10th Apr 2018 - Beauty

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You’ve probably noticed by now that fragrances are one of my favourite things to collect. I’m one of those people that can’t walk out the door with a spritz of something on my skin, it just doesn’t feel *right*. Much like my makeup and wardrobe, I tend to switch up the scents that I reach for as the seasons change. During Summer I’ll usually gravitate towards the lighter, more floral scents in my collection, but in the winter time I love to wear something heavier, deeper and slightly smoky. I thought I’d put together a post to show you some of the perfumes that I’ve been obsessing over these past few months. I just wish you guys could smell them through the screen!

I count myself lucky to have quite a few Tom Ford fragrances in my collection and although I adore each and every one of them I have to say that the *Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is the one I love the most. This perfume pretty much screams sexy to me! It’s super heavy and smoky and lasts all day. Noir is a unique blend of bitter orange oil, ginger extract and spice, paired with notes of rose absolute, mandarin and vanilla. This is the kind of scent I’ll usually reach for if I’m heading out for the evening or going to an event, it makes me feel super glam.

Despite the fact that I think this might actually be a man’s fragrance, I’ve been absolutely in love with this perfume ever since I got it a few months back! The top notes of Cannabis Santal are surprisingly citrusy (brazillian orange, bergamot and black plum) and work beautifully with the sweet and smoky bottom notes (patchouli, cannabis, chocolate and vanilla musk). I’ve been really enjoying wearing this, it definitely makes me want to add more Fresh perfumes to my collection. Obsessed!
This fragrance smells as delicious as the name would suggest. *Un Bois Vanille is a dreamy concoction of coconut milk, black vanilla absolute and caramelised benzoin. Usually this kind of fragrance would be waaaay to sweet for me (I like something with a bit of a kick) but the notes of liquorice (YUM!!), bitter almond and myrrh give this perfume its sexy, smoky edge. This is one of the perfumes in my collection that feels super luxurious to wear. I love it!


This scent is hard to describe because it’s super light and citrusy but it also has a lot of depth at the same time. Its top notes of fresh grapefruit, pomelo and tangerine work are given an earthy edge with its undertones of cedar, patchouli and nutmeg. I don’t tend to talk about this perfume all that often but it’s actually been a favourite of mine for quite some time.
The top notes of sweet amaretto and nutmeg in this fragrance are mixed with floral notes of ylang ylang and rose. Giving this perfume its deep, earthy undertone are notes of black leather, patchouli and musk. The *Byredo Cuir Obscur is one of my favourite ‘everyday’ fragrances; it’s super wearable and the kind of perfume that has just the right balance of sugar and spice (and all things nice).

The *Diptyque ‘Eau Deulle’ is one of the perfumes in my collection that I reach for A LOT during the winter months. This is one of those fragrances that I find difficult to describe because it’s blended with some really unique notes like bourbon vanilla, earthy rockrose and musky ambroxan, but to sum it up it’s a sweet, warm and sensual fragrance that I always enjoy wearing. 


If deep, musky scents are your thang then *‘The Noir 29’ by Le Labo is a fragrance that you’re going to lurrrve just as much as I do. What draws me to Le Labo Noir is that it’s really deep and kinda sexy but surprisingly fresh at the same time. Within the perfume is a combination of light notes such as bergamot, fig leaves and bay leaves, alongside deeper, more woody notes of vetiver, tobacco and musk. P.s. If you look closely you can see that my bottle has my name on it (!!!) If you buy it from the *Le Labo site you can actually get your bottle customised especially for you. I feel like that extra special touch makes it the perfect gift for the holidays!
Much like the Molecule 01 fragrance, the thing that makes *Molecule 02 so special is its unique ability to adapt its scent to each individual. I find the Eccentric Molecules fragrances super hard to describe because it’s kind of impossible to put your finger on the exact notes but I feel like this perfume compliments the natural scent of my skin and I really like that. Compared to Molecule 01, Molecule 02 is a slightly warmer, more nutty scent, making it perfect for the colder months. If you haven’t experienced the Eccentric Molecules fragrances you should definitely try them and see what I’m talking about. There’s something quite magical about Escentric Molecules!


My good friend Carrie actually recommended this *Maison Louis Marie perfume to me and I’ve been OBSESSED with it ever since (thanks Carrie!!) What’s unique about this is that it’s actually a perfume oil so I feel like it lasts way longer than your normal ‘spray on’ kinda scent. I feel like this perfume is quite creamy but it also has notes of vetiver, nutmeg and cinnamon which give it that sensual, earthy undertone. I’m completely obsessed with this fragrance and I can’t thank Carrie enough for bringing it into my life! It’s one of my all time favourites. 
Similarly to the Eccentric Molecules perfume, *Glossier ‘You’ is really tough to describe because essentially it smells just like ‘you’. When I heard that Glossier were bringing out a fragrance I kinda expected it to be really sweet (sort of like their ‘birthday cake’ balm dot com) but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it and discovered that it has quite an earthy feel. The top notes of iris root and pink pepper give it a spicy, woody kick and the base notes of ambrox and musk give it a comforting, warm feel. The bright pink bottle doesn’t reflect the scent in any way but I actually really like that. I feel like this perfume has that ‘smells like me but better’ vibe to it. Try it and let me know what you think! I think this one will surprise you.


I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit about some of my favourite fragrances for Winter. I find it quite tricky to describe scents but hopefully you got the gist! Leave me a comment and tell me what perfume you’re reaching for lately. I’m always so intrigued to know what scent people are wearing!

  • *Tom Ford 'The Noir'

    The definition of sexy

  • *Fresh 'Cannabis Santal' Eau De Parfum

    Base notes of chocolate and vetiver

  • *Serge Kutens 'Un Bois Vanille'

    Sweet dreams

  • *Liquides Imaginaires 'Sancti'

    Super earthy

  • *Byredo Cuir Obscur

    Top notes of sweet amaretto

  • *Diptyque Eau Duelle

    Warm, sweet and sensual

  • *Le Labo 'The Noir 29'

    Woody, smoky & super sexy!

  • *Escentric Molecules '02'

    Smells like you but better

  • *Maison Louis Marie ‘No 4 Bois De Balincourt’

    Lasts all day!

  • *Glossier 'You'

    Surprisingly grown up

  • Loved this post, what an amazing perfume collection! I’ve just received a sample of the Glossier YOU with my order and I’m obsessed too. Molecule perfumes are also some of my favourites, I love how they change on different people, super unique.

    Jasmine xx

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