Tea Party

Biskies for everyone4th Nov 2015 - Food

When biscuits look this delicious, I had to take advantage of how pretty they are and whip out my best china for a tea party. The biscuits are the biskies from Cutter & Squidge, a shop in Soho on Brewer’s St. Before I went into the shop, I hadn’t tried a biskie before, nor had I even heard of them. So basically, they are a mixture between a biscuit, cookie and a cake – all of the good things in one! They’re filled with buttercream and topped with all different flavours. An absolute must-try if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Treat yourself!

  • These are just ridiculously cute. Almost too cute to eat! Almost. Even the name “biskie” is cute!

  • I love your china! Makes the treats look even tastier.

  • Your china really is beautiful – almost as beautiful as those desserts. It’s not even the afternoon and I already want some tea!

  • OH MY!

  • Jessica Maye

    Holy moly, I need one in my belly – now.

  • Katie in black

    Im not a sweet tooth but I would definitely try one of these :O

  • looks yummy 🙂

  • Looks so good! I wish I could have that right nowwww 🙂

  • Estee! I’m so in love with your new blog. I was really into the previous one as well, however this design is right up my alley as minimalist and neutral colors bode well with my soul. Looking forward to more of your content 🙂

    Whole lot of love from a fellow Canadian!

  • Molly

    Such beautiful photos! Definitely need to try these. Molly x

  • Yummy!! I need a tea party

  • hee hee my vintage tea sets 🙂

  • Anthea

    I love your teacups! Where are they from?

  • Alice Wright

    Beautiful ceramics! Loving the aperture on the gorge cookie photography too! 🙂 Insta – @alicewright89

  • Rae

    These look incredible, I have a massive sweet tooth so will definitely have to remember to stop by their shop next time I am in the area!