New In: Stationery & Other Things I Didn't Need

30th Jan 2017 - Etc.

Just recently I published a post all about my hoarding obsession with magazines, but what I didn’t tell you guys is that I have another hoarding obsession…and that obsession is stationery. Take me to a place that sells pastel coloured washi tape, cute stickers or scented highlighters and I’ll probably have bought the entire store before you can even say the word ‘stationery’. The thing is, I don’t even need this stuff, but I just can’t help myself! We all have our guilty pleasures, right?

On this occasion I decided to hit up two of my go-to stationery stores, Paper Smiths and Choosing Keeping. Both of these sites stock THE most gorgeous pieces and have everything you could imagine; from coffee table books to fancy shmancy pencil cases and pens. For a stationery addict like me, this is heaven! If your willpower is weak, stay well away.

I picked up a number of things on my stationery spree and I’m in love with them all! Arguably my favourite things from this haul are my beautiful new cases from Choosing Keeping. These babies make me happier than they should. Just look at the way they glisten and shine! I picked up one glasses case and one pencil case and the fact that they match makes my heart jump for joy. They’re super fragile so I’ll most likely keep these on my desk rather than rolling around at the bottom of my bag, but they look absolutely stunning and I know that they’ll be a joy to use.

There’s something about acquiring new stationery that makes me feel motivated to be super productive. Whether it’s starting a fresh page of a notebook or opening up the lid on a brand new pen, having new stationery makes me want to get to work and start ticking things off of my ever-growing to do list.

Those are just a few bits that I’ve acquired recently, make sure that you head on over to my YouTube channel to watch my ‘Stationery Haul video where I show you a some more of the beautiful stationery pieces that I bought! Are you a stationery freak like me? If so, comment down below and let me know which are your favourite stationery stores! I’m always looking for new things to add to my collection so I’d love to hear your recommendations!

  • I’m exactly the same when it comes to pretty stationary – never used half of it, but have to gotta have it anyway!
    Great post and great video! xx

    Imaan |

  • Justyna Krug

    Hey, what a beautiful blog post!
    As a stationery addict I can recommend Paperchase, Kikki K, Oh Deer and Hay.
    Hope that any of these stores is new for you!

  • This was a really dangerous post for me to read. I have a bit of a thing for stationery too, and now I kind of want everything, but especially those coloured pencils, the goldmember pen and Tits. card

    – Natalie

  • I’m such a stationary hoarder too Estee! It’s a problem. But I just can’t help myself when I spot a gorgeous new notebook – it pays off in productivity right? Well that’s what I tell myself anyway haha ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  • I’m a big stationary and cute things lover. I watched your video yesterday and wanted all of these stuff. It’s something so satisfying to see cute pens, notebooks and clips on your desk, isn’t it? I immediately feel more motivated and ready for productive day. I haven’t been stationary shopping in so long and I really think it’s time to buy more pastel and rose gold things. xo

    Lots of love!

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • Estee, you made me want to buy everything here. Seriously such cute stuff <3

    Enclothed Cognition

  • Fatima

    The tits card!! Hahaha. I love stationary stuff and I feel like its becoming ‘cool’ to have cute productivity and stationary stuff 🙂

    Fatima x

  • The tits card is to die for!! 😀

  • Such cute stuff! Just wish I had somewhere to keep things like this – probably a good job I don’t or the flat would be full!

  • Omg the tits card!! And those cases are GORGEOUS!
    { Katie Actually }

  • Everything about this haul is to die for. EVERYTHING I SAY. <3

    It's Me, Maggie |

  • I am going mad on Papersmiths once I get paid, the bits you picked up were so lovely – the pen holder especially!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • I would love more and more videos like this, stationery is one of my vices!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • Oh my god stationary is everything to me , I love to go into to stationary stores and just stare.

  • new stationary gives me so much joy!! x

  • I am so obsessed with stationary! I would honestly spend all my money on stationary if I could! You’re not helping with my addiction! I went on the sites and now I want even more!! Haha, great post though! Thanks for sharing!

  • Loved the video!! Great haul!! 🙂 xx

  • Those cases!!! I need!