30th Jan 2018 - Places

A few months back I booked Aslan, Reggie and I into cute little log cabin get away in the Cotswolds. The other day while I was playing around on my computer I stumbled upon these gorgeous photos. I totally forgot about these pictures and I’m SO glad I rediscovered them because they brought back so many nice memories and gave me all the warm, fuzzy feels. Ahh.

Before booking the trip I knew I wanted to go somewhere with totally ~ zen vibes ~ and when I found ‘Log House Holidays’ while scrolling through Insta I knew I’d found just the place. You might have noticed that I travel quite a bit and since Aslan and I had already planned to spend our Christmas holidays road tripping around the USA, I decided the only way I could prepare myself for a week of map reading and car napping was to schedule a few days of utter relaxation before we set off on our adventure. I’m SO glad I did.

As the name would suggest we stayed in the cuuuuuutest little log cabin right by this huge, swan-filled lake. Since we live in the heart of London I’m always really grateful to get the chance to explore the more tranquil side of the UK. I really appreciated those few days of escapism. There was literally nothing around us but trees, open water and tweeting birds and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy the silence made my soul!

Since Aslan and I were about to spend 3 whole weeks alone with each other (lol) I decided to invite Amelia to spend a few days with us at the cabin for some serious girl time. We basically just spent our days sleeping in really late, eating a ton of delicious food (Amelia made her infamous ‘healthy’ pancakes which were actually really good) and chit chatting. Amelia brought her dog Duke along to the cabin with her so it was super nice to take the doggies out for some fresh air and explore the space a little more. P.S. How hilarious does Reggie look next to teeny tiny Duke?!

You guys know I’m such a bath person, so it’s probably no surprise to you that the hot tub outside our cabin was the cherry on top for me on this trip. I literally can’t think of anything more relaxing than watching the sun go down over the freezing lake from the comfort and warmth of that tub. Oh what I would do to be back there right now! I also got to hang around in my comfiest clothes, no makeup and catch up on my reading!


  • Rupi Kaur 'The Sun & Her Flowers'

    Beautiful poetry fills my soul!

  • Super Cool Rainbow Sweater!

    Snuggliest thing EVER

  • Beautiful Swimsuit!

    Love these colours

  • Rainbow Joggers

    I wish I could live in these babies

  • Cozy Candle

    Obsessed with this one lately!

I hope you guys enjoyed getting a little glimpse into our relaxing winter break. I know we’ve only just got back to normality after the holidays but this cold, dark January is giving me the urge to hibernate away in a log cabin until Spring rolls around! Where is your favourite place to escape to when you need a break? I’m always on the hunt for utlimate relaxation destinations so if you have any recommendations definitely make sure you leave me a comment down below! Check out the Log House Holidays site if you need some zen in your life! We stayed in the KENO lodge by the way and if you check out their site they have loads if different options.


  • Cozy Sorel Boots

    I'm a loyal Sorel girl!

  • Soft Gloves

    I like these fingerless ones

  • Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm

    Pucker up!

  • Simple Beanie Hat

    Are you a hat person?

  • Lancôme Génifique Mask

    Serious pamper time!