Magazines: My Ultimate Inspo

24th Jan 2017 - Etc.

If you’ve been watching my snapchat recently you’ll know that over the past few weeks I’ve been on a strict de-cluttering mission. Although I usually have lots of meetings in the daytime from Monday to Friday, most of my working week is spent sitting on my laptop at my desk at home, so it’s super important for me to be surrounded by a clean and tidy, clutter free space to ensure that I can focus on my work and be as productive as humanly possible. Despite being a self confessed hoarder (I’m convinced I’ve inherited this trait from my Grandma) filling up bags of my belongings to donate to charity isn’t something that I find all that hard to do, in fact, I actually enjoy the process! However, if there’s something you wont see me bagging up and popping in the trunk of my car, it’s my magazines…my one true weakness

The reason that I find my collection of magazines so hard to part with is because they’re always my number one go-to solution when I’ve been hit by the creative block curse. There’s an absolutely enormous stack of magazines on the shelves in my office that I just can’t bear to part with and I can’t see a time in the future when I ever will! There are so may incredible magazines out there, each of one of them completely unique and inspiring in their own weird and wonderful way. Every once in a while I’ll spend a day flicking through my stack of mags and bookmarking anything that catches my eye with a sticky note, even if there’s nothing within those pages that’s relevant to what I’m working on at that time, I can guarantee that at some point in the future, that bookmarked page will spark an idea within me that I didn’t know I had. You should never feel bad for putting down your pen and paper or shutting down your laptop and taking the time to treat your eyes to something beautiful because you never know what that moment could lead to. It’s important to allow your mind the time to refresh itself and get excited by looking at something new.

Of course magazines aren’t my only port of call when I’m in need of a little inspo, with so many amazing apps and websites at our fingertips nowadays it’s easier than ever to see the light at the end of the creative block tunnel. As most of you are aware, I’m completely and utterly obsessed with Instagram and don’t even get me started on how many hours I’ve spent scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr! We’re so lucky to live in a world where we have access to such incredible content from wonderful creatives all over the globe! Although half an hour scrolling through Instagram or stalking someone’s Tumblr is usually enough to get me powering through my to do list once again. Sometimes I find that the best thing for me to do is to head outside and take some time to breathe in the air. Aslan and I are so lucky to have our wonderful Greyhound Reggie because he gives us both an excuse to get outside onto the brisk London streets and lap up the change in scenery. Often I’ll leave the house feeling at a loss for ideas and desperate for something to spark imagination, but I can almost guarantee that once I return from a trip to the park with Reg I’ll be feeling completely refreshed and ready to get on with my day.

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 So those are just a few of the things that I do when I’m needing some inspo. I would love to hear what you guys do to refresh your mind and tackle those creative block woes! Let me know by commenting down below or tweeting me @esteelalonde

Wanna see which magazines are my faves and where I turn to to get them? I’m throwin’ it back to a video that I filmed at the beginning of 2016 where I took you guys along on a magazine shopping trip. Give it a watch and let me know if you’ve read any of the magazines that I mentioned!


  • Einat Meiri

    love it ! <3

  • This post is wonderful ❤️ I love buying magazines but always forget to read them, this post makes me wanna sit down and read them all right now!

  • Magazines always have such wonderful inspiration, I’m just so bad at sitting down and reading them!

    Jodie //

  • Couldn’t agree more!! I’ll sometimes go as far as tearing images out of magazines to create a visual mood board for my studio… But some magazines I couldn’t dare rip a page from! We’re all visual creatures : )


  • Magazines are my weakness too!

    Spotted some good looking titles that I hadn’t heard of before in your collection (which doesn’t look to dissimilar to my own magazine pile in my bedroom) that I’ll have to look out for 🙂

    Heather x

  • I think I’m the same! I subscribe to Vogue and tried to throw some of them out a few weeks ago but just couldn’t bear too! x

  • Karolina Svobodova

    I am totally in love with magazines! I buy especially interior/exterior design ones! It would be amazing if you could do another magazine shopping and haul video! <3

  • Clara Schroeder

    Great post… Just a little spelling mistake though. ‘each of one of them completely unique and inspiring’- 2nd paragraph.

  • So many amazing mags I need to check out! My favourite is the Collective from Australia – super inspiring stories and great design too!

    Cass | CassandraMyee