30th Mar 2017 - Beauty

Lately I’ve found myself obsessing over all things pink. Despite not being a girly girl, I’ve always loved pink, but it’s kind of reaching new heights lately. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a bunch of beautiful flowers, a cute little bowl for the kitchen or a gorgeous rose tinted lipstick, if it’s pink, I want it! Maybe its something to do with the fact that Spring is starting to make an appearance here in London, or maybe its just a phase that I’m going through. Whatever the reason, I’m certain that my love for all-things-pink isn’t going to go away any time soon. That’s why for this blog post I decided to show you a few of my favourite beauty items that happen to be pink. Enjoy!

A pink lip has always been (and will forever be) one of my favourite looks to wear, and this YSL lipstick in the shade ‘Fuchsia Stiletto’ definitely takes the biscuit (how British am I!?). I love adding a slick of this gorgeously pigmented colour to a subtle makeup look, it adds something super special and fresh to an otherwise natural looking face. The formula is really nourishing, surprisingly moisturising and feels like a real treat to apply. Feeling brave? Give this one a go!
This roll-on perfume by Diptyque smells absolutely heavenly, Geranium Odorata is without a doubt one of my most favourite scents from the Diptyque collection. If floral is your thang, this perfume is the one for you. Geranium Odorata is super fresh, clean and crisp smelling, with a gorgeous mix of Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Geranium Bourbon and Rose Geranium. This perfume will always remind me of summer because I tend to reach for it during the warmer months, the smell reminds me of blossom and flower-filled gardens, so it seems only right to wear this baby during my favourite seasons. I love roll on perfumes because they’re so easy to chuck into the bottom of a handbag or stow away in a jacket pocket. I’m a real sucker for fragrance so I like to make sure that my perfume doesn’t fade too much while I’m out and about. Roll on products make it even easier for me to top up my scent throughout the day which is perfect for me. All I do is roll a little perfume onto my wrists, neck and collar bones and I’m ready to go. Give this perfume a go if you’re a fan of floral!
This Zelens Lip Glaze is a product that I’ve been reaching for more and more lately, I just love this stuff! It’s perfect for I’m feeling lazy and don’t have the patience to pop on a lip liner or carefully apply my lipstick, all I do is take out the wand and swipe it evenly over my lips. The formula is of this lip glaze contains collagen so it really helps to give your lips a boost of volume and give them a gorgeously plump look with a subtle hint of colour. The Zelens Lip Glaze is also infused with green shiso leaves which help to protect your lips from the damaging effects of the environment (perfect for any of you guys that live in the city like me!). It’s not super pigmented which is nice for those more natural days. Get yours here.
A good nude is my go-to colour for my nails; it’s classic, minimal and looks good with pretty much every outfit. Although it’s rare that you’ll find me with anything else but nude (or red) on my nails, sometimes when the mood strikes I love to apply a slick of something gorgeously bright and daring. I love this Nailberry Nail Polish in the shade ‘In Love’, it’s such a delicious-looking candy coloured pink and I just can’t get enough of it! This polish adds something cute to every outfit and I love it! I pair it my classic camel coat, a crisp white shirt, washed denim jeans and some tan boots and I’m good to go. Paint away with your own Nailberry Polish.
You guys know by now that I’m the world’s biggest fangirl when it comes to By Terry products. I’m pretty much in love with everything By Terry and the Baume De Rose Hand Cream is no exception. This hand cream is my saviour! I’ve been fighting a constant battle with my dry skin since I can remember and when winter rolls around my hands are the first things to notice the bitterly cold air. The formula is surprisingly light given how intensely nourishing it feels on my hands. With a delicious concoction of rose butter, rose flower essential wax and rosehip oil, this hand cream leaves my skin feeling smooth and regenerated, not to mention that much like all the other products in the By Terry range, it smells absolutely wonderful! You NEED this in your life! Get your mitts on this gorgeous hand cream here.
I absolutely adore this compact cushion blush by Lancôme (I have an entire post about these coming soon)! I love this stuff because it’s so buildable, the cushion applicator means that you have great control over how much product you want to apply to your face and how intense you want the finished look to be. It’s super easy to apply, just dab the cushion applicator (or a brush or your fingers) into the product, bounce onto your cheeks and voila! On first impressions the colour can look a bit daunting, but trust me when I say that this blush gives off a really natural, dewy look. Add some colour with your own Lancôme Cushion Blush.

So those are just a few of my favourite pink items from my beauty drawer. I’d love to know if you guys have any recommendations of pink products that I should try! Let me know in the comments down below if you do. My obsession with this beautiful colour isn’t going to go away any time soon, I’ve been lusting over so many gorgeous pink clothes, bags and shoes too! I’ve had a number of pink items lingering in my shopping baskets for a few weeks and now that spring is making its appearance I think it’s the perfect time to bite the bullet and add these pieces to my wardrobe. If any of you guys are just as pink mad as I am, here’s a few of the bits that I’ve been lusting over recently. *Warning* you will want EVERYTHING!

  • By Terry Baume De Rose Hand Cream

  • Diptyque 'Geranium Odorata' Roll On Perfume

  • Lancome Cushion Blush 'Splash Coral'

  • Nailberry Nail Polish 'In Love'

  • Zelens Lip Glaze 'Rose'