Luxe Home Fragrance - Fornasetti

Not your average home fragrance.25th Apr 2016 - Interiors

I was recently spoiled with Fornasetti fragrances, which I have been admiring from a distance for years now. The designs are so iconic and they instantly add a touch of elegance to the home. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Fornasetti design I wasn’t completely in love with and that’s what makes this brand so attractive and luxurious. Fornasetti is a high end brand and their pieces are designed with care so they can stay with you forever. Fornasetti products range from ceramics, fashion, accessories and home fragrance which I’ll be focussing on today.

These incense boxes feature beautifully handmade ceramic lids with handmade wooden boxes. Besides the beautiful box, it also comes with 80 scented incense sticks created by a well known Japanese manufacturer, Nippon Kodo. My incense box features the face of Lina Cavalieri whose earrings and tiara are made out of flowers. I love that there’s a tiny little hole on the top of the ceramic lid to place the incense stick. A real treat for an incense lover.

These crystals are not only gorgeous to place in a bowl, but they smell absolutely delicious. It is inspired by the lush flora scent that fills the air around the Fornasetti house in Milan. If you’re after something that will give your home a subtle fragrance that also adds interest to a space then these are for you. Bright pink and in all different shapes and sizes, these ‘crystals’ are truly something special.

Top Notes: Ivy, Lily of the Valley, White Rose
Middle Notes: Iris, Orange Blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes: Tuberose, Sandalwood Musk


I think the candles are my favourite from Fornasetti because of the designs (I’ve got this one on my wishlist). They are all so unique and intricate and they create so much interest just by sitting there on a shelf. Fornasetti says, ‘weapons used only as decorative objects’, which is what made me so drawn to this particular design. Otto is the signature scent of the Profumi collection and it smells so sophisticated and unique.

Top Notes: Thyme, Lavender
Middle Notes: Orris, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Tolu Balsam, Incense, Birch, Labdanum


  • Fornasetti Flora Incense Box

    Zen vibes

  • Fornasetti Scented Crystals

    Notes of lily, jasmine & tuberose

  • Fornasetti Pistole Otto Candle

    Have you ever seen a candle more badass?

  • Fornasetti Sole Di Capri Room Spray

    Notes of mandarin, bergamot and pine sap