12th Mar 2018 - Style

Some of you guys might remember a post I put together back in the Summer about one of my favourite independent jewellery brands, Wolf Circus. Wolf Circus know I’m a huuuuuge huge fan of their stuff and were kind enough to send me some pieces from their stunning collection to love and wear (*squeals*) so I just had to pick up my camera and show you what they sent. Although I’m a loyal fangirl of bigger brands like Missoma and Daisy London jewellery, there’s something about supporting the smaller, lesser known brands of the world that I love! Wolf Circus is my go-to destination for beautiful, unique pieces with a twist and I’m super excited to start integrating these new accessories into my wardrobe.

I’ve been having a bit of a thing for earrings lately so when I saw that Wolf Circus had kindly gifted me these STUNNERS I got all heart eyed. I recently got a new piercing (I think it’s called a rook piercing?) so playing around with different studs is something that I’ve been really enjoying doing. Wolf Circus sent me the beautiful ‘Franca’ earrings (the twisty ones! No wonder they’re sold out) as well as an ‘Oval Chain’ pair. I absolutely love the way that both of these earrings look with my usual everyday studs (and my new Maria Tash sleeper!) I feel like these Wolf Circus earrings really epitomise what this brand is all about; totally unique and super cool designs!

For bracelets I usually stick to wearing just my favourite Daisy London ‘Chakra’ bracelet, but now I have this beauty in my collection I feel totally inspired to start wearing more bling on my wrists! This gorgeous piece is the ‘Maggie’ bracelet and I absolutely ADORE it! Sadly it’s sold out but here’s a similar one! This is such a dainty piece but I feel like the unusual chain gives it a bit of an edge. It’s super simple but packs a punch at the same time. Love it!

I’m the kind of person that feels naked if I leave the house without my rings on and I’ve loved collecting rings ever since I can remember! I’ve been on the hunt for a signet style ring so when Wolf Circus included this beauty in my gift box I couldn’t believe my luck! This is the ‘Femme’ ring and I think it’s actually one of my favourite rings I own now! Much like the ‘Maggie’ bracelet, this ring is such a classic shape, but the intricate detailing gives it a unique edge. I’m excited to wear this with my favourite shirt from Paloma Wool which is also covered in naked ladies!

Last but certainly by no means least is this stunning pearl necklace which you might have already seen if you follow me on Insta! This is the ‘Pearl Lariat’ necklace and what I love about this is that magical freshwater pearl at the end of the chain. I’ve been super into layering necklaces lately but I feel like this one has to be worn on its own because of its sheer beauty! I’m excited to wear this over funky t-shirts and sweaters but I also think this would look absolutely beautiful with a really deep v-neck top (like > this one < maybe?) I feel like every single piece of Wolf Circus jewellery is super versatile; they’re great at adding something special (but not too ‘in your face’) to a casual, everyday outfit, but they’re also really amazing pieces wear to an event or a party. Whenever I wear my Wolf Circus ‘Art Deco’ studs someone ALWAYS asks me where I got them! Definitely check out Wolf Circus if you’re a fan of super unique, great quality jewellery. Let me know what your favourite piece is in the comments! P.S. Thank you SO much Wolf Circus for sending me these beautiful goodies to add to my collection, I adore them!


  • Franca Earrings

    So beautiful!

  • Maggie Bracelet

    Dainty but cool

  • Pearl Lariat Necklace

    Simply stunning!

  • Femme Ring

    It's all in the details

  • Oval Chain Earrings

    These are so unique!

  • Toni-Marie Griffin

    Loving those pieces so much! How are you finding the healing process for your rook piercing? I am so tempted to get one but I have heard that cartilage takes so long to heal!

    • rchiariello

      I’ve had mine for like 11 years and I can confirm it takes forever to heal. I’ve only changed the jewelry once for an MRI and it was a royal pain in the ass.

  • These pieces are so beautiful! X

  • Pili G

    I love this jewelry pieces! Earrings have been everywhere lately and I love them.
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