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Let's Go To The Beach!1st Jan 2017 - Etc., Places

Everyone has their happy place and ours is the beach. Last summer we rented a house on the beach for two weeks and invited loads of people to enjoy the sunshine with us. It was pure bliss, so Aslan and I decided to go back in November for some r&r after my book tour was finished. It was something both of us were looking forward to, so when the time finally came to pack our bags we were ecstatic. Speaking of packing bags, we didn’t bring much. Just some loungewear and I didn’t bring a single makeup product. Bliss!

The best part of our beach vacations is that we can bring our beautiful Greyhound Reggie! Unfortunately our holidays are usually spent without him because he can’t go on airplanes or drive too far, but since Camber Sands is about a 2 hour drive Reggie can happily rest in the back seat of the car. Dog lovers will understand that being without your dog is tough, so to be able to organise a holiday around dog walks and afternoon naps together is ideal. ZzzZz.

Reggie is keeping his eyes peeled for rabbits.

There’s nothing quite like waking up and going for a morning walk on the sand. It makes for a nice change compared to the sirens, smog and noise London greets us with. You don’t always need to get on a plane and travel around the world to have a lovely holiday. Sometimes the best memories can be made near home.

The kind of happiness we get from seeing Reggie run around like crazy is unexplainable. It’s the kind of happiness that radiates through your entire body and keeps you buzzing all day long.

I’m learning the importance of switching off. We are all so obsessed with technology and the digital world that it’s actually quite difficult to break the habit. For the first 2 days at the beach house Aslan and I always struggle to get back in touch with “reality”. It has become strange for us to leave our iPhones in a different room all day long and I see that as something I want to change. These digital detox holidays are crucial for us and I’ll be making sure to do more of it in 2017.

Where is your happy place?

  • hanan abdi

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, we all have our happy place :p xx
    A Girls Journal

  • This looks HEAVENLY! Reggie is just the cutest, and these photos are so lovely.

    The beach is my happy place, I feel extremely lucky to live in Cornwall where it’s so chilled x

  • I bet Reggie was so happy he got to join you guys on this one 😀 Lovely snaps.

  • That’s very much my kind of holiday. My happy place is the Lake District, l love how peaceful it is and I always feel like I’m in a victorian novel, but I really want to visit more of the British coast.

    – Natalie

  • Holly Cooke

    These pictures are just stunning! Sounds and looks like you had the loveliest time! x

  • Such beautiful photos! X

  • MoreMindfulYou

    What beautiful photos! <3

  • Laura

    Estee: I watch your videos and just hopped over to this adorable little space on the internet and read this article. First of all, I 100% agree that digital detoxes are crucial. I absolutely feel you on having the dogs around the holidays and on vacation. Taking my pup (who is the cutest miniature aussie) off-leash has been an exhilarating experiment in trust and strengthened our bond. I love Reggie! 😀

  • Diana Gavrilchik

    Absolutely beautiful photos!! Incredible blog Estee love you and your videos, sending love to your beautiful little family❤❤❤?

  • The house looks so beautiful, I know there’s a similar place that is more blue themed which is so dreamy – the perfect shoot locations but also to relax and renew.

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • FashionistArg

    Looks like you had a beautiful time! I´m sure Reggie was beyond happy to have all that beach for himself! And YES to technology breaks… i need to work on that too!
    HAve a great week and a wonderful 2017 Estee!!

  • home <3

  • Kristian Gist

    This looks like absolute bliss! Congrats on finding such a tranquil space and best of luck on continuing the digital detox days in 2017!

  • Clara Schroeder

    These photographs are gorgeous! So happy that you got to relax and spend quality time with Aslan and Reggie to recharge from the business of your life, also really enjoying the recent activity on your blog! It’s great to hear more from you 🙂 Love, Clara

  • I love being at the beach too! Currently I live in the Puget Sound and I don’t frequent a beach quite often enough. Most of ours here aren’t sand though! I love taking my dog on vacation. He’ll be happy in the car for hours on end as long as he’s got room and we stop every few hours. We drove with him from Frankfurt to southern Tuscany. We stayed in an agriturismo and had a great time hiking with him and letting him play on the farm. We brought a crate for site seeing days. We had the best time, beach included.

  • Liliann Dehn

    Dear Estee,
    I am your big fan from many years, I absolutely love to read your posts and watch your videos. It is real privilege to be able to follow your life, career and learn many things from you. One thing that I learned from you is to trust myself, not count on others and follow my dreams. I created some time ago a blog, and I work really hard on it. It would mean a world to me if you could spend a minute on going and checking my blog. I don’t expect anything beside a little comment on how I am doing. Such comment would not only make my day but also give a positive kick to word harder and maybe one day I can reach better level in blogging. Thanks for such a nice post that is absolutely worth to read! My happy place is a small village near the sea called Lulworth. I even took there my mom once so she can also feel magic of this place.
    Love You so much,
    Liliann Dehn from

  • Lucy Sun

    Estée, I just must say, you are absolutely gorgeous and everything I aspire to be as a human being. You’re so real and comfortable, and this blog post was honestly really relaxing to read.

  • Emma

    It looks idyllic…now that December is over I’m so ready for a getaway!

  • Plum Pretty Sugar

    How could anyone NOT be happy there <3
    so so so pretty!