15th Sep 2017 - Beauty

It’s officially Fall here in the UK (brr) and although I’m the biggest Summer baby there’s something about mixing up my makeup drawer for the new season that gets me all kinds of excited. Over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting a handful of different products that I’m excited to use during the coming colder months. Fall weather always gets me excited to incorporate some warm, earthy tones into my makeup wardrobe so I thought I’d talk you through some of the things that are ‘new in’ in my makeup bag.

First up I just have to take a minute to talk about these stunning nail polishes by a brand called ‘J.Hannah’. A few weeks back I received a package in the mail from La Gent and when I opened it up to see these polishes nestled inside I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat; this might just be the most beautiful selection of colours I’ve EVER seen. If you’re as obsessed with jewellery as I am then you might recognise the brand name ‘J. Hannah’ as the brain child of the talented jewellery designer Jess Hannah. Until I received the package I had no idea that Jess had created her own line of carefully-edited nail polishes but now that I’ve discovered them I can’t see myself using anything else on my nails but these beautiful colours.

I’ve always been a little hesitant to wear anything other than nude on my nails and what I love about this collection is that it’s described as being designed for the ‘colour resistant’. Every single one of the eleven colours within the collection has been inspired by artists palettes and natural elements which makes each one of the shades totally unique. For me, these polishes seem so versatile because they’re kinda the perfect mix between being a ‘colour’ and a ‘neutral’ (if that makes any sense!?) and I can totally see myself wearing any one of these shades all year round. It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favourite but I think that the shade ‘Saltillo’ is the colour that pulls on my heart strings the most. Saltillo is a gorgeous terracotta shade which has been inspired by chalky earth, clay and kilns. These J.Hannah polishes are definitely some of the most beautiful nail products I’ve seen and for me, that’s a BIG statement. Check them out and let me know which shade is your favourite.

Colour correcting products aren’t something that I tend to reach for all that often, but when I heard that Lancôme had created their own colour correcting primer in CUSHION form I knew I just had to get my hands on one of these babies. The reason I don’t tend to bother all that much with colour correcting my skin is because I’m all about using products that I can apply quickly and easily before rushing out of the door 10 minutes later. What’s great about the Lancôme Colour Correcting Primer Cushion is that (like all of their cushion products) this stuff is a breeze to apply and means I don’t have to spend ages faffing around in front of the mirror. I picked up a primer in the ‘Peachy Pink’ tone which has been designed to neutralise any dullness and darkness on the skin as well as reducing the appearance of under eye circles. I’ve only used this CC Cushion under my eyes a couple of times but each time I apply it I can really see a huge difference. This stuff does a great job at making me look like I’ve had a solid 12 hour snooze when in reality I’ve hardly slept a peep. Try it!

If you watch my Instagram stories you might have seen me fangirling over an incredible By Terry package that arrived for me in the mail. The Compact Dual Expert Powder in the shade ‘Sun Desire’ was one of the products that I was lucky enough to receive and definitely the one that I got the most excited about. Any regulars to my blog will know that I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to anything By Terry and this powder is no exception. The Dual Expert Powder is a matte and glow dual compact which basically mattifys, highlights and sets your makeup all at the same time…amazing right?! I like to use a kabuki brush to apply the powder all over my t zone and then just sweep any remaining product over the rest of my face but you can also use a foundation brush to achieve a more sculpted look. However you choose to use this powder, the finish is always gorgeously glowing and radiant. I dare you not to fall in love with this one!

I’ve been wanting to try the Charlotte Tilbury Highlight and Contour Wands ever since discovering them a few weeks ago. These wands are part of the Hollywood Beauty collection and if you’re as much of a Charlotte Tilbury fangirl as I am then you’ll know that each and every one of the products in the range are absolutely stunning! Both the Light and Contour Wand are super duper easy to use because you can just apply the wand straight to the areas of your face that you want to highlight and sculpt. The Light Wand is definitely my favourite out of the two thanks to the beautiful rose gold toned formula but they’re both equally as stunning as each other. Whenever I use this combo I feel *kinda* like a Hollywood star…kinda! (P.s. The Contour Wand comes in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark)

I know the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder has been a cult classic since time began but I’ve recently rediscovered my love for this product. I think one of the reasons why this powder is so popular amongst beauty lovers is because it’s sooooo wonderfully lightweight and never looks cakey on the skin. This oil-free powder is great for setting makeup as well as reducing the appearance of any imperfections or fine lines on the face. It’s a cult classic for a reason so definitely give the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder a whirl if you haven’t already.

Ok guys, can we just take a second to appreciate the sheer beauty of this eyeshadow palette by Marc Jacobs? *Swoons* The other day I was lucky enough to receive some of the amaaazing Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Longwear Eyeshadow Palettes and couldn’t believe my luck as soon as I saw them. The ‘Glambition’ palette is by far my favourite thanks to those stunning warm nude and pink tones. Even though I’m not usually a big fan of glitter shadows I’m totally obsessed with that beautiful shimmering gold. I’ve only used this palette a couple of times because it feels too special to use on an everyday basis! I’m waiting for an event to come along where I can rock a gold glittery lid with a touch of my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wand on the tops of my cheekbones. How stunning would that be!?

The Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Balm is one of my favourite lip products that I’ve acquired recently. If you love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment as much as I do then you’re pretty much guaranteed to adore the Caramel Balm just the same. Since snapping these photos I’ve used this balm LOADS so trust me when I say that it really does do a great job at nourishing and protecting the lips. However what I really need to mention is just how INSANELY DELICIOUS this stuff actually smells. Don’t get me wrong, every single Fresh product that I own smells beautiful, but as soon as I opened up the lid I couldn’t believe just how incredible the scent is! This balm smells like ACTUAL caramel!! You’re gonna love it!

Since I’m a sucker for a beautiful lipstick I thought I’d save the Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick until last. I have a couple of Giorgio Armani lipsticks in my collection but recently I got this one in the shade ‘100 Smile’ and fell head over heels. If you’re like me and you love wearing something sheer on your lips then you NEED to try these. The Ecstasy Shine Lipsticks apply like a balm, look like a lipstick but shine like a gloss and although it might seem like an odd formulation, the finished result looks (and feels) stunning. The shade ‘Smile’ is quite a rosy-toned nude and it’s one of those shades that I would wear every single day. Since it’s officially Fall here in the UK I’m really keen to add one of the gorgeous plum shades to my collection. Let me know which shade is your fave!

I hope you enjoyed discovering some of the products that I’ve acquired recently. I’m super excited to rock some of those beautiful J.Hannah nail polishes this Fall, they’re definitely the stand out product for me this season! Have you guys discovered anything new recently that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments down below!
  • J Hannah Nail Polish

    Beautiful colours

  • Lancôme Miracle CC Cushion

    Colour correcting primer

  • By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush Contouring


  • Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

    Staying power

  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Highlight Wand

    Get your glam on

  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Contour Wand

    Sculpt away

  • Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Longwear Eyeshadow 'Glambition'

    Dreams can come true

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm

    Smells like ACTUAL caramel


    Subtle but beautiful colour

  • Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipstick

    Formula goals

  • I’ve been meaning to check out the Fresh Sugar Caramel Hydrating Balm for a while now! Even the name just sounds delicious! I can’t imagine how good it must smell 😀

  • Those J.Hannah nail polishes are some of the prettiest I’ve seen, that rusty colour is especially striking! Looks like I can’t get them where I live. If I were a buyer for a cool boutique (a dream) I’d snap them up immediately.

    Lately I haven’t really been trying that much in the way of makeup, I’m really infatuated with the Rodin lipsticks still (and I just ordered the lip balm ring from there, very exciting!) and the Rituel de Fille creme blushes are absolutely gorge, I’m gonna end up buying far too many 🙂

  • I love those nail polishes! x

  • The shades in the Marc Jacobs palette are gorgeous. Love the look of the nail polishes as well.

    Sara – Flemingo

  • Oh I LOVE the look of the CT highlight & contour wands! So many pretty fall beauty picks here Estee, I always love your recommendations! x

    • They’re really great! Let me know what you think if you try them!

  • Wow these are all so beautiful. I am especially loving the By Terry blush and those nail varnishes – those bottles are adorable x

  • SAME! That orange is making me reconsider my go-to nude!

  • So curious about the new CT Contour Wand and Highlight. Maybe use them in an IG story? I would love to see how they wear.

  • These nail polish shades scream fall, I love them!