12th May 2017 - Etc., Interiors

Most of you will know by now that I’m a liiiiiitle bit obsessed with stationery. Call me crazy, but to me there’s nothing quite as satisfying as opening my stationery drawer and seeing my washi tape collection lined up in colour order (I know, I’m weird). As well as being overly excited to discover all the makeup and skincare products that Japan had to offer me, I was also so keen to check out all the amazing stationery stores that I’ve heard so much about. Let me tell you, Japanese office supplies made all of my stationery dreams come true…

My boyfriend Aslan isn’t as stationery obsessed as I am, but as soon as we set foot inside our first Japanese stationery store, even he had hearts in his eyes. Japanese stationery is, in my opinion, some of the best stationery I’ve ever laid my eyes on, so amazing that it makes the offerings at Paperchase and Tiger look measly in comparison (and as many of you will know, I’m a big fan of both of those stores). One thing I noticed about the stores in Japan is that they literally have testers of EVERYTHING which is so helpful, especially when you’re on the hunt for the perfect pen. I know I’m starting to sound a bit crazy, but I’m so particular about the pens that I use and with so many options to choose from, the Japanese stationery stores had my back. Three way, four way, neon and brush, you name a type of pen and Japan has you covered. Goals.

Arguably our favourite things from our entire stationery stash are these adorable little erasers and let me tell you, there’s something pretty special about these babies. ‘Why are these erasers such a strange shape?’ I hear you ask…well my friends, let me tell you. The reason that these erasers are shaped this way is because in comparison with your average, pebble shaped eraser, these ones have lots of sharp corners which means that you can erase more precisely! It can’t just be me and Aslan that think that’s incredible, right!? Anyway, these are so simple and probably won’t excite anyone else but the two of us, but I can’t wait to use try them out!

Something that you might not know about me is that I also have an unhealthy obsession with pretty pieces of paper. To me, there’s nothing quite as exciting as walking into a store and seeing shelves upon shelves of all different types of coloured paper, so obviously these cute little squares of foiled paper just had to make their way into my suitcase. I used to be such a crafty human and loved making all sorts of different bits and bobs that were inspired by things that I’d seen on Pinterest, but over the past few years I’ve just not been able to find the time to sit down and get my craft on. I picked up these paper cuttings because I really want to set aside some time to get creative and start making things again, so hopefully I’ll get some use out of this souvenir soon.

Japanese stationery truly is as amazing as you would imagine it to be, so if you ever find yourself in the country, make sure you stock up on a few stationery essentials. If you liked this haul definitely make sure you head over to my channel to watch the entire video where Aslan and I show you all the amazing stationery that we picked up during our trip. Also don’t forget to check out my blog posts all about the makeup and skincare items that I picked up over the two weeks that we were in Japan. I had so much fun discovering all the unique and exciting stuff in the stores!

P.s. Don’t forget that the vlogs from our Japan trip are over on Aslan’s channel! Go check them out!


  • Pilot 'Ball Knock' Gel Ink Pens

    Scribble away

  • Roller Stamp

    Make your mark

  • Moimoi Scissors

    Now these are incredible

  • Stapleless Stapler

    I'm pretty sure this is magic

  • Life A5 Notebook

    Write write write

  • I love stationery!!! All of the items you guys bought are just too cute. I have a terrible stationery addiction and have a huge cart full on Amazon. I also just ordered a stationery sub box from Japan. XD

  • Davinia

    Those stores must be paradise!! I’m a stationary lover since I was in highschool and I take it too seriously deciding what type of paper I like most,if a pen really fits my goals,etc. I’m a weirdo about that like you hahaha and like Frannerd! When she talks about types of paper,notebooks and all that in her channel I totally get her 🙂 and buying stationery things always makes me happy. In highschool I dreamed of having a stationery store and still do!

  • I dreamt of those erasers after watching your video… (for real, no joke) Stationery lover… 🙂

  • I love stationery, I can’t imagine how overwhelmed I would be if I ever got to visit those Japanese stores…

  • Such pretty photos! I loved the stationery haul video, maybe you can do a video or post about your stationery collection? Would love to see that 😀

  • Why are all these so cute! Loved this.


  • amazing! even the word ‘stationary’ is kinda tempting x

  • How good are Japanese stationery stores! Honestly, I spend hours in them every time I visit!
    Kathryn xx