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When did I become British?9th Jun 2016 - Food, Places

A few weeks ago, Aslan and I headed out one Sunday morning for a delicious snack. He was mortified when I told him that I’d never tried a crumpet before, so he was rather excited to see what I thought. Good and Proper Tea Co. has such a huge selection of different types of tea that it’s honestly difficult to choose just one. They also have these super cool tea making machines (the technical term) that were mesmerising to watch.

The space is decorated so beautifully and we spent most of our time wondering how they made it look so good! They have loads of wooden panelling, gorgeous brick and this really cool peg board style wall with various plants hanging from it. Don’t even get me started on how much I love the lights in this place!

In the end I stayed boring and went for earl grey, but it was the best damn cup of earl grey I’ve ever had! If you’re around Clerkenwell, I highly recommend checking this place out! We’ll definitely be back to get our fill of tea and crumpets.

Crumpet verdict: frickin’ delicious.

  • The Sunday Mode

    My only memory of crumpets is eating the packet kind when I was younger and then beating it with a kitchen mallet to try and pretend like it was a pancake so I’d like it more? …I realise that actually sounds a little demented/Dexter’ish but I haven’t eaten a crumpet since!

    I bet if I went to an actual cafe like this and ordered one though I’d probably love it, either that or I’d just enjoy some of the tea!


  • Nadia Sabrina

    That place sounds frickin’ gorgeous, Estée!

    Love from Indonesia,

  • A crumpet? I have never even heard of that. But it sure looks delicious.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • I’ve had crumpets a few times in the US, Canada, and in Europe. I love tea too. If that makes me British, so be it! I’m a lover of all sorts of tea. I’m with you though, when in doubt, Earl Grey will give you a good overall idea of the quality of an establishments offerings. It’s an excellent litmus test. I fell in love with it as a kid. Then when Star Trek Next Gen started, I thought I was pretty cool since the “Captain” and I liked the same tea.

  • My mouth dropped when I read you had never tried a crumpet hahaha x

  • Love a good crumpet, they are my fav treat breakfast, you know, except for pancakes


  • Libby

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first ever crumpet! I’ve now got an urge to eat about 20 *drools* X


  • I love the branding + name of this shop! Also, your photos are perfect. I always feel inspired by your posts!

  • This seems amazing! Do you prefer the London food scene to the Canadian one?

    x Anty

  • It looks so yummy!! Do you prefer the London food scene or the Canadian one?

    x Anty