16th Nov 2017 - Beauty

The other week I received a VERY exciting package in the mail from the lovely beauty team at Net-A-Porter and I couldn’t resist whipping out my camera to document my excitement! It’s no secret that I’m a littttttle bit obsessed with Net-A-Porter (in particular their beauty and wellness section!) so when I opened up the box and saw what was inside I was shook. I was lucky enough to receive one of the incredible Pat McGrath ‘Lust’ Lip Kits, a cute lil tub of Kat Burki eye cream, one of my favourite Nannette De Gaspe eye masks and a bottle of the Sam McKnight dry shampoo.

First up I thought I’d kick things off by telling you guys about the sparkliest item in the package…the Pat McGrath Lip Kit. Within this kit are 6 matte lipsticks, a clear vinyl gloss, three microfine glitter pots and one metallic pigment pot. Of course I got most excited about the six lipstick shades including one nude, two reds, a mauve, a plum and a berry.  As some of you will know by now, matte lipsticks aren’t *really* my go to lip formula, I’m much more of a sheer kinda girl, but what I love about this kit is that you also get the clear vinyl gloss which you can layer over the colour to give it a juicy sheen. Super easy to customise to your personal taste.

I was also lucky enough to receive one of the gorgeous ‘Complete B’ Eye Creme Complexes by Kat Burki which I’m super excited to use. This stuff is basically designed to firm and smooth the delicate area around the eyes to give a brighter, more youthful looking appearance. Applying an eye cream is actually one of my favourite parts of my skincare routine, I just don’t feel complete without it! This one is blended with dreamy stuff like nourishing cold-pressed ingredients, plant stem cells and silk amino acids so I know it’s going to feel super luxurious to apply! P.S. Anything that comes with a cute lil spatula is a winner in my book hee hee!

You might remember a few years back I put together a post all about the incredible Nannette De Gaspe Techstile Masques so when I saw the Restorative Eye Masque nestled at the bottom of the box I was SUPER excited! Once I’ve applied the masque I just gently massage my face with my finger tips (concentrating mostly under the eyes) before leaving it on for 15 minutes. When I take this off my skin feels totally refreshed and more awake. I like to save this kind of thing for special occasions or whenever I know I have an event coming up.

As a dry shampoo fangirl I’ve been dying to try the Sam McKnight ‘Lazy Girl’ Dry Shampoo for a while. I’m usually such a Batiste kinda girl, but I think I might be hooked on this stuff. Not only does it give my hair a boost, it’s also scented with water lily, green stem and juniper wood. Anything that saves me having to whip out the hair dryer is a winner in my book! I’d say it gives a lot more texture to your hair than your average shampoo which is what I lovvvveee.

Thanks so much to the team at Net-A-Porter for sending me all of these gorgeous beauty goodies! The Pat McGrath Lip Kit literally took my breath away and I’m so excited to try out all of the amazing lipstick shades. I *might* even step out of my comfort zone and give some of those glitters a whirl! Who knows!? Definitely check out the Net-A-Porter site for some stunning beauty products if you haven’t already. It’s one of my go-to destinations for fragrance and wellness too!

  • Pat McGrath 'Everything' Lip Kit

    Sparkle and shine!

  • Kat Burki Eye Cream

    The definition of dreamy

  • Nannette De Gaspe Eye Masque

    The ultimate refresher

  • Sam McKnight Dry Shampoo

    Sometimes lazy is good

  • Pat McGrath Skin Illuminator Kit

    Got my eyes on you