5th Jun 2017 - Beauty

Surratt Beauty is one of my favourite beauty brands right now and has been ever since I first tried it. It’s the brain child of world renowned NYC makeup artist Troy Surratt and in my opinion, the Surratt collection encapsulates everything that I look for in a beauty brand and more. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is that makes Surratt so special, but every single one of the products that I’ve tried and tested have been both a pleasure to apply and wear. Something that surprises me is that not a lot of people have actually heard of this brand, so for those of you who are new to Surratt let me tell you a little bit about the range and why you won’t find me without a Lipslique or two in my makeup bag.

This makeup brand feels very ‘adult’ and what I mean by that is it’s subtle, gorgeous and not too try-hard. Everything is effortless, the finishes are all on point and it makes me feel like I have my shit together when I use it. There’s no other way to describe it!

One day while browsing the makeup at Liberty London I stumbled across the Surratt counter and instantly started chatting all things Surratt with the woman behind the counter. She really had a passion for the brand and helped me choose products that would suit my skin.  Although I’m a self-confessed sucker for anything Surratt, I’d have to say that I have a particular weakness for their beautiful collection of ‘Lip Lustres’ (described as lip glosses for grown ups). As with all Surratt products, the formula of the Lip Lustres is deliciously creamy and smooth meaning that they feel super comfortable on your lips. The shades of these babies are ABSOLUTELY stunning and compliment my complexion perfectly. It’s no surprise that I’m completely in love with the nude, rose tinted shades with Au Naturelle, Charmante and Soigné being my ultimate fave.

If you’re particularly eagle-eyed you will probably have heard me mention a Surratt Lipslique on more than one occassion. The Lipsliques are my FAVOURITE product from the entire collection and you won’t find me without one of these babies rolling around at the bottom of my hand bag. If you haven’t heard of the Lipslique before I urge you to pick one up right away. I would go as far as to say that the Lipsliques are one of my favourite beauty pieces of all time (I know, MASSIVE statement!!) and that’s because they pretty much sum up my idea of the perfect lip product. The formula of the Lipsliques is quite sheer, but still pigmented enough to give your lips a gorgeous flush of colour (totally my bag). I love them not only because they come in the most beautiful range of shades, but also because they’re super easy to apply and wear. The angled tip makes applying and reapplying the product super convenient and stress free and because the formula is so nourishing, the Lipslique glides over the lips with ease. You guys know that I’m all about natural looking, stress free makeup and these allow me to amp up my look with a pop of colour that looks gorgeously subtle.

Contour, Blush & Highlighter
I love making my own palettes so I made a little palette with a bronzer, blush and a highlighter and it’s pretty much the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. Grisaille is the most perfect contour shade because it melts into the skin and creates a really natural looking shadow. It’s impossible to mess this up because it’s very sheer at first but can be built up. I adore the blush in this palette called Parfait which is a gorgeous subtle coral. When I first saw this colour it reminded me of something Marilyn Monroe would wear in the summertime. The highlight shade called Auréole is subtle, yet effective. Such a gorgeous cheek combination that I’ll never get sick of.

Recently I’ve also been reaching for my Grande Pallette which I’ve been working towards filling with a few of my favourite Artistique Eyeshadow shades. As you can see I’ve opted for some of the gorgeous, warm nude tones which I love to pair with one of my nude Lip Lustre shades. I particularly love the copper shade called Cuivre because it really makes my eye colour pop. I also stuck in some neutral browns and beiges called Silky Nude, Bien Cuit and Greige (my most used crease colour). Another eyeshadow related product I really love are the Surratt Smokey Eye Batons! Think of it as a one stop shop to a smokey eye. One side has a liner and the other side has a spongey applicator covered in pigment. I highly recommend the shade Cendres which is an ashy taupe.

You might have noticed that I’ve been working towards thicker, fuller-looking brows (lemme tell you it ain’t easy) and one of the only things that has been making the journey towards my brow goal a little bit easier is the Surratt Expressioniste Brow Pencil. This pencil is perfect for giving my brows the definition that they need while I let them do their thang. As a blondie, it’s really tough to find a brow product that isn’t too dark or too orange, but the Surratt Pencil in the shade ‘Blonde’ works perfectly for my colouring.

  • Surratt Artistique Eyeshadow

  • Surratt Lip Lustre 'Au Naturelle'

  • Surratt Expressioniste Brow Pencil Refil Cartride 'Blonde'

  • Surratt Artistique Blush

  • Surratt Lipslique 'Gamine'

Surratt Beauty is a brand that I won’t be falling out of love with any time soon, in fact I’ll probably be adding to my ever-growing collection right after I’ve published this post (oops). If you haven’t tried any Surratt products before then definitely make sure you try some out and let me know what you thought. I’m keen to find out which products are your faves and which shades you just can’t get enough of! Let me know in the comments down below.

Fulfil your Surratt cravings at Cult Beauty, Liberty, Net-A-Porter, Harvey Nichols, Spring and Sephora.

  • Nadia Sabrina

    I’ve been dying to try out the Lipsliques ever since you and Lily Pebbles raves about them!

    Love from Indonesia,

  • that lip colour is such a lovely shade xx

  • That cheek palette looks incredible! Such a good mix of colours

    – Natalie

  • Lisa Autumn

    OMG can’t wait to get my hands on some of these products!

    xx Lisa |

  • I’ve walked passed the Surratt counter so many times in Liberty! Definitely will have to pick up some stuff next time I’m there!

    Thuy xo