10th Apr 2017 - Beauty

If you’ve never heard of Linda Rodin then you NEED to check her out because she’s pretty much one of the coolest humans to exist on this planet. I’ve been obsessed with her for so long and I’m almost certain that I’ve watched every single interview that Linda has ever done because I really admire her style, her philosophy on life and of course, her beautiful poodle Winks! Linda Rodin has her own collection of cosmetics and the other week whilst watching a video about her on the ‘Into The Gloss’ YouTube channel I felt so inspired to bite the bullet and give some of her products a whirl for myself. Linda has a collection of 5 gorgeous lipsticks and 5 matching liners. The collection is called the ‘Lipstick Wardrobe’ which I think is so fitting because you pretty much have every colour you would ever need in just 5 lipsticks; everything from a beautiful baby pink to a vampy berry shade. I’ve wanted to try these products for SO long so I’m super excited to finally give them a go and tell you guys my first impressions.

The first lip colour that I tried from the collection was the shade ‘So Mod’ which is an absolutely beautiful rosy pink. It comes up a lot paler on my lips than I thought it would and it’s definitely something that I would never normally reach for, however after seeing the finished result I was actually really into it! I feel like this colour works surprisingly well with my pale complexion and just adds something a bit different to a normal, everyday pinky nude. The colour was inspired by the iconic muses of the 60’s including Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy and I can totally sense the 60’s vibe that Linda was going for with ‘So Mod’.

PHOTO: Gabor


Although I am in complete awe of every single shade in Linda Rodin’s lipstick collection I do have 3 favourite colours which are ‘Winks’ (a suuuuuuper vibrant pink), ‘Billie on the Bike’ (a delicious berry) and ‘Tough Tomato’ (a beautiful bold orange). Both the lipsticks and the liners have gorgeously smooth and creamy formulas which make them easy to apply and means that they feel wonderfully hydrating and smooth on your lips. One thing I will say is that you should definitely make sure that you use the matching lip liner whenever you’re wearing one of these lipsticks. I know that it can feel like a tonne of effort to apply a liner at times (trust me, I hate spending hours in front of the mirror so I totally get it!) but the liner really helps to lock in the product and ensure that the colour doesn’t smudge or run from your lips. Whenever I wear a lip liner I always notice how much longer the colour lasts on my lips and it makes it look so much more neat and precise.

All in all I’m completely in love with this entire collection and I’m so glad that I tried all 5 of the shades. Linda has definitely inspired me to be more confident with my makeup and rock a bold lip every now and again. What I love about these lipsticks is that although they’re super vibrant, they actually feel really versatile and I could see myself wearing any of these colours on a day-to-day basis rather than just saving them for a special occasion. If you want to see me try these bold colours on IRL then definitely make sure you head on over to my YouTube channel to watch me apply these babies for the first time! Let me know if you’ll be rocking any of the Linda Rodin lipsticks and liners, I know I will!

  • Linda Rodin 'Winks' Lipstick

  • Linda Rodin 'Tough Tomato' Lipstick

  • Linda Rodin 'So Mod' Lipstick

  • Linda Rodin 'Red Hedy' Lipstick

  • Linda Rodin 'Billie On The Bike' Lipstick

  • Linda Rodin 'Winks' Liner

  • Linda Rodin 'Tough Tomato' Liner

  • Linda Rodin 'So Mod' Liner

  • Linda Rodin 'Red Hedy' Liner

  • Linda Rodin 'Billie On The Bike' Liner

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