6th Dec 2017 - Beauty

I just got back from New York and of course I had to take a trip to Sephora (beauty lovers’ paradise…am I right?) while we were out there. It’s been a while since I picked up some stuff from Sephora so I thought it would be nice if I sat down and showed you guys some of the goodies that I picked up from the store. Despite having made many trips to Sephora over the years, there’s something about the whole experience that fills my little beauty-loving heart with joy! I picked up some cool new skincare bits as well as some cute new makeup and I’m suuuuper excited to try this stuff out!

The first items weren’t actually from Sephora (lol) but after our NYC trip we actually flew back to Canada to spend a week with my family so of course I had to make a trip to the drugstore to see if anything took my fancy! I spotted a couple of the CND Vinylux polishes and I knew I couldn’t head back to London without these babies in my suitcase. I was inspired to get these by my good friend Alex Steinherr who always goes to a salon called ‘DryBy’ and gets this beautiful pink shellac manicure using the colour ‘Beau’ with ‘Negligee’ on top. I always copy her and get the same manicure (sorry Alex lol) so when I saw the CND polishes in the drugstore I just HAD to have them. I couldn’t find the colour ‘Beau’ but I did find a similar shade called ‘Romantique’ and managed to pick up ‘Negligee’ too. I feel like this combo makes the PERFECT pink manicure so I’m super excited to be able to recreate Alex’s beautiful nails at home. Yay for Canadian drugstores!

Onto the actual Sephora haul now (lol) and the first thing I picked up was this beautiful eyeshadow palette by Dior. I actually went a little crazy at the Dior counter (they have SO much gorgeous stuff) and this ‘5 Couleur’ palette was the product that inspired me to try some other stuff from their collection. What drew me to this palette was that stunning orange/peachy colour in the top left. It may be hard for you guys to believe since I have *quite* the collection of shadows, but I actually don’t have a colour even close to this. I’m really excited to try this shade out, I feel like it could look really cute with my favourite Glossier Cloud Paint in the shade ‘Beam’ and one of my go-to ‘Freedom of Peach’ Lancôme Juicy Shaker.

Another Dior product that caught my eye was the 2-in-1 Primer and Concealer stick. What made me fall in love with this concealer was just how creamy and moisturising the formula looked. I love the Glossier Stretch Concealer because it feels so nourishing on my skin so I’m really hoping this one is similar! I also picked up one of the Hourglass ‘Ambient Lighting’ Powders in the shade ‘Diffused Light’. I’ve already used up one of these powders before and I needed to pick one up again because I just love the way this product looks (and feels) on my skin! This is a really lightweight powder which does a great job at setting my makeup and giving me a gorgeous, radiant glow at the same time. I’m excited to have this baby back in my life! I love Hourglass products sooooo much.

The last makeup product that I picked up was the Dior Addict Lip Glow Pomade. Much like the Dior Colour Reviver Balms (which I adore), the Pomade has a really subtle tint of colour and feels super hydrating on the lips. The formula of this pomade is actually enriched with a melt-in gel which gives your lips a gorgeous glossy effect. This is the kind of lip product that I’ll probably reach for on my favourite ‘no makeup’ makeup days. I feel like I’m going to be obsessed with this!

I’ve heard a lot of people raving about Drunk Elephant skincare lately so when I stumbled upon some of their products in Sephora I just had to pick up some stuff and try it for myself. The first thing I grabbed was the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream which (to me) looks like it’s going to be kinda similar to the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cream (which I also picked up!). Of course the thing that got me most excited about this Whipped Cream product was the cute little pump. I love these kinds of pumps because I feel like they’re really hygienic and create minimum waste (there’s nothing worse than accidentally squeezing out waaaayy too much product and seeing it go down the drain!). Apparently this Drunk Elephant moisturiser is great at delivering a steady dose of moisture throughout the day as well as brightening and firming the skin. I’m excited to see if this lives up to the hype!

Another Drunk Elephant product that I had to pop in my basket was the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. Lately I’ve been really into chemically exfoliating my skin so when I saw this I just had to pick it up. The Sukari Babyfacial is an AHA and BHA formula which resurfaces the skin to reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion. To use this stuff you just apply a layer of product to your dry skin and leave it to do its thang for 20 minutes before rinsing off. What I didn’t realise when I bought this is that it actually comes with a teeny weeny tester tube of their Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil so I’m looking forward to applying this afterwards! I’ll keep you posted on how the process goes. Lastly I couldn’t leave the store without picking up one of my favourite ‘Lavanila’ deodorants. You guys have probably noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with trying out different natural deodorants and this Lavanila stick is one that has stood the test of time in my collection. It smells absolutely DELICIOUS and leaves me feeling fresh as a daisy. I know it’s crazy but I’m really excited to use this again lol!

I have to admit I used a lot of willpower to walk away from some of the gorgeous stuff I saw in Sephora while I was away, sooooooo many beauty goodies caught my eye while we were out there! Next time I head out to NYC I’m going to make it my mission to pick up some more Drunk Elephant products (especially the Lippie Balm and Jelly Cleanser) as well as some more stuff from Dior. I also spotted a stunning dual finish highlighter by Lancôme which I’m still dreaming about! Have a peek at the collage below if you want to see what’s on my Sephora wishlist!

If you enjoyed this post then defo make sure you watch my video below! It’s been way too long since I filmed a Sephora haul and I’m super excited to try out all the things I picked up! Have you tried any of the products that I mentioned? I’d love to know what you thought of them!


  • CND Vinylux Weekly Polish 'Romantique'

    Mani goals

  • CND Vinylux Weekly Polish 'Negligee'

    Perfectly pink

  • Dior Eyeshadow Palette 'Sienna Embrace'

    Living for that peach colour

  • Dior 2-in-1 Concealer

    Bye bye dark circles HELLO radiance

  • *Dior Lip Glow Pomade

    Glossy glossy glossy

  • Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm 'Pink'

    Such a pretty colour

  • Hourglass 'Diffused Light' Powder

    Gotta get that glow

  • Kate Somervile Goat Milk Cream

    Not as weird as it sounds lol

  • *Glossier Lidstar Cream Eyeshadow

    These are seriously to die for

  • Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial

    AHA & BHA

  • Lisa Autumn

    The powder looks and sounds gorgeous! I just love hourglass 🙂

    xx Lisa |

  • It’s really beautiful! I would defo recommend!