Incense & Sage

Uplift your space29th Nov 2015 - Interiors

Sage has many uses around the world (e.g. used in rituals by Native Americans) and is one of the oldest methods of cleansing a person or space. It is said that burning sage clears the negative energy and uplifts the person/environment. To burn, light the end of the bundle allowing it to burn for a few seconds before blowing it out. Make sure you have a plate or some stone under it before you do this.

Although I love the scent of sage, I find it can be slightly too heavy after awhile. I always like to balance it out by burning some sweet incense. I love to burn it while working throughout the day because it keeps me focused on what I’m supposed to be doing.

I love all types of candles and home diffusers, but burning incense is a different experience all together. It is smokey and creates a completely different atmosphere than any other home scents. Besides that, there is something primal about the scent. It always brings me back to those long summer evenings with the faint smell of Nag Champa and a campfire.

  • luna-lauren

    Hire a fricken’ proofreader! Your posts are so badly written, you should feel embarrassed /facepalm – the first sentence does not make any sense.

  • I tend to prefer candles as my cat is too investigative for anything else! I miss my old incense burner I made. I just took a silver bowl, filled it with sand, and would put the sticks in the sand and light, just like in an eastern temple. I miss it so much.

  • This is so neat! I think the scent would be too strong for me too since I’m already not big on candles.. and the smoke detector probably wouldn’t stop going haha

  • Beautiful, mesmerizing photos! I love the smell of incense. I’ve got great memories of my dad burning it all the time when I was growing up. We always had candles, too, but to really clear out and cleanse a room, my dad would always burn that incense!

  • I have never seen such big and chunky incense sticks before! You’re right about the smell being sort of primal – I wouldn’t even know where to begin on describing it – and if I’m giving my house a good deep clean (ha ha, nice thought) I love waving around some incense, it almost feels like it cleans the energy.

  • Khaliha Hawkins

    These photos are mesmerizing. The jumbo photos workout really well with your new blog layout. I definitely want to try incense now that I’ve read and saw this post.

  • I’ve been waiting for this post ever since I saw Aslan take the smoking photos in one of your vlogs and man, it is GOOD! I’m really bad with home fragrance as a lot of things tend to give me headaches, but one thing I absolutely adore is the Voluspa candle in Goji & Tarocco Orange (the red one). It’s beautiful! xx

  • Rebecca McMahon Makeup

    I’m a huge incense fan. My boarding school was around the corner from a Buddhist temple. We’d go down and buy boxes of incense from them. We weren’t allowed to burn it in the dorm rooms, though. These images are *really* beautiful.

  • I always choose incense over candels or oils. The expierence is so special..


    • I agree! Although I always love burning candles, there’s something different about incense.