23rd Apr 2018 - Beauty

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*‘Haeckles’ is a natural fragrance and skincare brand that I’ve been swooning over for years, so a little while back I decided to bite the bullet and pick up some things to try for myself. Their beautiful natural skin, hair and body products are all made from local ingredients and formulated in their clifftop lab just a stones throw away from the store. I’ve heard a ton of people say how amazing their products are so I knew I had to pick some up and see if they were worth the hype. I’m super excited to give these a whirl at bath time.

As a self confessed fragrance and candle addict, the piece from my Haeckles haul that I’m most excited about is this *amazing chalk room diffuser! I’ve never ever seen one of these before but basically the chalk diffuser comes with a little bottle of essential oil which you pour into the brass bowl that the chalk is sitting in. Once you’ve poured 50ml of liquid into the bowl the chalk will slowly begin to absorb the oil and release a scent into your room. As with all Haeckles goodies, the chalk used for this diffuser was gathered from the nearby Kent coast line before being taken into the Haeckles lab. I love finding cool new ways to inject fragrance into my home so I’m totally in love with this magical diffuser!

You guys know by now that I’m a total bath person, so when I saw this freaky little bag of seaweed in the store I knew I just HAD to have it! This is basically a *traditional seaweed bath and all you do is pop the bag into your hot bath and leave it in there while you soak. Seaweed is said to be jam packed with natural antioxidants and essential vitamins and has been used for generations to repair skin, help fight signs of ageing and even battle cellulite, arthritis and eczema. What’s great about this is that you can use the seaweed again and again; just leave it to dry and use it within 3 days. P.S. Once you’re done with your seaweed you can also pop it in your garden and use it as a fertiliser! I’m probably going to try sprinkling some in my cactus pots and see what happens! Cool right!?

As someone who suffers with dryness (especially during the winter!) I’m always on the hunt for an exfoliator that will nourish and protect my skin. I picked up one of the *exfoliating seaweed blocks and I’m really excited to see how this works! This is made from a vegetable based, vegan formula and is jam packed with with lovely natural ingredients like coriander seeds and peppercorns which help to scrub away yucky dead cells and keep your skin feeling silky smooth. All you do is use this like you would use a normal bar of soap; moisten the block and massage it onto your skin in gentle, circular motions. A one stop shop to soft, supple skin. I’ll keep you posted on this one…

Of course I couldn’t leave Haeckles without picking up a candle, right? What made me fall in love with the Haeckles candles was the fact that they’re named after the GPS co-ordinates at which the fragrance was captured! Amazing huh!? I had a hard time picking which one to take home since they ALL smelt incredible! I’m really happy with *the one I chose (which smells really woody and earthy) but I also have my eye on the *elderflower scent which apparently smells like sweet elderflower and fresh apple, yum!

One product in the skincare section that I got especially excited about was the *Eco Marine Extract facial cream. This is a soothing, anti-inflammatory formula, rich in omega 3 and strerols. Apparently this stuff is great at reducing the appearance of fine lines (hopefully something I don’t need just yet!) as well as providing TONS of hydration (something I definitely DO need!) I’m excited to give this a go, it looks like it’s going to feel super duper dreamy on my skin.

The last thing I picked up was one of the gorgeous *seaweed and sea lavender lip balms. I’ll be honest, I totally picked this up entirely for the cute golden tub, but I’m also really intrigued by the use of ‘sea lavender’ within the balm. Curious to find out what sea lavender smells like!

I’m super intrigued by all of the products I picked up and I can’t wait to try them out for myself. Do any of these Haeckles goodies tickle your fancy? Let me know in the comments which one you’re intrigued by!


  • *Eco Marine Facial Cream

    Packed with dreamy stuff

  • *Chalk Diffuser

    I feel like this might be magic

  • *Seaweed & Sea Lavender Lip Balm

    Kissable lips all year round

  • *Seaweed Bath Soak

    Soft skin here I come

  • *Seaweed Block

    Scrub a dub dub

  • This is all so cool and new to me. Love it!


  • There’s a brand based here in Sweden with a similar vibe, they also a seaweed bath but they actually tell you to scrub your body with the seaweed too! Seems a little scary to me but I kinda wanna try it. I’m trying to launch sea witch as the vibe for 2018.

  • Phoebe Whittle

    This brand looks so interesting! My mum used to make me bathe in seaweed when I was younger because of my eczema and the smell haunted me, but it worked wonders on my skin! Really keen to give this a try.

    P xx

  • This brand sounds beautiful – I love the minimal packaging! The scrubby soap and lip balm would be top of my list – heaven!

    Jasmine xx

  • Manisha Gill

    Check out my blog guys!!!