal person. Call me crazy but whenever I look at it it makes me feel happy and that’s what matters, right? It turns something rather ugly and practical into something with a bit more style! Check it out here. 
Natural Light
When it’s a clear day in London (which is rare) our house becomes a sun trap and the rooms that face our garden are flooded with gorgeous natural light. I love stepping into the living room in the morning and finding Reggie basking in the sun on his duvet, it’s one of those simple pleasures that means that I start my day with a sense of joy. I’m most definitely a summer baby, so I tend to get a bit miserable when London starts to get dull and grey, I relish any chance to soak up some of that glorious Vitamin D.
You all know by now that I’m obsessed with candles (who isn’t?). There’s something about striking a match and lighting a candle that instantly soothes me and helps to ease any tension in my mind. Whether I’ve just woken up or stepped through the door from a long day’s work, lighting up a few of my favourite candles and placing them around the house is one of the first things I do. Lately I’ve been really enjoying this ‘Jo Loves’ candle, it’s scented with white rose and lemon leaves so it smells super fresh and light. The weather in London has been exceptionally dull and chilly lately, so watching the flickering flame of a candle from my cosy spot on the sofa warms my bones and calms my thoughts. Treat your home (and nose) to a Jo Loves Candle here!
Anyone who’s set foot through my front door will know that fragrance in my home is something that is really important to me. I picked up this Jo Malone scent diffuser and ever since I popped it on the shelf in our hallway I’ve had so many people comment on how good our house smells! This particular one is in the scent ‘Pomegranate Noir’ which smells like a delicious mix of winter fruits and gorgeous warming spices. I love diffusers because they give off a continuous scent without having to light a match or spray a mist. I just leave the diffuser sitting on a shelf and let it do it’s thing. Scent is such a personal thing and can say so much about a person, I love trying different fragrances and seeing if it fits the vibe that I’m looking for. Check out this diffuser if you want your space to smell incredible.
Our wonderful Reggie
Dog owners (or any animal owners) will know how much your pooch can completely transform the way you view your home. For us, Reggie MAKES our house a home. Forget all the bits and bobs within our four walls, throw away all the stuff that we don’t really need; as long as we have our beautiful boy by our side we’re happy as can be. The joy that we feel in our hearts when we get home from a long day and see our gorgeous hound running towards us with his tail in the air and a toy between his teeth is indescribable. Home is not home without him! He’s our world!
  • I’m such a home body too! Cosy nights in are my absolute favourite and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I completely agree that fluffy cushions and gorgeous candles make alll the difference ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  • Love love love this post! I’m 100 percent a homebody too! Also love the bookcase! I am trying to build up my bookcase one by one. Next purchase is going to be the Bloom Book!

    xx claudiachampagne.com

  • Thanks for sharing these! Your house is absolutely stunning and who wouldn’t want a reggie to cuddle up to?

    – Natalie

  • Such a lovely post, I love the candles and fragrance you’ve got! x


  • Awwe this is such a lovely post, honestly you guys have such house goals – I am so jealous of it ! That tissue holder is amazingg too, it’s very Aslan haha ! Of course Reggie looks so freaking cute as well <3


  • I loved this post Estee!

    Always enjoy seeing inside your home 🙂 So much inspiration

    Heather x | http://www.atelierofstyle.co.uk

  • Oh, I’ve never seen a Jo Malone diffuser! That sounds magical. Love the layout of your house and especially little Reggie 🙂

    xoxo Mollie

  • This is just house goals. UGH. <3

    It's Me, Maggie | http://itsme-maggie.blogspot.com/

  • Bookshelf, candles, and my dog makes my home special also. Cool post!

  • peonies passionfruit

    I love this post as a self confessed homebody myself, I love getting cosy and just enjoying the little things that surround me at home.
    Eme x


  • I’m a real homebody too, and it’s amazing how much natural light warms up and brightens a room – makes me feel a lot happier!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • I love being at home so much! a comfy , cosy blanket, a book, fresh coffee some sunlight is almost everything i need to be happy <3

  • Natalie

    Loved this post Estee! Most inspiring thing to read on my birthday 🙂 Do you happened to remember what camera you used for these gorgeous photos?

  • Sandra Zottl

    Such a beautiful space you’re living in, very inspiring!


  • Loved this post – you and Aslan have such an amazing home and I love how you style it. That Tissue box cover is actually so beautiful.

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • peonies passionfruit

    Love this post, I am a self confessed homebody too, that cushion looks so cosy

    Eme xx