19th Mar 2017 - Beauty, Interiors

I’m obsessed with anything that makes my home smell special, so Lola James Harper thought that they would send me a handful of their beautiful products to test and try. Something that I really admire about the Lola James Harper range is that every single one of their candles, perfumes and home fragrances is inspired by memories of founder Rami Mekdachi’s favourite places, people and things. Even though the fragrances are obviously very personal to the Rami, there’s still something within each scent that feels nostalgic to me. Rami is a professional perfumer by trade and that’s something that really translates in his gorgeous range of candles and sprays. It’s clear that he really understands how imperative scent is in igniting some of our forgotten memories. Lola James Harper is slightly high on the pricey spectrum, but if scent is something that is really important to you, then these pieces are definitely worth checking out.

Within the parcel I was lucky enough to receive two of the Lola James Harper Eau De Toilette’s and I adore them both! I’m quite picky when it comes to fragrances, so the fact that I have been wearing these on alternate days shows how much I really do love them. I was gifted a bottle of the fragrance ‘No 27 Do What You Love With the People You Love’ as well as a bottle of ‘No 23 Everything Will Come Together’. The names are simply fantastic aren’t they!? These scents are completely different from each other, but both equally beautiful in their own right. On first impressions the notes of Iris, Rose, Vanilla and (perhaps most interestingly) Carrot, make No 27 appear super light and floral but the subtle hint of Patchouli gives it a lovely musky feel. No 23 is the woodier scent out of the two, with notes of Oakmoss, Vetiver, Bergamot, Neroli and Chilli. So many of the perfumes by Lola James Harper contain notes that I think are rare and unique and that’s something that I really love about this range!

As well as becoming the proud owner to two of the Lola James Harper Perfumes, I’m super excited to be able to add two of their beautiful candles to my collection. The team kindly sent me one of the ‘No 1 – TV Basement of Jonet’ candles alongside a ‘No 16 – The Woody Office of Daddy’. I love both of these and as soon as I lit them my whole office was full of their luxurious-smelling scents; they’re super fragranced so you only need to have them lit for a short amount of time to notice the smell drifting around your house. No 1 is inspired by Rami’s friend Jonet’s basement in her house. Apparently her basement used to smell of old leather couches, dusty carpets and wooden furniture, so this is translated into the candle with notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

No 16 is inspired by Rami’s father’s office; a place which smelled of old books, pencils, paper and wooden tools and Rami uses notes of Mahogany and Sandalwood to reflect that. It’s super deep, smoky and mysterious, so if you’re into smoky scents then this candle is the one for you.

Since testing out a few pieces from the Lola James Harper range I’ve felt compelled to add a few more to my fragrance and candle collection. At the moment I have my eye on a couple of the home sprays, in particular ‘No 5 – The White Coffee on Teta’s Balcony’ and ‘No 8 – The Red Garden of Tata and Jeddo’. No 5 sounds super fresh with its notes of orange blossom and honey (right up my street) while No 8 is fragranced with notes of exotic plants, oakmoss and carrot. I was so impressed by the pieces that I received from the Lola James Harper range and I know they’ll become some of my all time favourites. Let me know if you give any of the candles, perfumes or home fragrances a try. I’m curious to know what your favourite fragrances are!

  • Lola James Harper No 27 Eau De Toilette

  • Lola James Harper No 23 Eau De Toilette

  • Lola James Harper 'TV Basement of Jonet' Candle

  • Lola James Harper 'Woody Office of Daddy' Candle

  • Lola James Harper No 8 'The Red Garden of Tata & Jeddo' Home Spray

  • These sound amazing – I need to get my hands on this brand! <3

    It's Me, Maggie |

  • Selma Selma

    I bought ‘The Coffee shop’ in a small shop in Antwerp and I love the smell! It is quite masculine, but it is a really nice candle for in the livingroom. I was also smitten with The woody office. I think this brand deserves the attention you are giving them. Good for you both <3 I would love to get another one!

  • Sandra

    sucker for a good quality, nice